Sex Dolls Demand Surged in Quarantine but Not Just For Singles

During the lockdown, there has been a huge demand surge in sex dolls and the prices are rising in number as well. Well, you will be shocked to hear that the surge in sex dolls is just not limited to the ones who are single. Married men are buying them too and here, we are breaking it down to you.

Sex doll sales have jumped since quarantine started to the degree that one company is seeking to take to keep up with demand.  

Sex Doll Genie has received “hundreds” more inquiries than normal in the last eight months, from both couples and single people.  The company found a 51.6% increase in requests from unmarried men in February and March, with a 33.2% pre-tax growth in orders set by spouses in April. 

“We have a lot of goods in stock but we can’t get the job done quickly enough to keep up with need,” co-founder Janet Stevenson explained.  “We are hiring as fast as we can and have created several new roles in fulfillment management and client service in both the US and Europe.”

So, how the demands are surging?

So at first glance, you may think that the COVID pandemic is surely pushing all people to their edge. Sex Genie tells us that sex is a part of our lives and that one urge which we cannot proclaim or subdue. So coming to this point, the surge in buying sex dolls in an era of the pandemic is completely normal.

The only problem which is arising is, most people are getting sex dolls even though they are married. So, what has caused a rift in the marriage? Well, it is hard to know since the pandemic has bought people back to their home and most of them are surging to stay indoor with their partner. Through this, a lot of them are fighting every day and even the divorce rate in the US is slightly increasing.

History also demonstrates that folks are amazingly quick to anthropomorphize technology.  Among the first cases of artificial intelligence was the 1966 speech processor of Joseph Weizenbaum. 

It was a basic conversation simulator, capable of only a short dialogue.  Despite knowing full well yet people were drawn in by it.  Consumers were horrified and many stated they chose to interact with ELIZA to interacting with the human being.  

British AI expert David Levy observed that people form attachments even to technology.  In his book Love and Sex with Robots, Levy cites a study of owners of early versions of this AIBO robotic puppy which saw a substantial number of these attributed actual feelings and intentional behaviors for their autonomous pets.  Levy has written that most people are taking these AIBO as their pets as they are feeding them and finding better ways through which they can be entertained.

Sex doll manufacturers are finding new grounds

“What’s interesting about this massive increase in demand is that we’re also seeing a changing demographic which is quite favorable for the sexual doll Business and speaks to changing attitudes at home,” she said.

“The conventional usage of sex dolls are being challenged in today’s market. More and more people are finding new ways through which these dolls can be used. For example, most men are bringing them so that they can have a companion by their side.” 

Whether that will lead to a boom to the sex doll business is debatable. 

A current poll of its members by dating website Adult Friend Finder discovered that while 12% of respondents said they were “prone” to consider purchasing a sex doll throughout the pandemic, just 5% said that they would “certainly” get you.  Additionally, 62% agreed with this statement that “self-isolation reminds me there is nothing like the signature of someone else.  I’ll never get one.”

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