5 Evidence To Prove Why Card Games Are Good For Your Brain

Playing card games can be more than simply passing the time as it can have numerous mental health benefits. Card games like Solitaire Online have time to time proven to be a classic game for the joy that it provides, and now numerous researches have shown that the card games not only provide the players with joy but also with key health benefits like alleviating stress and keeping the mind sharp as we age. With plenty of evidence, today we will claim why card games are actually good for your brain. 


1. Card games enhance the thinking ability

A study by Altschul and Deary of the University of Edinburgh suggests that the people who engage in either card games or board games have a better memory and score more in thinking tests in their 70s. The study was conducted among 1000 people who lied in the parameter of 70 and 79 and were tested on the following parameters:

  • Memory 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Thinking speed
  • General thinking ability 

Statistical models were then used to draw a correlation between the game with which they engaged themselves and the time spent playing. The study revealed that playing card games, board games and solving puzzles resulted in better cognitive health for the individuals at the later stage of their life. It is recommended that instead of choosing pure luck-based games, the players should either go for skill-based games. 


2. It keeps your brain productively busy

An idle brain is the devil’s workshop, and a study titled “The Effect of Being Time Poor and Time Rich on Life Satisfaction” has revealed that having more or less than 2.5 hours of free time in a day reduces the happiness level of the individuals. To keep yourself busy instead of engaging in lazy leisure activities, it is recommended that you engage in productive leisure activities by playing card games that offer leisure while keeping your mind alert. Playing card games ensures that you enjoy your leisure mode while not entering into a full lazy mode in the middle of a day. If you are ever tired and looking for a quick game, simply go for challenging card games.  


3. It gives a sense of accomplishment and promotes positive psychology

There is a direct link between achievement and positive psychology. Often lifestyle coaches ask their students to break their big goals into smaller goals that are easy to achieve. Why is this advised? It is simply recommended because it gives a sense of accomplishment to the person and helps them pursue the task better. Card games like Solitaire are not only luck-based games but skill-based games, and if you manage to win a game of Solitaire, you will get a sense of accomplishment. Jamie Gruman, author of Boost: The Science of Recharging Yourself in an Age of Unrelenting Demands and a psychologist, says that a sense of achievement is important because it increases the confidence level in the person. Playing a luck-based game will provide joy for sure; however, the sense of accomplishment after winning can only be derived from skill-based games. 


4. Playing card game boosts the brain’s ability to focus 

A study by Weiyi Ma and Camilla Shumaker of the University of Arkansas revealed that brain activity associated with human attention was higher in expert gamers than non-experts. Even though the study was carried with respect to video games, it stands true even for card games like Freecell, which requires a large amount of concentration to win the game. The researchers further revealed that playing games just one hour a day could improve the brain’s ability to focus and concentrate. While playing card games, most of the players are alone and try to focus on the game to win it as fast as they can for the time bonus. When you keep practising this focus for a long time, it will naturally become a part of you. 


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5. It helps to distress

Oxford academics have concluded that gaming can benefit mental health. Times are tough because of the pandemic, and the stress is mounting with each passing day. With no to socialise with, it becomes imperative to take care of one’s mental health. Playing games, any game like card games or video games, will help you to relax and unwind and improve your mental well being. 

Undoubtedly, it is essential to move one’s body to stay fit physically, and we do it too, but often we exclude the importance of mental workout. It is now easy to go for a quick mental exercise while having fun by simply playing card games! 

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