The Sushant Singh Rajput Case have Sparked Some Heated Controversy in Politics

The news of Bollywood celebrity Sushant Singh Rajput being found dead from his Mumbai apartment on June 14 rattled the entire nation.  Even though the Mumbai Police tried to probe in the case from many angles, they even questioned several people in connection to the celebrity’s passing.  But with Sushant’s daddy filing an FIR against Rhea Chakraborty and many others, the case ultimately was handed over to the CBI by the Supreme Court.  And it’s since the day CBI stepped in and began with their probe that new shocking revelations about the mysterious departure of Sushant have begun cropping up.

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Coming back to probe of attacking Bengal as a nation

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From the days leading up to this CBI handover of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, the management of the police investigation has been ordered by multiple occasions.  One of them included the lodging of the FIR that named actress Rhea Chakraborty among the prime accused in the SSR instance.   

The FIR, registered by the celebrity’s dad KK Singh, additionally alleged that the former MTV VJ of “unlawfully confining Sushant and criminal breach of confidence.”   Unsurprisingly, the turn of events has now set the 28-year-old celebrity at the front and middle of all actions.  Her name has since been all over the news, using clamorous prime time mimicked debating (and self-deliberating) her situation, and eventually, turning it on to the best altar of speedy justice — social websites. 

What’s, however, come as a surprise is how the media trial has directed an entire community of girls that Rhea belongs to?  By #JusticeForSSR, that has turned into a witch hunt targeting Bengali women.

Sparking a debatable moment in politics

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The CBI and the head branch have already started with their investigation on the SSR Case. The team which was leading their research whether this case was filed as murder or another different proven angle is now keeping quiet. Does this mean that the CBI have nothing in their hands and surely a waste of time?

The Supreme Court last week claimed that the transfer of an FIR, flanked by Rajput’s dad in Patna from Rhea Chakraborty and others for allegedly abetting his son’s suicide and misappropriating his money, to the CBI.  The CBI unearthed multiple specialized lapses in the Mumbai Police’s evaluation and accordance with the media reports, among the prime lapses from the probe was issuing “insignificant summons” to many individuals in the business thereby wasting precious time. 

Rhea’s alleged ‘drug talks’ are also under Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) scanner and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has issued a note to Gaurav Arya asking him to appear before the agency before August 31.

The entire nation has shared their deepest condolences and has started with the hashtag for #JusticeForSSR. But the one thing we are missing as a countryman of India is the fact that here, the system of justice prevails late and there is no way through which the criminals get what they deserve, any sooner. The radical judicial system in India is a complicated matter.

How did the SSR Case relate to cyberbullying?

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In a different time, when clinical trials were limited to this court of regulation, Barkha’s tweet could have been passed off as a silly dig. 

But inside this socio-political climate, in which millions are glued to their screens, waiting with bated breath to every new advancement in this high profile scenario, an implicative announcement is more detrimental than it seems.  In this circumstance, the effect is proportional to the increase in the cases of cyberbullying and harassment targeting women belonging to a particular state/community.    “This is a worrying trend and especially following the Sushant Singh Rajput case. 

Just as a Bengali girl is under investigation, the popular perception is that she has killed Sushant and consequently all Bengali women are being trolled,” Leena Ganguly, the chairperson of West Bengal Commission for Women (WBCW), was quoted by media reports.   Leena’s fears are warranted; at the aftermath of Sushant passing and the following forth and back between Police, Supreme Court, press, and now CBI, the WBCW has received numerous complaints of online harassment. 

At 30 complaints were enrolled in the first week of August, and generally, sufferers alleged that attempts were made to mistreat and defame “Bengali” women.  

Data assessing the growth in circumstances of cyberbullying in India in large resonate with a similar story.  Following National Crime Records Bureau, between 2017 and 2018, the episodes of cyberstalking or bullying of children or kids increased from 542 into 739.  This marks a 36% increase within a year, and it’s reflective of their dire condition of the security of women and children online. 

How politics have driven the hard-earned talent into waste?

Even though the post-mortem report following the death of Sushant Singh Rajput clearly said it as death due to suicide, even many discrepancies are being found from the accounts.  Adhering to this, today the CBI is considering a psychological autopsy of the late star.

As per a report at a news portal site, CFSL (Central Forensic Science Lab) will execute the process.  It will mean the Post-mortem of Sushant’s thoughts.  It reportedly involves a thorough analysis of every component of Sushant’s lifestyle which includes his interactions with family and friends, behavioral patterns, mood swings, social websites posts, and so on.  The report also included that the record will frame a Picture of his psychological condition days before his passing.  

The whole nation is still finding the answers to the death of the actor. To what we have seen and felt, remorse’s the people of India to know that the system cannot help us if asked to. This is what meddles with the fact that we are doomed inside an environment that we call home but cannot feel safe. It personally affects me and every other young talent to know for a penny that young virtue will still be compromised if asked to, under fame and star-notion.

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