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What is LuxMed?

With a strong commitment to research, innovation, strong leadership, integrity, social responsibility, and, above all, a reliable delivery model, Lux Lighting Technology Pvt. Ltd. is currently the industry’s top manufacturer and supplier of laboratory equipment and instruments under the “LaboSys” and “LuxMed” brands in all market segments.

They are one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of “LaboSys ” and ®

“LuxMed ” brand laboratory equipment and instruments to various Universities, Colleges, R & D labs, Institutes, and other institutions, established in 2003. Since 2003, they have been producing scientific laboratory equipment in-house, which was previously imported.

Their main goal has always been to put the needs of our clients first, which drives us to constantly change and enhance our goods so that the end-user better accepts them. Slowly but slowly, they acquired the clients’ trust to the point that the product specifications are now being used to draught tender specifications for the procurement of laboratory equipment by major universities, institutes, colleges, and other institutions.

A full-throated commitment and persistent effort, aided by a professionally managed staff, to develop the “LaboSys ” and “LuxMed ” brands, which have made a mark in the scientific voyage of his life with time, and above all, we worked passionately hard. We arose, and how? A Biomedical Medical

Instrumentation specialist from B.I.T. Mesra, Ranchi, dreamed big and developed the “LaboSys” and “LuxMed” brands in the instrument sector to deliver best-in-industry goods. The provision and efficiency diligently accomplished at our exceptionally contemporary manufacturing facility provide a firm foundation in the scientific industry.

Clean Room

What distinguishes LuxMed?

  • Repair, Preventative Maintenance, Calibration, and Safety Inspection servicesare all provided by Integrated.
  • Patented design technology for product exclusivity and consumer security.
  • Supply, distribution, and technical support for developments, production, andservice at the last mile.
  • Ongoing technical assistance to clients for installation, inspection, and productapprovals.

What are clean room solutions?

Clean room solutions are a part of Luxmed. Pharmaceuticals Engineering and LuxMed®’s advanced customised cleanroom technology are fundamentally adaptable. They’re easy to reconfigure or change, allowing you more control over airflow, pressure, temperature, humidity, and filtration. You’ll get a customised clean environment for a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional cleanroom. In our cutting-edge facilities, the best equipment and components are used to manufacture Digital Display Unit (DDU), Laminar Air Flow, Air Shower, Static Pass Box, Dynamic Pass Box, Sampling / Dispensing Booth, Medicinal Stability Chamber, Biosafety Cabinets, Door Interlocking System, and other cleanroom systems to GMP standards.

Clean Room Solutions-Biological Safety and Automations include several products:

  • Automatic Safety Controller by LuxMed.

To ensure the maintenance of the virtual ISO 5 environment, the Biosafety

Cabinet, Laminar Flow Hoods, and PCR Workstation are monitored with LuxMed.

All laminar flow hoods, workstations, and enclosures come with a LuxMed microprocessor controller, which offers convenient monitoring and control features. To maintain appropriate airflow, the LuxMed controller continuously checks the HEPA filter. Maintaining a clean working environment necessitates adequate airflow. If the workstation has a UV energy source, the LuxMed controller monitors the bulb’s effectiveness and notifies the user when it needs to be replaced.

● Door Interlock System – 2 Door / 3 Door

In locations with high levels of contamination, strict procedures are crucial for managing the flow of people and materials.

The solutions include access control systems and interlocking systems.

The technology we suggest is fully incorporated into our Pass-Box or Pass-Trolley doors.

The door is mechanically prevented from opening by a double red/green traffic light with an emergency release button that is covered by an easy-to-clean polycarbonate cover, an electric lock or an electromagnet that is installed on the upper side of the jamb and has an integrated door status. Multiple management control units (from 2 to more doors) can be programmed according to the various procedures, modes, or timings required. Standard 2-port interlock description: All traffic lights turn green when the doors are closed, and the vehicle is resting.

The system prevents the second door from using the electronic lock when one of the doors is opened, and the traffic lights go from green to red. A timed alarm advises the door not to close if it is left open for an extended period. The system resumes rest when the door is shut.

● Model: RTC-AVS01 RTC MEMS Air Velocity Sensor

It features a fast response time and a mass flow range of 0 to 5 m/s.

Some of its most appealing qualities include high sensitivity and cost-effectiveness. It has a compact design and simple installation and is fully adaptable.

● Controller for Biosafety Cabinets

  • Magnetic Sensor/Window Magnetic Contact Switch Password (Programmable).
  • Operation with Permission.
  • The first round of self-cleaning. Clock in real-time.
  • UV Timer
  • Total time spent in UV.
  • Full time the HEPA filter ran.
  • HEPA Filter Alarm with ON/OFF after predetermined hours. Alarm and life display for HEPA filters, etc.

Filter with wire mesh

Made of filtering media, Wire mesh has an extensive range, from coarse structures to tiny micron structures. Compared to other filter media, wire mesh has certain clear advantages. It offers consistent performance across the whole filter surface, processing flexibility, and cleaning simplicity.

Advanced Micro-controller based. 20×4 Alpha-numerical LCD Display.

  • Maximum 2-3 doors supported.
  • Maximum 2/3 door support.
  • Selectable auto/manual operation.
  • Stations for emergency and fire alarms.
  • The blower is ON time programmable by the user from 0 to 99:99:59 (HH:MM: SS).
  • Password-protected user-programmable system. All doors automatically unlock during a power outage, and controller settings are saved.
  • Programmable user entry from exit door permission.
  • The user for exit door access can configure the blower timer.
  • There is a facility for reading magnetic lock feedback.
  • User-friendly wiring that is simple to install.
  • With multiple defect alarm buzzers and a soft-touch membrane keyboard.
  • Operational programming
  • Field programming is possible for operating modes.
  • Trustworthy microprocessor-based control system All functions are under the direction of the microprocessor.
  • Door status indicators with lights.
  • To control traffic entering and to leave the cleanroom, indicator lights are positioned on either side of the air shower’s exterior.

Cabinet for Biosafety

Laminar Air Flow, PCR Workstation, Sampling Booth Scrub Station, and more are included in the biosafety cabinet.

Air velocity-based Biosafety Controller

Biosafety controller with differential pressure, air velocity, and differential sensor options.

Product Deck for a Laminar Air Flow Controller with Differential Sensor

  • Programmable password for authorised operation.
  • (mmWC/Pascal) Built-in differential pressure display Display and set for air velocity ● the security requirements.
  • The initial cycle of self-cleaning. Digitally adjustable safety alarm by Go ● Clock in real-time.
  • a UV Timer.
  • Total time spent in UV.
  • HEPA Filter runtime overall.
  • HEPA Filter Alarm with ON/OFF after predetermined hours. Display and warning for HEPA filters. Etc.

Clean room monitor

For clean room applications, the Clean Room Monitor (CRM) with LCD Display is made to measure the crucial variables of temperature, humidity, air velocity, and differential pressure. The Model CRM-DELUX-LCD is created for convenient flush placement in clean room brick or modular walls with minimal cabling.

To ensure complete compliance with USFDA 21 CFR Part 11, the Clean Room Monitor provides multi-level password protection for configuration ranges, alarm limits, and communication protocols. The CFR 21-11 Software is also available for data monitoring. Specifications make it suitable for various uses in pharmaceutical, API, and bulk drug plants.

Clean Room

Fume hood controller

  • Programmable password for authorised operation.
  • Display of airflow in m/s and f/m units.
  • Display of cabinet temperature and differential pressure.
  • The initial round of self-cleaning. System Processing Period.
  • System time overall.
  • Clock in real-time.
  • Timer socket.
  • Socket use time overall.
  • An audiovisual door unsafe alarm will sound if the door is at the wrong working height.
  • Indicate flow velocity (Sensor Model-Uni).
  • Present the downflow velocity (Sensor Model-Duo).
  • A notice will ring if the door is raised above the safe position. Optimum operating height for technology (Sensor Model).

2021  Laminar Airflow Control Device

  • Programmable password for authorised operation. Display of airflow in m/s and f/m units.
  • Display of cabinet temperature and differential pressure.
  • The initial round of self-cleaning.
  • System Processing Period.
  • System time overall.
  • Clock in real-time.
  • Timer socket.
  • Socket use time overall.
  • An audiovisual door unsafe alarm will sound if the door is at the wrong working height.
  • Flow velocity display (Sensor Model-Uni). Display in Downflow velocity (Sensor Model-Duo) and other options

Window magnetic switch or magnetic sensor

The surface-mounted maglock will work with both inward- and outward swinging doors. The distance between the door and lock can be adjusted using brackets

(L, Z, and U). The electromagnetic coil operates on the idea that electromagnetism is used to retain the lock after energising. A solenoid’s advantage is taken advantage of by electromagnetic. The safety and armature plate should be placed face-to-face for optimal operation, and the holding force should be a collinear load. Proximity Switch Without Touch

Clean Room Solutions

Static PassBox is the intended use.

Pass Box Dynamic. Using DP Sensor Model.

Touch-free door entry for the air shower.

NO TOUCH DOOR exit buttons are premium stainless steel and ABS-based ones used for a range of de relay operations or door access control. The switches have high-quality IR LED sensors that show when someone is entering or leaving.

Many Indian industries, as well as installers all over the nation, rely heavily on these switches.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Workstation

  • Programmable password for authorised operation.
  • The first round of self-cleaning.
  • UV Timer; Real-Time Clock. UV exposure time total.
  • HEPA Filter runtime overall.
  • HEPA Filter Alarm with ON/OFF after predetermined hours.
  • A display and warning for HEPA filter life.
  • If the door is not at the proper working height and the audiovisual door is unsafe alarm will sound.
  • Indicate flow velocity (Sensor Model-Uni).
  • Indicate the flow velocity downward (Sensor Model-Duo).
  • Safe Door Position If the door is raised over the proper operating height, an alarm rings (Sensor Model).
  • Display of Cabinet Temperature (Sensor Model-Uni and Duo), etc.

PASS BOX CONTROLLER-SUPER Air Shower, Door Interlocking, Clean Room

A pass box is employed when moving materials from one clean room to another. It is made up of a box shape with two doors. The two doors are linked to avoiding pressure losses and cross-contamination so that neither may be opened simultaneously.

The Lux Lighting Pass Box Controller makes sure that the Pass Box’s Door 2 is closed before Door 1 is opened.

One LCD Display Cum Operator Panel (LCD Display Panel) will be installed above each door, totalling two LCD Display Panels. A 20×4 Blue backlit LCD, information and status displays for the UV Time Totaliser, Door Status, and other features are on the panel.

The setting of the pass box also takes advantage of the LCD. Additionally, the Pass box Controller provides connections for UV, CF, and FAN lamps.

Clean room

All in one Battery Pack (LiFePO4)

  • Integrated Grid Charging. Battery management system integrated.
  • Application
  • Robust clean room solutions
  • backups include an air shower, a pass box, and door locks. Co2 Injection Power Backup and Ultra Low Deep Freezer.
  • Powering the controller to keep track of conditions when the power goes out.

Differential Pressure Sensor Designed for Clean Room and Biological Safety Equipments

Cabinet for biological safety, among other uses. Application and management of a clean room. Blower control and linear alarm feedback.

Control of environmental contamination. Pressures in clean rooms and static ducts.

Stainless Steel Switch Panel Door Exit Push-Button Access Control (3/3) inches

Product description: By offering the highest quality selection of Stainless Steel Exit Push Button Switches, we successfully satisfy the various needs of our clients. At reasonable prices, we provide stainless steel exit push button switches.

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