Travel with Hafiz – Abdul Hafiz Ali Sutacio making his way through the world

Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with adventures and stories to tell.” Such is the life of one of the renowned personalities in the world of travel- Abdul Hafiz Ali Sutacio.

Born and brought up in Zamboanga City of Philippines, Abdul Hafiz Ali Sutacio is not only a travel blogger but also a forensic scientist and founder of This enthusiastic wanderer is making his way through the world and has traversed more than 43 countries till date.

At the age of 23, Abdul Hafiz’s wanderlust gene became active. He left the Philippines and started to travel solo twice a year. He started his journey by making his very first trip to Mexico as an escape to corporate life and began learning digital nomadism from travelers.

Addressing travel blogging, Abdul Hafiz tells, “Travel blogging is a promising niche job. I usually travel two to three times a year in a slow pace process. I can stay for 2 to 3 months in a country and come back twice a year and so on. People believe that being a travel blogger is for everyone. Anyone can create an Instagram account and post random photos from your travel, but a travel blogger employs hundreds of hours on our website, meeting deadlines, and planning content.”

To showcase his utmost passion for travelling, Abdul created a website called along with a blog called ‘The Foreign Sick Traveller’.

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Abduls first-ever travel website came into existence in the year 2015. Unfortunately, the website was later taken down in 2019 while he was stuck in Pulwama incident in Kashmir. Abdul never gave up for his passion and to continue his passion, Abdul initiated a new blog named TheForeignSickTraveler. Through his powerful writing skills and tremendous ability to describe things, Abdul shared his unique travel experiences.

“Travel without borders” is the famous saying quoted by this wanderer. The quote encapsulates Abduls extraordinary travel experiences, which he is currently busy putting into the form of a book.

“Respect culture. I am an opinionated travellerof what I believe about culture and people. If there is one thing I have learned from my travel, that is respect. My upbringing and travel will always remind me of respect,” Abdul says.

Abdul is a remarkable travel blogger who also shares his thrilling travel experiences via his YouTube channel Travel with Hafiz. He has shared various Notes from the road, exciting photos of Travel journeys, and various trip vlogs from which one cannot take their eyes off, on his YouTube channel. Abdul stands as a unique traveller with passion in a world full of wanderers, his blogs and vlogs will surely make the readers and viewers follow into a world of imaginary trips.

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