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The Chief Election Commissioner of India should be immediately sacked, arrested, and a case of mass murder should be registered on him in a fast-track court.

India is wavering through darkened times as the country is mounting concerns over the spiking infections of coronavirus. The question, perhaps that would arise is many of your minds are where you should be able to averse to the blame. A lot of stick has to go with the government, but many authoritative and regulatory bodies have used their hubris to degrade the interests of the citizens, and the service members.

Following the outrageous tussle between the Election Commission of India and the Madras High Court, the mighty stance of the ECI has taken a new fetch. The trepidation of the second wave of the Coronavirus hasn’t served well across India, and while there’s a lot of blame-game hobbling around, we can’t take our eyes away from the incompetence and ascendancy of the Chief Election Commissioner. Whatever can you call it, haughtiness or negligence, all seems validated when we indicate the blame to a bunch of bollocks.

A few days back, the Election Commission of India was bombarded by the High Court propping allegations on them for conducting elections at such unprecedented times. A bench led by Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee expressed its grievances on the matter and said, “The Election Commission is solely responsible for the grim situation today. Despite the court ascertaining strict rules against the rallies, the ECI maintained puerile silence. The officials should be hanged to death probably.”

The High Court had warned the Chief Election Commissioner of India to not adhere to the protocols and worsen the woes of the pandemic in India. Despite multiple surveillance warnings, the Election Commission confronted the rallies which continued without soliciting Covid-19 protocols Norms of wearing masks and social distancing. The murder charges solicitors should be given prompt attention by the Supreme Court as such ascendancy should not get tolerated under any circumstances.

The conception behind murder charges given by the Madras High Court should be validated immediately. The turbulence India has faced over the past year has been monumental when we look around the collapsing nation today. India has been touching around 3.50 lakh infections daily, and with the third wave edging closer, the government is showing no responsibility towards the crisis. The Election Commission is also a fellow conspirator in the whole system. Here’s why we are saying that:


Election Commission has Tormented India’s Covid-19 Crisis

Why did the Election Commission of India adjourn with no authority to prevent the political rallies? Why didn’t it succumb to the fear of coronavirus despite alarming signs? Well, if it was to stock up revenues against prioritizing the lives of Indian citizens, it hasn’t turned the corner.

The agonizing individuals can’t be compensated with anything, and when the Election Commission declares that its authority limits till rallies, then you know how prepared these ill-judged officials were. The Election Commission is a legislative authoritative body, which could have taken emphasis within its jurisdiction to prioritize focus to saving lives. When we talk about it, Sushil Chandra comes to mind with bizarre thoughts.

What should get done with him is the hot-headed argument across the nation? As he holds supremacy in being the super spreader of the coronavirus. The EC, despite being issued a directive maintaining Covid-19 norms neglected its act. The weathering of the Covid Tsunami got given a much-needed boost provided by the political rallies. Public health concerns are of paramount significance across the nation, and it is heartwrenching that the constitutional authorities have to get reminded.

Even after been given a reminder, the EC didn’t terminate the elections, and long-standing police personnel, the community of voters, and the politicians were being exposed to the risk of contracting the virus. The blame’s endpoint should go with the Election Commission and nobody else.

Sushil Chandra, the Chief Election Commissioner instead of guiding his subordinates has tried to divert the allegations to different aspects. It wasn’t only a conspiracy that got created, but a threat that still renders with the constitutional bodies in India. They are so self-obsessed with gaining attention that they can part their focal point from prioritizing matters.

The outrage on social media has ceased more pressure on the High Court to adhere to taking strict action against such susceptible bodies as they are a discerning threat to the nation. Covid-19 pandemic has processed our ways in unity to help each other. Contrarily, the government’s apprehension and the concerned people trying to disregard the second wave has been on gauging their benefits by belittling the ailing healthcare system.

The decision of the Election Commission to continue with the elections hasn’t reduced the trepidation of the citizens. Nor has the BJP government benefitted from it. The Modi Government got throttled in West Bengal, which had the most widespread coverage of elections. Neither they conquered the elections, neither they reduced the transmission. The state of affairs in West Bengal is so tormenting; every alternative citizen is under the threat of the coronavirus.

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Where Could This Lead India?

By next month, we could see West Bengal as one of the highly contracted states in the nation. All thanks to the government and their fellow conspirators. The Election Commission hushed down the moment by supporting the initiative of the election campaigns. All the arrogance should get inundated with murder charges, and the court should proceed with stern actions.

The debating talking point is that under no circumstances would influential nations like the US, and the UK have allowed such mass vandalism to happen. Why India? Why does the world’s largest democracy in the world has to capitulate to such inhuman personalities?

The answer is hubris and greed. Sushil Chandra‘s greed for power and sustainability of black money received under the table would have got the better of him. He wasn’t able to give dignity and respect to his command, and has rightly, along with the Election Commission hindered the nation into plaguing loophole.

The Supreme Court should fast-track the court rather than prolonging the matter into further trials. The ill-functioned ascendancy needs a tormenting breakdown, and it should embark on the helm of the Chief Election Commissioner of India. The fellow conspirators in the whole dilemma should get summoned to penal charges. We had seen the decline of the haughtiness when Narendra Modi seemingly lost the elections bewildering a shock within their party.

The turmoil has vented, and it’s now the turn of corrupt and arrogant power people to face the repercussions of confiscating acts. Let’s raise our voice against ill-judicious acts and not condemn the threat of the politicians. The show-time has arrived, and it will end with the sacking of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India.


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