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Russia’s missile strikes causes an early winter for Ukraine

Ukraine’s national energy company has requested its citizens to “ charge everything” by 4:00 GMT. It is taken in action of the expected power cuts caused by Russian missile strikes.
The missile strikes have created waves in which many energy plants were impacted. The devastating situation started on 10 October.

Outages of up to four hours at a time will affect the whole country on Thursday as stated by the Grid operator Ukrenergo.

The war has impacted the areas where Russia has declared martial law in areas of Ukraine, which it has annexed.

Russia has moreover enforced heightened security measures, which are mostly in the areas along the Ukraine border.

The Ukrainian people have already started preparing for the blackouts. Ukrenergo has requested the Ukrainians to stock up on their water supply and ensure that they have warm socks, blankets, and hugs for their family and friends.

He further urged that the phones, power banks, torches, and batteries need to be charged.

The steps have been taken because 40 percent of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has been severely damaged according to the advisor of the energy minister.


President Volodymyr Zelensky declared that the Russian missiles destroyed three energy facilities on Wednesday and the energy companies were looking forward to all the possibilities for winter.

He was supposed to have an agreement with the EU leaders who were trying to reach an agreement on reducing gas prices.

Reports have shown that severe damages were caused to the power facilities in Kryvyi Rih in central Ukraine and Burshtyn in the West.

Ukrenergo has further revealed that there were more attacks during the past ten days in the whole preceding period since Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February.

In addition, Ukrenergo has affirmed that the nation would use controlled, calculated consumption restrictions and has warned the people that power cuts may occur frequently from 07:00 to 22:00.
The grid operator has asked the people to check the regional network operators’ websites to see how it would apply to them.

Frequent power cuts have already affected Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and many other regions.
Russian missiles have destructed the infrastructure all across Ukraine. This has led the authorities to urge the citizens to reduce power usage during the evenings.

Ukrenergo has added that the country can not rule on the possibility that at the onset of winter, they will have to face more disruption in power supply.

Western leaders have condemned Russia’s act of missile strikes. They stated that Russia’s attacks against civilian infrastructure, especially electricity are war crimes. In addition, they have called out the act a sign of pure terror which has affected the mass by cutting off men, women, and children of all the essential commodities.

How is Russia’s martial law affecting Ukraine?

Currently, Russia is implementing martial laws in areas of Ukraine that it has recently annexed- Kherson and Zaporizhhzzhia in the South and Donetsk and Luhansk in the West.

Kremlin has already claimed that the regions are a part of Russia. The claims have been internationally rejected and condemned.

Martial law implies tighter security checks and imposes restrictions on the mobility of the people in the areas affected.

But, the situation is severe from the start. The Russia-led war has curbed the rights and put a halt to the freedoms of the Ukrainians under occupation.

Russia has also been implementing increased security measures. This implies that there will be new restrictions on movement in regions along the Ukrainian border. Most specifically Bryansk, Belgorod, and Krasnodar. The same law applies to Crimea, the region which was annexed by Russia in 2014.

US President Joe Biden has remarked that Vladimir Putin was running out of opinions in Ukraine.

He stated that it seems his only tool available is to brutalize the individual citizens in Ukraine to try to intimidate them to give up.

Russia is relocating tens of thousands of citizens and the Russia-appointed officials out of the Kherson region, as the advancing Ukrainian troops close in the regional capital.

Russia has stated that people on the west bank of the river Dnieper are at risk when the Ukrainian troops are approaching.

The region’s head has asked that all the Russian-appointed departments and ministries would cross the river, along with some 50-60,000 civilians.
Under the law, the transfer or deportation of civilians by an occupying power from the occupied territory is considered a war crime.
Ukraine is suffering the most because of the Russian invasion. Water and electricity are in short supply. The city is in deep ruins and a lot more is yet to come with the continuation of the war.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma



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