Rishi Sunak: Can Rishi Sunak become Britain’s Barack Obama? Learn how to create history

Rishi Sunak: Can Rishi Sunak become Britain’s Barack Obama? Learn how to create history

As the race for the next British prime minister heats up, Rishi Sunak is putting up a tough fight against Liz Truss. The truce has been dominated by Sunak in all debates so far. According to a recent survey, Sunak is somewhat behind, but despite this, he is thought to have a realistic chance of becoming the country’s first black prime minister.

As of 5 September, the Conservative Party will have a new leader and a new prime minister. We are certainly witnessing a historic election. Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are of Indian descent. The first black prime minister will be Sunak if he wins. It would make her the third woman to be appointed prime minister if she won the truce.

Thus, both occasions will be historic. The United Kingdom lives in an exciting time right now, apart from all this. The campaign of Rishi Sunak reminds viewers of the moment in 2008 when Barack Obama became the first African-American President. Sunak and Obama share some similarities. Discover how 14-year-old American history can be repeated in the UK by reading a few of these special things.

Rishi Sunak

Kenya connection

Obama and Sunak have one thing in common: Kenya. A native of Kenya, Sunak’s father grew up here as a child. Tanzania is the country of origin of his mother, Usha. Nevertheless, Barack Obama Sr., Obama’s father, was Kenyan, and his mother was American. The Kenyan economist was Obama’s father’s employer. He was brought to America by his mother Stanley Ann Dunham, where his life progressed.

Same age

Barack Obama was 46 years old when he won the 2008 election. The age of Sunak is 42 now that he is in the field. They are just 4 years apart in age. Sunak’s slogan then was ‘Rise with Rishi’, while Obama’s was ‘Yes We Can’. At the time of Obama’s election, Sunak was 28 years old. He worked for a hedge fund at the time, never dreaming that 14 years later he might run for office.

Like a black leader

He is also a black leader, Rishi Sunak. Now, if Rishi Sunak wins, he will be the first black Prime Minister of this country, which will make him the first black President of this country. During the era of discrimination and slavery, blacks were also forced to endure. As with Sunak’s roots, his ancestors came from a family that suffered the pain of slavery during British rule for 100 years.

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Same popularity

The election in 2015 was Sunak’s first try at electoral success, and from there he moved forward. After Boris Johnson appointed him as Finance Minister in 2020, his popularity reached a new level. Before becoming president, Obama served as a senator from Illinois. Since becoming a senator, Obama had gained a great deal of popularity with the public and then rose to the position of president. He also defeated Joe Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Biden here, Johnson there

Former Vice President Joe Biden was Obama’s presidential candidate in 2020. Few people know that Biden was left behind by Obama when he ran for president in 2007. Biden was feeling insecure and disliked Obama at this time. A racist comment was made by Biden against Obama at an event.

A comment made by Joe Biden on a radio show was seen as an apartheid statement since he said, “The first mainstream African-American who is very tall and smart looks clean and handsome.” This caused a lot of problems for his campaign.

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Sunak faces Johnson’s dislike as well. Johnson is feeling insecure, just like Biden. As a result, he is betting all his chips on Liz Truss in the current election to become Prime Minister. Nevertheless, Sunak’s popularity is reaching new heights every day.

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