List of Pin Code of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is a northern Indian state. With over 200 million people, it is both India’s most populous state and the world’s most populous country subdivision. Uttar Pradesh was established in 1950 after India had become a republic.

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Post Office Name  Pincode Districts Name City Name State
A F D Factory  283103 Agra Agra Uttar Pradesh
A F Station Bareilly  243002 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar Pradesh
A G Palace  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
A P Sabha  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
A T P S  231225 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh
Abbotganj  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar Pradesh
Aboonagar  212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar Pradesh
Abupur  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar Pradesh
Achalda  206241 Etwah Etwah Uttar Pradesh
Achnera  283101 Agra Agra Uttar Pradesh
Adalhat  231302 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh
Adampur  271404 Gonda Gonda Uttar Pradesh
Adarsh Nagar  226005 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
Advacate  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
Aerodrome  226009 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
Afim-Ki-Kothi  230122 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar Pradesh
Afzalgarh  246722 Bijnore Afzalgarh Uttar Pradesh
Agai  229414 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar Pradesh
Agarwal  250601 Meerut Meerut Uttar Pradesh
Aghwanpur  244502 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar Pradesh
Agra  282001 Agra Agra Uttar Pradesh
Agra  282001 Agra Agra Uttar Pradesh
Agra Fort  282003 Agra Agra Uttar Pradesh
Agra University  282004 Agra Agra Uttar Pradesh
Agricultural College  208002 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar Pradesh
Agricultural Institue  211007 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar Pradesh
Agricultural School Buland  203121 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh
Agsoli  204210 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Aheripur  206120 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Ahirori  241121 Hardoi Hardoi Uttar .Pradesh
Ahmadpur  242230 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Ahmedganj  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Ahorwa  222135 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Ahraula  223221 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Ahraura  231301 Mirzapur Ahraura Uttar .Pradesh
Aihar  229121 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Ailum  247771 Muzaffarnagar Ailum Uttar .Pradesh
Aira Estate  262722 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Aishbagh  226004 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Ait  285201 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Ajgain  209821 Unnao Unnao Uttar .Pradesh
Ajgara  230144 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Ajitganj  205120 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Ajitmal  206121 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Akbaries  242419 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Akbarpur  224122 Faizabad Akbarpur Uttar .Pradesh
Akbarpur  209101 Kanpur Akbarpur Uttar .Pradesh
Akhand Nagar  228171 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Akola  283102 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Akorha  221209 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Akradbad  202121 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Alahdadpur  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Alambagh  226005 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Alamnagar  261001 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Aliabad  225401 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Aliganj  210001 Banda Aliganj Uttar .Pradesh
Aliganj  243305 Bareilly Aliganj Uttar .Pradesh
Aliganj  207247 Etwah Aliganj Uttar .Pradesh
Aliganj Bazar  227805 Etah Etah Uttar .Pradesh
Aliganj Extension  226020 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Aligarh  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Aligarh  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Aligarh City  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Aligarh Dairy Farm  202122 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Aligarh Fatehgarh  209621 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Aligarh Industrial Estate  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Alinagar  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Alinagar  232112 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Alipur Kheri  251301 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Allahabad  211001 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Allahabad  211001 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Allahabad  211002 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Allahabad  242222 Shahjahanpur Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Allahabad City  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Allahabad Fort  211005 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Allahabad High Court  211001 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Allahabad New Cantt  211001 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Allahabad University  211002 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Allahapur  211006 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Allahpur  243631 Badaun Badaun Uttar .Pradesh
Allenganj  211002 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Alopi Bagh  211006 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Amaniganj  224121 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Amanpur  207241 Chitrakoot Amanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Amargarh  230124 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Amaria  262121 Pilibhit Pilibhit Uttar .Pradesh
Amauli  212631 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Amaura  232334 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Amausi  226009 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Amawar  231212 Sonbhadra Sonbhadra Uttar .Pradesh
Amba  285252 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Ambari  223222 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Ambehta  247340 Saharanpur Ambehta Uttar .Pradesh
Amberganj  226003 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Amethi  227120 Lucknow Amethi Uttar .Pradesh
Amethi  227405 Sultanpur Amethi Uttar .Pradesh
Amila  275301 Chitrakoot Amila Uttar .Pradesh
Amilo  276401 Azamgarh Amilo Uttar .Pradesh
Aminabad  226018 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Aminabad Park  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Aminagar Sarai  250604 Meerut Aminagar Sarai Uttar .Pradesh
Amitco  211002 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Amorha  272127 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Amraudha  209112 Kanpur Amraudha Uttar .Pradesh
Amrit Nagar  201012 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Amritnagar  229001 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Amritpur  209622 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Amroha  244221 Moradabad Amroha Uttar .Pradesh
Amroha Bazar  244221 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Anai  221201 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Anajmandi  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Anand Nagar  273155 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Anand Nagar  226005 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Anapur  229411 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Antu  230501 Pratapgarh Antu Uttar .Pradesh
Anupshahr  202390 Bulandshahr Anupshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Anwarganj  208003 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Aonla  243301 Bareilly Aonla Uttar .Pradesh
Aonla Estate  243301 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Ardali Bazar  221002 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Aring  281501 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Arjunpur  204103 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Armapur  208039 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Armapur Estate  208039 Kanpur Armapur Estate Uttar .Pradesh
Army Clothing Factory  242001 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Arogya  273003 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Arunanagar  207001 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Arya Nagar  226004 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Arya Nagar Employment Exch  208002 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Asafpur  243632 Badaun Badaun Uttar .Pradesh
Asar  221210 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Asgharipur  246748 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Asharam  277001 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Ashok Nagar Chauki-Jarib  208012 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Asmoli  244304 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Assi  221005 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Ata  285202 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Ataula  227814 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Ateha  230125 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Atrampur  229412 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Atrasuma  228121 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Atrauli  202280 Aligarh Atrauli Uttar .Pradesh
Atraulia  223223 Sant Kabir Nagar Atraulia Uttar .Pradesh
Attarra  210201 Banda Banda Uttar .Pradesh
Attarsuiya  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Aurai  221301 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Auraiya  206122 Etwah Auraiya Uttar .Pradesh
Aurangabad  245401 Bulandshahr Aurangabad Uttar .Pradesh
Aurangabad  221001 Jyotiba Phule Nagar Aurangabad Uttar .Pradesh
Aurangabad  262728 Kheri Aurangabad Uttar .Pradesh
Aurangabad  261403 Sitapur Aurangabad Uttar .Pradesh
Aurihar  233221 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Aushadhalaya  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Awagarh  207301 Etwah Awagarh Uttar .Pradesh
Awas Vikas Colony  226017 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Ayodhya  224123 Faizabad Ayodhya Uttar .Pradesh
Ayrvedic University  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Azamgarh  276001 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Azamgarh  276001 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Azamgarh City  276001 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Azamgarh Estate  276124 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Azamgarh Kote  276001 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Azamgarh Kutchery  276001 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Azamgarh R S  276001 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Azmatpur  242411 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
B B Bagar  245402 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
B C Lines  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
B E L P & Co  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
B G Pur  233201 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
B N Shula & Sons  208001 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
B P Oil Mills  282003 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Babai  285187 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Babatpur Aeordrome  221006 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Babatpur R S  221202 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Babban Jot  271312 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Baberu  210121 Banda Baberu Uttar .Pradesh
Babhnan  272161 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Babina  285241 Jalaun Babina Uttar .Pradesh
Babrala  202521 Badaun Babrala Uttar .Pradesh
Babri  251305 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Babu Ram Market  243601 Badaun Badaun Uttar .Pradesh
Babuganj  230126 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Babugarh  245201 Ghaziabad Babugarh Uttar .Pradesh
Babupurwa  208011 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Baburi  232102 Chandauli Chandauli Uttar .Pradesh
Bachhrawan  229301 Raibareilly Bachhrawan Uttar .Pradesh
Bachhubban  236488 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Bachraon  244225 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Badaria  207404 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Badausa  210202 Banda Banda Uttar .Pradesh
Badiapur  222125 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Badshahi Bagh  247122 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bagh  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Baghauli  241122 Hardoi Hardoi Uttar .Pradesh
Baghera  251306 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Baghpat  250609 Baghpat Baghpat Uttar .Pradesh
Bagpatgate  250002 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Bah  283104 Agra Bah Uttar .Pradesh
Bahadurabad  249402 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bahadurganj  275201 Ghazipur Bahadurganj Uttar .Pradesh
Bahadurganj  242001 Shahjahanpur Bahadurganj Uttar .Pradesh
Bahadurganj Chowk  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Bahadurgarh  245208 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Bahadurpur  276208 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Bahail  247120 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bahendar  241201 Hardoi Hardoi Uttar .Pradesh
Baheri  243201 Bareilly Baheri Uttar .Pradesh
Baheriabad  275208 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Bahina Cantt  284401 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Bahjoi  202410 Moradabad Bahjoi Uttar .Pradesh
Bahna  212663 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bahraich  271801 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Bahraich City  271801 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Bahrampur  212622 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bairia  277201 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Bairia  271601 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Baitalpur  274201 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Bajardhiha  221109 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Bajhera  242303 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bajna  281201 Mathura Bajna Uttar .Pradesh
Bajoria Marg  247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bakewar  206124 Etwah Bakewar Uttar .Pradesh
Bakhira  272159 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Baksa  222108 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bakshi Ka Talab Airport  227208 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Balawali  246723 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Baldeo  281301 Mathura Baldeo Uttar .Pradesh
Baleni  250626 Baghpat Baghpat Uttar .Pradesh
Balgati  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Baliaganj  230143 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Ballia  277001 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Ballia City  277001 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Balpur  271125 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Balrampur  271201 Ambedkar Nagar Balrampur Uttar .Pradesh
Balrampur City  271201 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Balrampur Degree College  271201 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Balua  232114 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Balwarganj  222201 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bamanpuri  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Bamnauli  250602 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Bamrauli  211012 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Bamrauli Airport  211012 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Banda  210001 Banda Banda Uttar .Pradesh
Banda  210001 Banda Banda Uttar .Pradesh
Banda  242402 Shahjahanpur Banda Uttar .Pradesh
Banda City  210001 Banda Banda Uttar .Pradesh
Bandhu Subash Road  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Bandipur  224125 Hathras Hathras Uttar .Pradesh
Bangarmau  241501 Unnao Bangarmau Uttar .Pradesh
Bangra  285121 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Bank Road  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bankat  276125 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Bankatwa  271001 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Bankers Street  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Bankeyganj  262801 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Banki  225001 Barabanki Banki Uttar .Pradesh
Banna Devi  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Banpur  284402 Lalitpur Lalitpur Uttar .Pradesh
Banreri  222127 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bansdih  277202 Ballia Bansdih Uttar .Pradesh
Bansdih Road R S  277203 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Bansgaon  273403 Gorakhpur Bansgaon Uttar .Pradesh
Bansgaon Azamgargh  276126 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Bansi  272153 Basti Bansi Uttar .Pradesh
Bansi  284122 Siddharthnagar Bansi Uttar .Pradesh
Banthra  227101 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Baoli  250621 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Baoni State  285203 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Bapu Nagar  262411 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Bara  229501 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Bara  232325 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Bara Banki Sugar Mills  225002 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Bara Bazar  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Bara Bazar  205135 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Bara Bazar  202412 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Bara Bazar  247776 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Bara Chawar  233229 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Barabanki  225001 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Barabanki Bazar  225001 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Barabanki City  225001 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Barabanki Collectorate  225001 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Barabanki Sugar Mills  225001 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Baragaon  224126 Faizabad Baragaon Uttar .Pradesh
Baragaon  222102 Jaunpur Baragaon Uttar .Pradesh
Baragaon  284121 Jhansi Baragaon Uttar .Pradesh
Baragaon  221204 Varanasi Baragaon Uttar .Pradesh
Barai  229418 Kannauj Kannauj Uttar .Pradesh
Baransa  228820 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Barauli  271806 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Baraut  221502 Allahabad Baraut Uttar .Pradesh
Baraut  250611 Meerut Baraut Uttar .Pradesh
Barawn  241401 Hardoi Hardoi Uttar .Pradesh
Bardah  276301 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Bareilly  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Bareilly  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Bareilly  243124 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Bareilly Cantt  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Bareilly City  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Bareilly R S  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Barewda  242232 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bargadi Kot  271311 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Bargaon  271002 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Barh  284123 Lalitpur Lalitpur Uttar .Pradesh
Barha Bazar  221407 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Barhaj  274601 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Barhalganj  273402 Gorakhpur Barhalganj Uttar .Pradesh
Barhan  283201 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Barhapur  246724 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Barhawi  232113 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Barhi  273405 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Barhni  272201 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Barhpur  209601 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Bari  209209 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Baria Bazar  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Bariayawan  224210 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Bark Ara  222304 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Barkhera  262203 Pilibhit Barkhera Uttar .Pradesh
Barla  202119 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Barla  221107 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Barlokpur  206123 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Barnahal  205261 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Barnapur  271825 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Barracks  282001 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Barsana  281405 Mathura Barsana Uttar .Pradesh
Barsathi  222162 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Barthara Kalan  221111 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Baru  224127 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Barwa  210502 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Barwa Sagar  284201 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Basant Nagar  221110 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Basara  251310 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Basat College  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Basharatpur  273004 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Baskhari  224129 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Basntpur  277301 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Basrehar  206253 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Basti  272001 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Basti  272001 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Basti Bus Stand  272002 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Basti Khurd  211006 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Basti Sugar Factory  272003 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Baswan  202145 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Bawana  224212 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Baxipur  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bazar  222128 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bazar Baldi  227806 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bazar Bhiyaun  224213 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Bazar Goshian  276127 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Bazaria  206001 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Bazaza Bazar  209601 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Bb Singh  271126 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Begamganj  271402 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Began Sarain  211015 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Begum Bagh  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Behamari  277404 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Behat  247121 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Behjam  261501 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Behta  229201 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Bela  206251 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Belanganj  282004 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Belgaht  273404 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Belgrra  224223 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Belhari  228133 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Belvedere  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Belwai  222101 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bengali Tola  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Beniganj  241304 Hardoi Beniganj Uttar .Pradesh
Beruabar  277306 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Bewar  206301 Etwah Bewar Uttar .Pradesh
Bewar  210501 Hamirpur Bewar Uttar .Pradesh
Bhadar  227406 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bhadera  232335 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Bhadohi  221401 Sant Ravidas Nagar Bhadohi Bhadohi Uttar .Pradesh
Bhadri  229406 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Bhagalpur  274602 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Bhagwanpur  247661 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bhagwant Nagar  241303 Hardoi Bhagwant Nagar Uttar .Pradesh
Bhagwant Nagar  229502 Unnao Bhagwant Nagar Uttar .Pradesh
Bhaigaha  271827 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Bhaitauli  273302 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bhalwani  274132 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Bhamora  243401 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Bhandia  261301 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Bhankabana  224215 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Bharamghat  225201 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Bharat Heavy Electrical B  249403 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bharat Kund  224202 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Bharat Nagar  201008 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Bharatganj  212104 Allahabad Bharatganj Uttar .Pradesh
Bharatpur  281001 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Bharawan  241202 Hardoi Hardoi Uttar .Pradesh
Bharsar  277401 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Bharthana  206242 Etwah Bharthana Uttar .Pradesh
Bharwari  212201 Allahabad Bharwari Uttar .Pradesh
Bhata  243126 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Bhathat  273306 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bhatni  274701 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Bhatona  245406 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Bhatparrani  274702 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Bhattagaon  284127 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Bhawal Khera  242312 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bhawani  222135 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bhawapar  273401 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bheanjan  275101 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Bhekuri  204209 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Bhel  284129 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Bhelupura  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Bhetaura Rubber Factory  243501 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Bhilsar  225402 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Bhimpura  275206 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Bhinga  271831 Bahraich Bhinga Uttar .Pradesh
Bhinga  271831 Shrawasti Bhinga Uttar .Pradesh
Bhira  262901 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Bhirgu  277001 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Bhitama  243408 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Bhitargaon  209209 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bhiti  224132 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Bhjubir  221002 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Bhogaon  205262 Mainpuri Bhogaon Uttar .Pradesh
Bhojipura  243202 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Bhojpur  229202 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Bhoor  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Bhoor Bharat Nagar  201009 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Bhopa  251308 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Bhopatwala  249410 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bhopura  275302 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Bhorpur  209307 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bichchi  231214 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Bichhia Camp  273013 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bichiya  221312 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Bichpuri  283105 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Bidhuna  206243 Etwah Bidhuna Uttar .Pradesh
Bighalpur  229503 Unnao Unnao Uttar .Pradesh
Bihar  229504 Unnao Unnao Uttar .Pradesh
Bijaipur  231303 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Bijauli  202151 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Bijnor  246701 Bijnore Bijnor Uttar .Pradesh
Bijnor Industrial Estate  246701 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Bijpure  231223 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Bijrol  250612 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Bikapur  224204 Faizabad Bikapur Uttar .Pradesh
Bilaram  207124 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Bilari  202411 Moradabad Bilari Uttar .Pradesh
Bilariyaganj  276121 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Bilaspur  244921 Rampur Bilaspur Uttar .Pradesh
Bilaya  285221 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Bilgram  241301 Hardoi Bilgram Uttar .Pradesh
Billochpura  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Bilsanda  262202 Pilibhit Bilsanda Uttar .Pradesh
Bilsi  243633 Badaun Bilsi Uttar .Pradesh
Bilthra Road R S  221715 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Bina Project  231220 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Binauli  250345 Baghpat Baghpat Uttar .Pradesh
Binawar  243634 Badaun Badaun Uttar .Pradesh
Bindki  212635 Fatehpur Bindki Uttar .Pradesh
Birdpur  272202 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Birhana Mill Road  226004 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Birhana Road  208001 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Birno  233208 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Birpura  202142 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Bisalpur  262201 Auraiya Bisalpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bisanda  210203 Banda Banda Uttar .Pradesh
Bisauli  232115 Varanasi Bisauli Uttar .Pradesh
Bisawar  281302 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Bisesarganj  227407 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Biseshwarganj  271821 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Bisungarh  209770 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Bisunpur  271601 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Biswan  261201 Sitapur Biswan Uttar .Pradesh
Bithaur  209202 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bithoor  209201 Kanpur Bithoor Uttar .Pradesh
Bitnichanpur  243125 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Blunt Square  226004 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Board Jatan  246701 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Bodarwar  273149 Kushinagar Kushinagar Uttar .Pradesh
Boileganj  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Boundry Road  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Brahm  207001 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Brd Medical College  273013 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Brd Medical College  273308 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Bridgemanganj  273157 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Budaun  243601 Badaun Budaun Uttar .Pradesh
Budaun  243601 Badaun Budaun Uttar .Pradesh
Budaun City  243601 Badaun Badaun Uttar .Pradesh
Budhana  251309 Muzaffarnagar Budhana Uttar .Pradesh
Budhana Gate  250002 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Bugrasi  245403 Bulandshahr Bugrasi Uttar .Pradesh
Bulandshahar  203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Bulandshahar  203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Bullanpur  221108 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Burhwal Sugaj Mills  225202 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Burkot  241401 Hardoi Hardoi Uttar .Pradesh
Burlington Hotel  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Bus Station  271001 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Bus Station  228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Buzurg  247120 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
C & M Stores  244901 Rampur Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
C & W Shop  226005 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
C D A  211001 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
C D A  211014 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
C E School  226005 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
C O D  281002 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
C O D Agra  282009 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
C O D Kanpur  208013 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Cambridge Road  208004 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Campbell Lines  226002 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Canal Colony  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Cantt Town  247664 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Captainganj  272131 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Captianganj  274301 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Carlton Hotel  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Carswanj  242001 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Cavalri Lines  211004 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Central Jail  209602 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Ch Khan  282003 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Chabeypur  209203 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Chahaniya  232116 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Chail  212202 Allahabad Chail Uttar .Pradesh
Chajepur  230133 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Chakarpur  209305 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Chakeri Ad  208003 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Chakia  232103 Varanasi Chakia Uttar .Pradesh
Chakra Nagar  206125 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Chakrata Road  247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Chanchali  243403 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Chandauli  232104 Chandauli Chandauli Uttar .Pradesh
Chandaus  202132 Etah Etah Uttar .Pradesh
Chandausi  202412 Moradabad Chandausi Uttar .Pradesh
Chandesar  276128 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Chandganj  226007 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Chandhi Ashram  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Chandiana  212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Chandousi R S  202412 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Chandpur  246725 Bijnore Chandpur Uttar .Pradesh
Chandpur R S  246725 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Chandra Nagar  201011 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Chandwak  222129 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Charbagh  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Charda  271836 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Charkhamba  242001 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Charkhari State  210421 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Charkheri  285136 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Charthawal  251311 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Charwa  212203 Kaushambi Kaushambi Uttar .Pradesh
Chata  281401 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Chatala  285242 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Chatta Bazar  281001 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Chaubara  229130 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Chaubeypur  221104 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Chaudhri Saraj  243601 Badaun Badaun Uttar .Pradesh
Chauhan  271405 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Chauhan Purwa  271313 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Chauhatian  242313 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Chauk Agra  282003 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Chaukhamba  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Chauki Jarib  208012 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Chaukia  226106 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Chaumuha  281406 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Chaupatain  226003 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Chaupla  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Chauraha  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Chaurey Bazar  224209 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Chauri Chaura  273201 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Chauta  277210 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Chetganj  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Chhapia  271320 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Chhaprauli  250617 Meerut Chhaprauli Uttar .Pradesh
Chharra  202130 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Chhattari  202391 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Chhawani Bazar  271801 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Chhejapur  229416 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Chheoki  212105 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Chhibramau  202721 Badaun Chhibramau Uttar .Pradesh
Chhiolah  229216 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Chhipitola  282001 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Chhitauni  273414 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Chhoti Bazar  210001 Banda Banda Uttar .Pradesh
Chikamberpur  201006 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Chikhana  247231 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Chilh  231312 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Chilkahar  221701 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Chillatara  210123 Banda Banda Uttar .Pradesh
Chiman Lal Road  282004 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Chinahat  227105 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Chipatti  209725 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Chippi Tank  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Chiraigaow  221112 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Chiraiyakote  276129 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Chiriya  285132 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Chitaura  271823 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Chitbaragaon  221713 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Chitrakote  210204 Banda Banda Uttar .Pradesh
Cholapur  221101 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Chopan  231205 Sonbhadra Chopan Uttar .Pradesh
Chunar  231304 Mirzapur Chunar Uttar .Pradesh
Chunar Cement  231311 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Chunar Tehsil  231304 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Churk  231206 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Chuttmalpur  247662 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Civil Courts  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Civil Courts  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Civil Lines  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Civil Lines  272001 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Civil Lines  209601 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Civil Lines  244901 Rampur Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
Civil Lines District  246701 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Clark Hotel  221002 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Clutterbuckganj  243502 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Collectorate  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
College Colony  222001 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
College Road  206001 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
College Road  207502 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Coloneganj  208001 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Colonelganj  271308 Gonda Colonelganj Uttar .Pradesh
Command  282001 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Compierganj  273158 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Cotton Mills  208001 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Cotton Mills  208003 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Cpo A-2041  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
D L W Varanasi  221004 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
D S College  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
D V College  285001 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Dabathwa  250341 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Dabhasomar  224133 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Dadon  202133 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Dadraul  242234 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Dadri  203207 Gautam Buddha Nagar Dadri Uttar .Pradesh
Dadua Bazar  271002 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Dakore  285122 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Daldala  272152 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Dalelganj  242001 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Daliganj  226007 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Dalippur  230127 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Dalla  231207 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Dallanchapr  277204 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Dalmau  229203 Raibareilly Dalmau Uttar .Pradesh
Damalpur  261302 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Dampier Nagar  281001 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Dankaur  203201 Bulandshahr Dankaur Uttar .Pradesh
Danpur  202392 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Dara Nagar  212204 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Daraganj  211006 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Darapur  209301 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Darehut  230405 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Darshan Nagar  225403 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Darululloom  247554 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Darwaza  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Darwaza  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Darwaza  281001 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Daryabad  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Daryabad  225403 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Daryabad R S  225404 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Dasasumedh  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Dasna Gate  201009 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Dataganj  243635 Badaun Dataganj Uttar .Pradesh
Daurala  250221 Jyotiba Phule Nagar  Daurala Uttar .Pradesh
Dayal Nagar  202141 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Dayalbagh  282005 Agra Dayalbagh Uttar .Pradesh
Deara  228132 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Deeg Gate  281001 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Deeh  229310 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Deepasarai  244302 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Dehras  271314 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Deidiha  273409 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Deo Daru  230123 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Deoband  247554 Saharanpur Deoband Uttar .Pradesh
Deogaon  276208 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Deorania  243203 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Deorhi  224183 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Deoria  274001 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Deoria  274001 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Deoria  224137 Faizabad Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Deoria Jhala  242223 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Deoria New Colony  274001 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Deosasra  230123 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Deputy Ganj  203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Derwa  230128 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Dewa  225301 Barabanki Dewa Uttar .Pradesh
Dhakha  242473 Ambedkar Nagar Ambedkar Nagar Uttar .Pradesh
Dhakhia L Ahia  242420 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Dhakwa Bazar  272211 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Dhammaur  227408 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Dhampur  246761 Bijnore Dhampur Uttar .Pradesh
Dhanapur  232105 Chandauli Chandauli Uttar .Pradesh
Dhanawan  271315 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Dhanawre  244231 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Dhaneypur  271602 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Dhanghata  272162 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Dhani  273161 Mahrajganj Mahrajganj Uttar .Pradesh
Dhanjpur  202117 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Dhankutti  208001 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Dhantali  285130 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Dharamshalla Bazar  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Dharanji  232336 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Dharwapur  222107 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Dhata  212641 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Dhauhara  262723 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Dhaulana  245301 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Dhaunra  243204 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Dhaurauwa  224217 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Dhikauli  250615 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Dhikauni  241203 Hardoi Hardoi Uttar .Pradesh
Dhoom  202308 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Dhoom Singh Joshimath  202281 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Dhoomanganj  211011 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Dhorhara  221113 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Dhumari  207248 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Dibai  202393 Bulandshahr Dibai Uttar .Pradesh
Dibiapur  206244 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Didarganj  223224 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Dilari  244401 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Dildarnagar  232326 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Dildarnagar Bazar  232326 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Dilkusha  226002 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Dilkusha S B  226002 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Distillery  244901 Rampur Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
District Board  211002 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
District Board  206001 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
District Jail  226005 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Do Ghat  250622 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Dodhpur  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Dohri Ghat  275303 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Domariaganj  272189 Siddharthnagar Siddharthnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Dostpur  228131 Sultanpur Dostpur Uttar .Pradesh
Drishnapuri  281001 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Dubahar  277405 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Dubari  221601 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Dubaulia  272141 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Dubey Chapra  277205 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Dubha Bazar  271316 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Dudhai R S  274302 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Dudhara  272125 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Dudhi  231208 Kushinagar Dudhi Uttar .Pradesh
Dujanpurghat  271408 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Dulhupur  224139 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Dullahpur  275202 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Dundwara Ganj  241502 Unnao Unnao Uttar .Pradesh
Durga Kund  221005 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Dwarikaganj  228125 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Dyer Meakin Road  226003 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Eatms  205231 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Ekdil  206126 Etwah Ekdil Uttar .Pradesh
Ekka  205122 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Elgin Mills  208001 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Englishia Line  221002 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Erayan  212653 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Erich  284302 Jhansi Erich Uttar .Pradesh
Estate  201303 Gautam Buddha Nagar Gautam Buddha Nagar Uttar .Pradesh
Etah  207001 Etah Etah Uttar .Pradesh
Etamadpur  283202 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Etawah  206001 Etwah Etawah Uttar .Pradesh
Etawah  206001 Etwah Etawah Uttar .Pradesh
Etawah  206002 Etwah Etawah Uttar .Pradesh
Etawah City  206001 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Etawah New City  206001 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Eye Hospital Xi Bn Pac  261001 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
F F T C Indaurabagh  227202 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Factory  231311 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Fahimabad  208001 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Faizabad  224001 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Faizabad City  224001 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Faizabad Kutchery  224001 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Faizabad R S  224001 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Faizaganj Bazar  244001 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Fakahrpur  271902 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Fanga Darwara  207502 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Farash Khana  208001 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Faridpur  243503 Bareilly Faridpur Uttar .Pradesh
Farra  281112 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Farrukhabad  209625 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Farrukhabad R S  209625 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Fatehabad  283111 Agra Fatehabad Uttar .Pradesh
Fatehegarh  209601 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Fatehganj  224001 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Fatehganj  222132 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Fatehganj East  243506 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Fatehgarh  209601 Farukhabad Fatehgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Fatehgarh  209601 Farukhabad Fatehgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Fatehgarh  209602 Farukhabad Fatehgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Fatehgarh R S  209601 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Fatehpur  212601 Ambedkar Nagar Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Fatehpur City  212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Fatehpur Court  212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Fatehpur Sikri  283110 Agra Fatehpur Sikri Uttar .Pradesh
Fatehpur Town  212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Fazil Nagar  274401 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Ferozabad  283203 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Fertilizer Factory  273007 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Filkhana  208001 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Firozabad  283203 Firozabad  Firozabad Uttar .Pradesh
Firozabad Bazar  283203 Firozabad  Firozabad  Uttar .Pradesh
Forms Press  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Forozabad  283203 Firozabad  Firozabad  Uttar .Pradesh
Fursatganj  229302 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
G D Karyalaya  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
G D Road  203131 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
G E H  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
G G Indstris  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
G L Emporium  282001 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Gabhana  202136 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Gadola  204208 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Gagaha  273411 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gahmar  232327 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Gaighat  277206 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Gaighet  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Gaini  243206 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Gaisari  271210 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Gajraula  244235 Moradabad Gajraula Uttar .Pradesh
Galasaheed  244001 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Gambhirpur  276302 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Gandhi Chowk  204216 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Gandhi Chowk  250611 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Gandhi Colony  251001 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Gandhi Gram  208007 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gandhi Market  207001 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Gandhi Nagar  282003 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Gandhi Nagar  272001 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Gandhi Nagar  244001 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Ganesh Ganj  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Ganesh Ganj  262122 Pilibhit Pilibhit Uttar .Pradesh
Ganesh Ganj Ind Estate  231002 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Ganesh Vatika  247667 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gangaghat  209861 Unnao Gangaghat Uttar .Pradesh
Gangapur  221302 Varanasi Gangapur Uttar .Pradesh
Gangarampura  251001 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Gangauli  233222 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Gangiri  202134 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Gangoh  247341 Saharanpur Gangoh Uttar .Pradesh
Gangsara  242415 Etah Etah Uttar .Pradesh
Gangwala  271829 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Ganj  207242 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Ganj Bazar  246762 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Ganshadepur  233232 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Garautha  284203 Jhansi Garautha Uttar .Pradesh
Garhamalpur  221709 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Garhi  229407 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Garhis Phatak  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Garhmuktehswar  245205 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Garwar  277121 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Garwara  230502 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Garwasi Tola  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Gatta Mills  247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gaudara  271905 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Gaudas Buzurg  261606 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Gaur R S  272163 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Gaura  229204 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Gaura Jamon  227807 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gaura R S  230301 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Gaurabadshahpur  222133 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gaurajainagar  274603 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Gauri Bazar  274202 Deoria Gauri Bazar Uttar .Pradesh
Gauriganj  227409 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gausganj  241305 Hardoi Gausganj Uttar .Pradesh
Gayatri  281003 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
George Town  211002 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Ghaipur R S  233001 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Ghanshyam  242473 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Ghanshyampur  222111 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Ghantaghar  242001 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Ghatampur  209206 Kanpur Ghatampur Uttar .Pradesh
Ghaziabad  201001 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Ghaziabad  201011 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Ghaziabad City  201009 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Ghazipur  212621 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Ghazipur  233001 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Ghazipur  226010 Lucknow Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Ghazipur City  233001 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Ghil R S  273151 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Ghiror  205121 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Ghiya Nagar  212404 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Ghorawal  231210 Sonbhadra Ghorawal Uttar .Pradesh
Ghosi  275304 Chitrakoot Ghosi Uttar .Pradesh
Girjapuri Colony  271841 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Girraj Bhagh  281503 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Gita Press  273005 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gita Vatika  273006 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gohaud  210434 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gohawar  246748 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Gohna  276403 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Gokalemarg  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Gokul  281303 Mathura Gokul Uttar .Pradesh
Gokulpura  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Gola  273408 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gola Bazar  205001 Mainpuri Gola Bazar Uttar .Pradesh
Gola Town  262802 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Golaganj  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Golagokarannath  262802 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Golghar  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gomat  202135 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Gomti Nagar  227106 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Gonda  202123 Aligarh Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Gonda  271001 Mau Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Gonda City  271001 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Gopal Nagar Ind Estate  247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gopamau  241404 Hardoi Gopamau Uttar .Pradesh
Gopi Nath Bazar  281121 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Gopiganj  221303 Varanasi Gopiganj Uttar .Pradesh
Gorakhnath Mandir  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gorakhpur  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gorakhpur  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gorakhpur  273013 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gorakhpur Air Force Stn  273002 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gorakhpur Rly Colony  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gosaiganj  228119 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Goshaiinganj  224141 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Goshainganj  227125 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Goshainganj  227125 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Goverdahan  281502 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Govind Nagari  208006 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Govind Nagari West  208006 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Govindpur  201201 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Gref Centre  247669 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gsvm Medical College  208002 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gudari  271801 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Gugauli  271211 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Gulabnagar  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Gulauthi  245408 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Gulzarganj  222135 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gunnaur  202522 Badaun Gunnaur Uttar .Pradesh
Gurbuxganj  229122 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Gurdwara  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Gurkul Sikandrabad  203202 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Gurma  231209 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Gursahaiganj  209722 Farukhabad Gursahaiganj Uttar .Pradesh
Gursarai  284202 Jhansi Gursarai Uttar .Pradesh
Gurukul  249405 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gurukul Narsan  247670 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gurukulkangri  249404 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gwal Toli  208001 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Gyanpur  221304 Sant Ravidas Nagar Bhadohi Gyanpur Uttar .Pradesh
H A D Lucknow  206013 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
H C Bench  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
H E School  226006 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
H N S Nagar  208005 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Haidergarh  227301 Lucknow Haidergarh Uttar .Pradesh
Hainsar Bazar  272165 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Haldaur  246726 Bijnore Haldaur Uttar .Pradesh
Haldhar Mau  271125 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Haldharpur  221705 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Haldi  277404 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Haliapur  227815 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Halipura  213113 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Hallaur  272191 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Hallaur  229123 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Hamerganj  230406 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Hamirpur  210301 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Hamirpur Dist Board  210301 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Hamirpur Road  208021 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Handia  221503 Allahabad Handia Uttar .Pradesh
Handia Tech Institute  221504 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Hanswar  224143 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Hanuman  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Hanumanganj  221505 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Hanumanganj  230406 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Hanumangha  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Hapur  245101 Ghaziabad Hapur Uttar .Pradesh
Hapur Mandi  245101 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Harakh  225121 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Harbansganj  229304 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Harchandpur  206250 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Harchandpur  229303 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Hardoi  241001 Hardoi Hardoi Uttar .Pradesh
Hardoi  285131 Jalaun Hardoi Uttar .Pradesh
Hardrukh  285128 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Harduaganj  220325 Fatehpur Harduaganj Uttar .Pradesh
Hargaon S M  261121 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Harhua  221105 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Hari Nagar  209725 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Hari Parbat  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Hariharganj  212601 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Hariharpur  272164 Basti Hariharpur Uttar .Pradesh
Hariharpur Ravi  271828 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Harijan Ashram  211004 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Harijinder Nagar  208007 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Hariwan  241405 Hardoi Hardoi Uttar .Pradesh
Harmukhpur  201201 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Harpalpur  241402 Hardoi Hardoi Uttar .Pradesh
Harraiya  272135 Basti Harraiya Uttar .Pradesh
Harringtonganj  224208 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Hasanganj  209841 Unnao Unnao Uttar .Pradesh
Hasanpur  244241 Jyotiba Phule Nagar  Hasanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Hasanpur  227808 Sultanpur Hasanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Hasayan  204212 Aligarh Hasayan Uttar .Pradesh
Hasnain Market  226003 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Hassunpur  247111 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Hassupura  246727 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Hastinapur  250404 Meerut Hastinapur Uttar .Pradesh
Haswa  212645 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Hata  274203 Deoria Hata Uttar .Pradesh
Hathaunda  225405 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Hathgaon  212652 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Hathi Bazar  221405 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Hathi Bazar  221408 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Hathras  204101 Hathras Hathras Uttar .Pradesh
Hathras City Ind Estate  204101 Hathras Hathras Uttar .Pradesh
Hathras Jn R S  204102 Hathras Hathras Uttar .Pradesh
Hazratpur  283103 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Hetimpur  274206 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Himkalyan  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Hina  226003 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Hindi Press  211002 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Hindi Sahitya  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Hindon Air Field  201004 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Hindon Nagar  201302 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Hospital Road  282003 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Hotel Clark  282001 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Husainganj  261125 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Hussain Ganj  261125 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Hussainabad  226003 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Huzurpur  271872 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
I A F Kheria  282008 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
I I T Kanpur  208016 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
I I T Siddiqpur  222110 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
I T I Rae Bareli  229010 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Idgah Colony  282001 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Iglas  202124 Aligarh Iglas Uttar .Pradesh
Ikauna  271845 Shrawasti Ikauna Uttar .Pradesh
Iltifatganj  224145 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Indara  275102 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Indergarh  209723 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Indi Estate  282006 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Indian Press  211002 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Indiapur  224198 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Industrial Area  226012 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Industrial Est Pratapur  250013 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Industrial Est Varanasi  221106 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Industrial Estate Deor  274121 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Industrial Estate Hapur  245102 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Industrial Estate Muzaffa  227801 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Industrial Labour Colony  282004 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Industrial Labour Colony  283203 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Industrial Trainging Institute  206002 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Ingohta  210321 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Iqbalpur  247668 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Iradat Nagar  283112 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Isangar  261502 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Ishwar Gangi  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Islam Nagar  202523 Badaun Badaun Uttar .Pradesh
Islamganj  244901 Rampur Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
Itauja  227205 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Itaura Buzurg  229401 Mahoba Mahoba Uttar .Pradesh
Itei Rampur  271605 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Itwa  272192 Siddharthnagar Siddharthnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Ityathok  271202 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Izat Nagar  243002 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Izatnagar  243122 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Jaganair  283115 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Jagatpur  229402 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Jagatpur  221314 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Jagdishpur  227809 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jagdishpur  227817 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jagmanpur  285124 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Jahangaganj  276131 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Jahanganj  209739 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Jahangirabad  261202 Sitapur Jahangirabad Uttar .Pradesh
Jahangirabad Bulandshahr  202394 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Jahangirabad Mandi  202394 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Jahangirabad Raj  225203 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Jahangirganj  224147 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Jahangirpur  203141 Bulandshahr Jahangirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jai Prakash  277127 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Jaiganj  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Jail Road  261001 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Jain Indstiral  201303 Gautam Buddha Nagar Gautam Buddha Nagar Uttar .Pradesh
Jaiprabha Gram  271209 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Jais  229305 Raibareilly Jais Uttar .Pradesh
Jaisinghapur  228141 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jait  281402 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Jaithra  207249 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Jaitipur  242302 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jaitpur  210423 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jaitpur Agra  283114 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Jaitpura  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Jakhania Ghazipur  275203 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Jakhaura  284124 Lalitpur Lalitpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jakhloaun  284407 Lalitpur Lalitpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jakhni  221305 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Jalalabad  275207 Ghazipur Jalalabad Uttar .Pradesh
Jalalabad  247772 Muzaffarnagar Jalalabad Uttar .Pradesh
Jalalabad Fategarh  209733 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Jalalabad Shahjahanpur  242221 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jalali Aligarh  202128 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Jalalpur  224149 Ambedkar Nagar Jalalpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jalalpur Jaunpur  222136 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jalapur  242310 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jalaun  285123 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Jalesar R S  281304 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Jalesar Town  207302 Etah Etah Uttar .Pradesh
Jamalpur  222137 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jamalpur Mirzapur  275105 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Jamraon  212654 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jamtali  230302 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Jamuwa  231314 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Janamasthan  281001 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Janaura  224211 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Janghai Bazar  212401 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Jangiganj  221310 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Jani  250501 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Jari Bazar  212106 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Jaria  210422 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jaroda Pandey  247453 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jarwa  271203 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Jarwal  271904 Bahraich Jarwal Uttar .Pradesh
Jarwal Road  271901 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Jaspur  244712 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Jasra  212107 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Jasrana  205125 Firozabad Jasrana Uttar .Pradesh
Jaswantnagar  206254 Etwah Jaswantnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Jaswantnagar Bazar  206254 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Jatepur Colony  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jatourwa  262724 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Jattari  202137 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Jaunpur  222001 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jaunpur  222002 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jawahar Nagar  208012 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jawahar Nagar  209801 Unnao Unnao Uttar .Pradesh
Jawan  202126 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Jawar  204207 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Jeonti  205263 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Jethwara  230129 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Jewan  242404 Kannauj Kannauj Uttar .Pradesh
Jewar  203133 Bulandshahr Jewar Uttar .Pradesh
Jhabrera  247665 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jhalu  246728 Bijnore Jhalu Uttar .Pradesh
Jhansi  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Jhansi  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Jhansi Cantt  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Jhansi City  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Jhansi City  284002 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Jhansi R S  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Jhinjhak  209320 Kanpur Jhinjhak Uttar .Pradesh
Jhinjhana  247773 Muzaffarnagar Jhinjhana Uttar .Pradesh
Jhusi  221506 Allahabad Jhusi Uttar .Pradesh
Jiruli  202281 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Johns Mill  282004 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Johri Bazar  282003 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Joya  244222 Jyotiba Phule Nagar  Joya Uttar .Pradesh
Jugraipur  262123 Pilibhit Pilibhit Uttar .Pradesh
Jugsena  281308 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Juhi Colony  208014 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jwalanagar  244901 Rampur Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
Jwalapur  249407 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Jwalapur Town  249407 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
K G Works  202139 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
K N I  228118 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kabir Chaura  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Kabral  210424 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kachhauna  241126 Hardoi Hardoi Uttar .Pradesh
Kachla  243636 Badaun Badaun Uttar .Pradesh
Kachuura  204211 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Kachwa  221501 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Kadipur  228145 Sultanpur Kadipur Uttar .Pradesh
Kadori  277107 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Kagarol  283119 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Kaha Mandi  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Kailashpuri  271864 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Kailiya  285251 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Kairana  247774 Muzaffarnagar Kairana Uttar .Pradesh
Kaisarganj  271903 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Kaiserganj  250002 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Kaithola  229410 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Kajgaon  222138 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kakore  203203 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Kakrala  243637 Badaun Kakrala Uttar .Pradesh
Kala Kankar  229408 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Kalai  202118 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Kalan  207122 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Kallooganj  246763 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Kallumal Street  208001 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kalmganj  207502 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kalpi  285204 Jalaun Kalpi Uttar .Pradesh
Kalwari  272301 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Kalyani Devi  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kalyanpur  208018 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kamachha  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Kamal Mainpur  242228 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kamalganj  209724 Farukhabad Kamalganj Uttar .Pradesh
Kamalpur  232106 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Kamasin  210125 Banda Banda Uttar .Pradesh
Kamla Nehru Institute  228124 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kanau  204206 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Kanchausi Bazar  206246 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Kandhala  247775 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Kanker Khera  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Kankhal  249408 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kannauj  209725 Farukhabad Kannauj Uttar .Pradesh
Kanndhrapur  276135 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Kanpur  208001 Gautam Buddha Nagar Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kanpur  208023 Gautam Buddha Nagar Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kanpur 209125 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kanpur Cantt  208004 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kanpur Chowk  208001 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kanpur Courts  208001 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kanpur University  208024 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kanpur West  208001 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kanskhat  242225 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kant  242225 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kanth  204104 Moradabad Kanth Uttar .Pradesh
Kanya Gurkul  204101 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Kapradih  224205 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kara  212205 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Karahiakabazar  229124 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Karanchipur  277214 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Karanda  233224 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Karari  212206 Allahabad Karari Uttar .Pradesh
Karchana  212301 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kareek  224219 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kareli  243404 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Karhal  205264 Mainpuri Karhal Uttar .Pradesh
Karhalgate  205001 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Karhan  276402 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Karimuddinpur  233225 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Karon  221714 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Karora  203129 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Kartala  207126 Etah Etah Uttar .Pradesh
Karwi R S  201205 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Karwl  201205 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kaseru Khera  250403 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Kasganj  207123 Etwah Kasganj Uttar .Pradesh
Kashi  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Kashi  221002 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Kashi R S  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Kashipur  244713 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kashipur  244714 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kasia  274402 Kushinagar Kushinagar Uttar .Pradesh
Kasimpur  202127 Chandauli Chandauli Uttar .Pradesh
Kasimpur  202144 Chandauli Chandauli Uttar .Pradesh
Katari  224222 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Katarniaghat  271833 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Katehri  224151 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Katghar  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kath Kulan  274303 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Kathghar  244001 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kathghat  229125 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Kathiraon  221207 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Katna  206252 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Katra  211002 Allahabad Katra Uttar .Pradesh
Katra Bazar  262201 Pilibhit Pilibhit Uttar .Pradesh
Katra Gules Singh  271122 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Katrabazar  271309 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Katramednigari  230131 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Kattrola  242001 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kauri Ram  273413 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kauria  271122 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Kauriaganj  202129 Aligarh Kauriaganj Uttar .Pradesh
Kaushlapuri  208012 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kauwapur  271212 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Kavinagar  201002 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kawakpur  221211 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Kayasth  211001 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kayasthwara  203205 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Kazipur  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kedar Ghat  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Keolariya  212410 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kerela Bagh Colony  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Ketchery  210001 Banda Banda Uttar .Pradesh
Khadda  273415 Kushinagar Khadda Uttar .Pradesh
Khaekra  201101 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Khaga  212655 Fatehpur Khaga Uttar .Pradesh
Khaimpur  243208 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Khair  202138 Aligarh Khair Uttar .Pradesh
Khaira  242303 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Khairabad  261131 Sitapur Khairabad Uttar .Pradesh
Khairagarh  283121 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Khairmandi  202138 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Khairnagar  209736 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Khajni  272212 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Khajuha  212657 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Khajurhat  224206 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Khajuri  277305 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Khakni Darwaza  272002 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Khakreru  212656 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Khalapar  251001 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Khalapar  247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Khalasi Line  247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Khaley  276205 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Khalilabad  272175 Sant Kabir Nagar Khalilabad Uttar .Pradesh
Khamaria  221306 Varanasi Khamaria Uttar .Pradesh
Khan  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Khandasa  224153 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Khandwa  221718 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Khangah  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Khanna  210504 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Khanpur  245405 Bulandshahr Khanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Khapra Mahal  208004 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kharagpur  271204 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Khardiha  233233 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Kharela  210425 Mahoba Kharela Uttar .Pradesh
Kharkhauda  245206 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Kharsara  277302 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Khaspur  224220 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Khatauli  251201 Muzaffarnagar Khatauli Uttar .Pradesh
Khatriyan  246701 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Khemapur  224157 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kheri  262701 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Kheri Town  262702 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Kherighat  271851 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Kherisarai  222139 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Khimsepur  209743 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Khiron  229205 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Khojwa Bazar  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Khorapir  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Khorasa  271123 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Khudaganj  242305 Shahjahanpur Khudaganj Uttar .Pradesh
Khukhundu  274501 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Khurhand R S  210120 Banda Banda Uttar .Pradesh
Khurja  203131 Bulandshahr Khurja Uttar .Pradesh
Khurja Chowk  203131 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Khurja Jn R S  203132 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Khushipura  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Khusroobagh  244901 Rampur Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
Khutahan  223104 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Khutar  242405 Shahjahanpur Khutar Uttar .Pradesh
Kichhauchha  224155 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kidarnagar  224214 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kidihadapur  221716 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Kidwainagar  208011 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kila  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Kila Street  244713 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kirarat  222142 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kiratpur  246731 Bijnore Kiratpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kishanganj  230503 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Kishanpur  212658 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kishanpura Nagar  250003 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Kishanpurbaral  250623 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Kishni  206302 Etwah Kishni Uttar .Pradesh
Kitaoli  283122 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Kitchner Lines  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Kithore  250104 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Koils  276142 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Koirana  221309 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Koiripur  222301 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Konch  285205 Jalaun Konch Uttar .Pradesh
Konch Bazariya  285205 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Konhdaur  230401 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Kopaganj  275305 Chitrakoot Kopaganj Uttar .Pradesh
Kopra  285223 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Korajahanabad  212659 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Korantadih  275501 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Koreon  212306 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kosikalan  281403 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Kote Kalan  241406 Hardoi Hardoi Uttar .Pradesh
Kothi  225119 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Kotia Madara  271317 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Kotwari  221722 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Krishna Nagar  203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Krishna Nagar  208007 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Krishnanagar  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Krishnanagar  281004 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Krishnanagar Hmeerut)  250105 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Kshatropara  202280 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Kubaripatehra  231309 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Kuddupur  222104 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kugrajpur  242408 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kulphar  210425 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kumharanpul  247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kunda  229406 Pratapgarh Kunda Uttar .Pradesh
Kundannagar  244249 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kundarki  202413 Moradabad Kundarki Uttar .Pradesh
Kundeshwar  233234 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Kunraghat  273008 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kunwarpur  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Kuraoli  205265 Mainpuri Kuraoli Uttar .Pradesh
Kurara  210505 Hamirpur Kurara Uttar .Pradesh
Kurebhar  228151 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kureji  277122 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Kurra  205268 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Kursi  225302 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Kursiakalan  242229 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kurwa Hal  227412 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kurwar  228155 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kushi  233337 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Kushinagar  274403 Deoria Kushinagar Uttar .Pradesh
Kushwapur  230145 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Kusmara  206303 Etwah Kusmara Uttar .Pradesh
Kusta Ashram  221102 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery  211002 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery  243601 Badaun Badaun Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery  272001 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery  203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery  274001 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery  206001 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery  222002 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery  244001 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery  251001 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery  262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery  229001 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery  247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery  242001 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery  221002 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchery R R C  209601 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Kutchey  261001 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Kuthond  285125 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Kutirchakey  222146 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Labaria  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Labour Camp  273009 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Labour Colony  204101 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Labour Colony  211008 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Labour Colony  205001 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Labour Colony  247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Laghucha  262721 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Laharpur  261135 Sitapur Laharpur Uttar .Pradesh
Lahartara  221002 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Laipat Kunj  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Lakeview C P O  284125 Lalitpur Lalitpur Uttar .Pradesh
Lakhaoti  245407 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Lakhi Gate  247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Lakhimpur Kheri  262701 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Lakhna  206127 Etwah Lakhna Uttar .Pradesh
Lal Darwaza  281001 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Lal Ghat  276136 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Lal Kurti Bazar  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Lal Road  274505 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Lal Sarai  209625 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Lalauli  212661 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Lalbagh  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Laldigi  231002 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Lalganj  276202 Azamgarh Lalganj Uttar .Pradesh
Lalganj  277216 Ballia Lalganj Uttar .Pradesh
Lalganj  231211 Mirzapur Lalganj Uttar .Pradesh
Lalganj  229206 Raibareilly Lalganj Uttar .Pradesh
Lalganj  230132 Raibareilly Lalganj Uttar .Pradesh
Lalgopalganj  229413 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Lali Bari  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Lalitpur  284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur Uttar .Pradesh
Lalkurti Bazar  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Lambhua  222302 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Landhaura  247664 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Landhaura Town  247664 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Lanka  221005 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Lansdowne Cantt  274502 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Lar  274502 Deoria Lar Uttar .Pradesh
Laroon  224223 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Latipura  281503 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Lawar  250222 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Laxa  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Laxmanpur  230130 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Laxmiganj  274306 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Laxmipur  242311 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Lbrahimpattri  221720 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Leader Press  211001 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Leader Road  211001 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Leorua  222148 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Lhaksar  247663 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Lindsayganj  209625 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Lisarigate  250002 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Loco Colony  228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Loco Workshop  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Locomotive  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Lodha  202140 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Lohar Bagh  261001 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Lohari  247111 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Lohia Head  262301 Pilibhit Pilibhit Uttar .Pradesh
Lol Bazar  281121 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Loni  201102 Ghaziabad Loni Uttar .Pradesh
Lorasi  271321 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Losta  221107 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Lucknow  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Lucknow  226020 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Lucknow Chowk  226003 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Luhsan  202171 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
M G Marg  211001 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
M L B College  284128 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
M L N Engg College  211004 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Macandrewganj  230001 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Machhlishahar  222143 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Machhra  250106 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Machrehta  261405 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Madan Mohan Engg College  273010 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Madanpur  274205 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Madanpura  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Madar  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Madaripur  285130 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Madarsa Sadar  245101 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Madhi Nath Road  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Madhoganj  241302 Hardoi Madhoganj Uttar .Pradesh
Madhoganj  205141 Mainpuri Madhoganj Uttar .Pradesh
Madhoganj  230403 Pratapgarh Madhoganj Uttar .Pradesh
Madhogarh  285126 Jalaun Madhogarh Uttar .Pradesh
Madhuban  221603 Chitrakoot Chitrakoot Uttar .Pradesh
Madhubeni  277215 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Maghar  272173 Basti Maghar Uttar .Pradesh
Mahaban  281305 Mathura Mahaban Uttar .Pradesh
Mahabirganj  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Mahamandal  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Mahanagar  226006 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Maharaiganj  273303 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Maharaj Ganj  221314 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Maharajganj  276137 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Maharajganj  222145 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Maharajganj  229128 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Maharajnagar  262701 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Maharanj  222303 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Maharishi Nagar  201304 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Maharoni  284405 Lalitpur Lalitpur Uttar .Pradesh
Mahavidyalaya  249405 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Maheshganj  229415 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Mahewa  285211 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Mahewganj  261506 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Mahgaon  212213 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Mahila  211001 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Mahmmorganj  221010 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Mahmoodabad  261203 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Mahmoodpur  228141 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Mahoba  210427 Mahoba Mahoba Uttar .Pradesh
Maholi  261141 Sitapur Maholi Uttar .Pradesh
Mahsi  271824 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Mahson  272124 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Mahul  223225 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Mahuli  272172 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Mahuwaria  231001 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Maigalganj  261505 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Mailani  262803 Kheri Mailani Uttar .Pradesh
Mainpur  233235 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Mainpuri  205001 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Mainpuri City  205001 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Mainpuri Gate  283203 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Majarganj  229128 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Majhauli Raj  274506 Deoria Majhauli Raj Uttar .Pradesh
Majhauwa  277403 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Majhawan  209207 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Majhgawan  243304 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Majhgawan  210428 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Majhola  262302 Pilibhit Pilibhit Uttar .Pradesh
Majhole  202416 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Majruddinpur  224207 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Makhanpur  205145 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Makrahi  224224 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Makrandnagar  209726 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Malaka  211001 Kaushambi Kaushambi Uttar .Pradesh
Malaknagar  201005 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Malhausi  206130 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Malihabad  227111 Lucknow Malihabad Uttar .Pradesh
Malikma  229130 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Malinpura  233310 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Malipur  224159 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Mall  227115 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Mallanwa  230133 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Mallawan  241303 Hardoi Mallawan Uttar .Pradesh
Mallawan  229416 Pratapgarh Mallawan Uttar .Pradesh
Malookpur  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Malviya Nagar  221005 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Malviyanagar  202282 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Malwa  212664 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Manaknagar  226011 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Manauri  212208 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Manauri Air Force  212212 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Mandaudih  221103 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Mandawar  246721 Bijnore Mandawar Uttar .Pradesh
Mandha  233236 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Mandhata  230402 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Mandi  283101 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Mandi  204101 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Mandi  246761 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Mandi  250601 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Mandir  273003 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Mandir  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Mandir Mahewa  206128 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Mangalore Town  247656 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Mangarh  229417 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Mango Road  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Mangrahia Bazar  261001 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Mani Kalan  222113 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Manihar  233309 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Manik Chowk  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Manikpur  210208 Banda Manikpur Uttar .Pradesh
Manikpur  229407 Pratapgarh Manikpur Uttar .Pradesh
Manjhama  207504 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Manjhampur  212207 Kaushambi Kaushambi Uttar .Pradesh
Mankapur Bazar  271302 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Manlar  277207 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Manpur  261145 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Mansoornagar  226003 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Mansurpur  251203 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Mant  281202 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Maraura  284404 Lalitpur Lalitpur Uttar .Pradesh
Mardah  233226 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Marehra  207401 Etwah Marehra Uttar .Pradesh
Margava  285243 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Mariahu  222161 Jaunpur Mariahu Uttar .Pradesh
Marihana  231310 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Markeenganj  233001 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Markundi  231209 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Marwariganj  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Maryadpur  221602 Chitrakoot Chitrakoot Uttar .Pradesh
Masauli  225204 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Masjid Domni  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Maskanwa R S  271305 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Mata Kund  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Matera  271882 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Mathia Devi  209625 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Mathra Cantt  281002 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Mathura  204101 Aligarh Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Mathura  261204 Balrampur Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Mathura  281001 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Mathura  281002 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Mathura  281005 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Mathura  281006 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Mathura Bazar  271861 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Mathura Chowk  281001 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Mathura Jn R S  281002 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Mau Nath  275101 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Mau R S  275101 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Mau Town  275101 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Mau-Aima  212501 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Mauchibu  210209 Banda Banda Uttar .Pradesh
Mauhar  212665 Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar .Pradesh
Maulekhal  244711 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Maulviganj  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Mauranipur  284204 Jhansi Mauranipur Uttar .Pradesh
Maurawan  209821 Unnao Maurawan Uttar .Pradesh
Mauzam Pur  242314 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Mauzampur  242307 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Mawal  225406 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Mawana  250401 Meerut Mawana Uttar .Pradesh
Mawana Factory  250402 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Mawana Mandi  250401 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Maya  224161 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Medical Coll Meerut  250102 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Medical College  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Medical Coollege  226003 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Medrak  202151 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Meerut 255006 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Meerut  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Meerut  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Meerut 4  250004 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Meerut City  250002 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Meerut Kty  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Meerut Road  201003 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Meerut Tehsil  250002 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Meerut University  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Meerut University  250005 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Meghchapar  247002 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Meharuagala  224167 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Mehatajpur  276203 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Mehdawal  272171 Sant Kabir Nagar Mehdawal Uttar .Pradesh
Mehnagar  276204 Azamgarh Mehnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Meja  212302 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Meja Road  212303 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Mejar Ganj  229128 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Melainagar  247673 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Meru  204105 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Mestonganj  244901 Rampur Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
Mihinpurwa  271855 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Mijhaura  224152 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Milak  243701 Rampur Milak Uttar .Pradesh
Military Hospital  226002 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Milkipur  224164 Chandauli Chandauli Uttar .Pradesh
Milkipur  242308 Chandauli Chandauli Uttar .Pradesh
Mirad Pur  242415 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Miranpur Katra  242301 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Mirechi  207125 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Mirganj  243504 Bareilly Mirganj Uttar .Pradesh
Mirganj  222165 Jaunpur Mirganj Uttar .Pradesh
Mirmau  225407 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Mirnapur  251315 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Mirpur Cantt  208004 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Mirza Murad  221307 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Mirzapur  231001 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Mirzapur  242223 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Mirzapur Chowk  231002 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Mirzapur City  231002 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Misra  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Misra  226016 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Misrikh  261401 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Mission Hospital  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Mitauli  262727 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Mittoopur  224166 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Model Town  201009 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Modi Gram  229215 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Modinagar  201204 Ghaziabad Modinagar Uttar .Pradesh
Modipuram  250110 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Moghalsarai  232101 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Mohaddipur  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Mohammadabad  276403 Chandauli Mohammadabad Uttar .Pradesh
Mohammadabad  206451 Etwah Mohammadabad Uttar .Pradesh
Mohammadabad  233227 Ghazipur Mohammadabad Uttar .Pradesh
Mohammadi  262804 Kheri Mohammadi Uttar .Pradesh
Mohammadpur  276205 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Mohammadpur  271407 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Mohan  209851 Unnao Mohan Uttar .Pradesh
Mohan Lalganj  227305 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Mohan Nagar  201007 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Mohiuddin  223103 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Mohiuddinpur  201205 Ghaziabad Mohiuddinpur Uttar .Pradesh
Mondh  221406 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Moradabad  244001 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Moradabad  244001 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Moradabad  241502 Unnao Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Moradabad City  244001 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Moradabad R S  244001 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Morna  251316 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Moth  284303 Jhansi Moth Uttar .Pradesh
Moti Katra  282003 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Motiganj  271301 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Motijheel  208002 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Motinagar  224201 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Mubarakh Pur  233301 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Mubarakpur  276404 Azamgarh Mubarakpur Uttar .Pradesh
Muftiganj  222170 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Muir Mills  208001 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Mukhdoom Nagar  224221 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Mukundnagar  201009 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Mumukhashram  242226 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Muncipal Board  244901 Rampur Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
Munderwa  272178 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Mundha  244926 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Mungrabadshahpur  222202 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Municipal Board  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Municipal Board  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Munshipurwa  208011 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Munsiganj  229128 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Muradganj  206129 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Muradnagar  201206 Ghaziabad Muradnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Muradnagar Town  201206 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Murai-Ka-Bagh  229207 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Mursan  204213 Aligarh Mursan Uttar .Pradesh
Musafirkhana  227813 Sultanpur Musafirkhana Uttar .Pradesh
Musanagar  209208 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Muskira  210506 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Muslim University  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Mustafabad  229404 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Mustafabad  221115 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Muthiganj  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Muwsi Ganj  229405 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Muzafarabad  247129 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Muzaffar  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Muzaffarganj  231002 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Muzaffarnagar  251001 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Muzaffarnagar  251001 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Muzaffarnagar City  251002 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
N S I Kanpur  208017 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
N S Sugar Mills  233311 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
N V Colony  282005 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Na P P  202389 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Nabiganj  205266 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Nadan Mahal Road  226004 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Nadeli  243201 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Nadesar  221002 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Nadigaon  285206 Jalaun Nadigaon Uttar .Pradesh
Nadirli Co  250002 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Nadwa  226007 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Nagal  246732 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Nagal  247551 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Nagar  277127 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Nagar Bazar  272302 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Nagar Lucknow  226016 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Nagina  246762 Bijnore Nagina Uttar .Pradesh
Nagina Bazar  246762 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Nagra  221711 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Nagram  227308 Lucknow Nagram Uttar .Pradesh
Nahil  242409 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Nahwal  212304 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Nai Basti  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Nai Basti  262701 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Nai Basti  244001 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Nai Basti  261001 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Nai Bazar  274001 Deoria Nai Bazar Uttar .Pradesh
Nai Bazar  221409 Varanasi Nai Bazar Uttar .Pradesh
Nai Mandi  250611 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Nai-Ki-Nandi  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Naini Industrial  211008 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Najibabad  246763 Bijnore Najibabad Uttar .Pradesh
Najibabad R S  246763 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Najmandi  204215 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Nakatia Nala  243123 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Nakur  247342 Saharanpur Nakur Uttar .Pradesh
Nalvia Kunj  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Namner  282001 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Nanauta  247452 Saharanpur Nanauta Uttar .Pradesh
Nandganj  233302 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Nanpara  271865 Bahraich Nanpara Uttar .Pradesh
Nanpara Bazar  271801 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Napler Road  208004 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Naraini  210129 Banda Naraini Uttar .Pradesh
Narainpur  231305 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Narauli  202414 Moradabad Narauli Uttar .Pradesh
Narayanpur  277213 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Narhat  284406 Lalitpur Lalitpur Uttar .Pradesh
Narhi  277502 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Narora  202389 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Narora  202397 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Narwal  209401 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Nasirabad  229307 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
National Herald  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Nau Pawa  222109 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Naubasta  208021 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Naubasta  226003 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Naugarh  272203 Siddharthnagar Siddharthnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Naujhil  281203 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Nauli  232338 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Naurahya  222128 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Naurangabad  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Nautanwa Bazar  273164 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Navanagar  221717 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Navin Market  208001 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Navin Nagar  208025 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Nawabganj  262406 Bareilly Nawabganj Uttar .Pradesh
Nawabganj  207501 Farukhabad Nawabganj Uttar .Pradesh
Nawabganj  271303 Gonda Nawabganj Uttar .Pradesh
Nawabganj  208002 Kanpur Nawabganj Uttar .Pradesh
Nawabganj  209859 Unnao Nawabganj Uttar .Pradesh
Nawabganj Sugar Factory  271304 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Nawabpura  244001 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Nawtha Hans  242416 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Naya Chowk  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Naya Gaon  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Nayaganj  204101 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Nayaganj  208001 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Nd Bn  226014 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Nehru Road  209625 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Nehru Road  250611 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Nehrunagar  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Nehur Market  247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Neil Lines  226002 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Nekpur  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Nelsar  271401 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Neoli  207402 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Neorila  262305 Pilibhit Pilibhit Uttar .Pradesh
New Bairhana  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
New Civil Lines  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
New Civil Lines  208002 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
New Colony  202144 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
New Colony  226006 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
New Ganeshganj  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
New Hyderabad  226007 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
New Labour Colony  226004 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
New Mandi  251001 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
New P A C Lines  208015 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
New Railway Model Colony  243124 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Nhagwatiganj  271201 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Niazia  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Nichlaul  273304 Mahrajganj Nichlaul Uttar .Pradesh
Nidhauli  207122 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Nighasin  262903 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Nigohan  227309 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Nigohi  242407 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Nigohi  242407 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Nihasta  229208 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Nihtaur  246733 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Nimkarori  205302 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Nimsar  261402 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Niralanagar  226007 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Nishatganj  226007 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Niyamatabad  232117 Chandauli Chandauli Uttar .Pradesh
Nizamabad  276206 Azamgarh Nizamabad Uttar .Pradesh
Noida Complex  201301 Gautam Buddha Nagar Gautam Buddha Nagar Uttar .Pradesh
Nonahara  233303 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Nornhas Exchange  208004 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Nowgaon  244251 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Nowgarh  232111 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Nurpur  246734 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Obra  231219 Mirzapur Obra Uttar .Pradesh
Obra Thermal  231219 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Oel  262725 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Oil Mills Industrial Esta  208012 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Old City  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Orai  285001 Jalaun Orai Uttar .Pradesh
Orai Kutcher  285001 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Orai R S  285001 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Orai Town  285001 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Orchha Gate  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Oriyadeeh  230134 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Ozh  221308 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
P A C  244001 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
P A C  221108 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
P A C Ramnagar  221008 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Pac  261001 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Pac Lucknow  226014 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Pacchim  222303 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Pachhim  212214 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Pachpera  244001 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Pachperwa  271206 Gonda Pachperwa Uttar .Pradesh
Padrauna  274304 Balrampur Padrauna Uttar .Pradesh
Pahari  210206 Banda Banda Uttar .Pradesh
Paharpur  230140 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Pahasu  202396 Bulandshahr Pahasu Uttar .Pradesh
Pahewa  233312 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Pahitipur  224168 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Pahu  229209 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Paikauli Bazar  224216 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Paikulia  272181 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Pailani  210126 Banda Banda Uttar .Pradesh
Paina  274604 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Paina Bujrag  242101 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Pakbara  244102 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Pali  241123 Hardoi Pali Uttar .Pradesh
Pali Razapur  202150 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Pallia  262902 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Paltan Bazar  230001 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Pandan  277307 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Pandaribad  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Pande Bazar  272002 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Panki Power House  208020 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Panninagar  203145 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Panwari  210429 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Paper Mill  247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Parachute  282001 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Parasadipur  229129 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Paraspur  271310 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Parasrampur  272120 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Parham  205130 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Pariar  205142 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Parikshitigarh  250406 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Pariyawan  229419 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Parsipur  221402 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Partappur  274703 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Partawal Bazar  273301 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Pasara  222172 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Paska  271318 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Patelpuri  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Pathak  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Patherdewa  274404 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Pathshala  211001 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Patiali  207243 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Patiali Saraj  243601 Badaun Badaun Uttar .Pradesh
Patna  271834 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Patranga R S  225401 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Patti  230135 Pratapgarh Patti Uttar .Pradesh
Patti Narendra  223102 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Pawayan  242401 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Payagpur  271871 Shrawasti Shrawasti Uttar .Pradesh
Peernagar  233001 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Peppeganj  273165 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Phaphamau  211013 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Phaphaund  206247 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Phariha  205147 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Pharmacy  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Phephna  277503 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Phuli  232340 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Phullati Bazar  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Phulpur  212402 Allahabad Phulpur Uttar .Pradesh
Phulpur  276304 Azamgarh Phulpur Uttar .Pradesh
Phulpur  221205 Varanasi Phulpur Uttar .Pradesh
Phulpur Town  276304 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Piariya  285232 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Pihani  241406 Hardoi Pihani Uttar .Pradesh
Pilibhit  262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit Uttar .Pradesh
Pilibhit  262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit Uttar .Pradesh
Pilibhit Chowk  262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit Uttar .Pradesh
Pilibhit City  262001 Pilibhit Pilibhit Uttar .Pradesh
Pilkhana  202120 Aligarh Pilkhana Uttar .Pradesh
Pilkhuwa  245304 Ghaziabad Pilkhuwa Uttar .Pradesh
Pilkhuwa New Market  245304 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Pilkichha  223107 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Pinahat  283123 Agra Pinahat Uttar .Pradesh
Pindara  227815 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Pindari  285222 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Pindi  274508 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Pindra  221206 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Pipalsana R S  244402 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Pipraula  242230 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Pisawah  202155 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Pisawan  261151 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Pisnaharia  221002 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Piuraich  273152 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Police Training Centre  244001 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Polytechnic  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Pora  204205 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Prasadpur  242417 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Pratap Press  208001 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Pratapgarh  230001 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Pratapgarh City  230002 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh City Uttar .Pradesh
Prayag  211001 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Prayag  211002 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Prayag Street  211002 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Premnagar  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Prempuri  250002 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Prempuri  251001 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Printhiganj  230303 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Public Service Commission  211001 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Pukhrayan  209111 Kanpur Pukhrayan Uttar .Pradesh
Pukhta Sarai  222001 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Punjab  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Pura  224171 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Puranganj  244901 Rampur Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
Purani Basti  272002 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Puranpur  262122 Pilibhit Puranpur Uttar .Pradesh
Purdilpur  204214 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Pure Shiv Dayal  271319 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Purkazi  251317 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Purpandey  229215 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Purshotamnagar  211001 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Purwa  209825 Unnao Purwa Uttar .Pradesh
Pushpnagar  222226 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Putlighar  231002 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Qadrabad  246751 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Qandhari Bazar  224001 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Qanoongopura Station Rd  271801 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Qutub Sher  247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
R A Bazar  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
R B Katra  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
R G Cotton Mills  226005 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
R N Area  244001 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
R P Lines  226007 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
R R Firozabad  283203 Firozabad  Firozabad  Uttar .Pradesh
R S  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
R S Press  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
R T S Sitapur  261001 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Radauh Station Road  225411 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Radhakund  281504 Mathura Radhakund Uttar .Pradesh
Rae Bareli  229001 Raibareilly Rae Bareli Uttar .Pradesh
Rae Bareli  229001 Raibareilly Rae Bareli Uttar .Pradesh
Rae Bareli Bus Stand  229001 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Rafiabad Kalan  242227 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Ragaul  210507 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Rahimbad  227116 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Rahta  244255 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Rai  227806 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Railganj  208024 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Railway Colony  273012 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Railway Colony  232101 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Railway Road  207502 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Railway Road  250002 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Raise  247671 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Raitapur  242418 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Raithur  285133 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Raja Bazar  226003 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Raja Dheraj Bazar  281001 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Raja Mandi  282002 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Raja Saheb  261205 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Raja Talab  221311 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Rajabazar  273415 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Rajahi Camp  273011 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Raja-Ka-Rampur  207244 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Raja-Ka-Sahaspur  202415 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Raja-Ka-Tejpur  246735 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Rajaki Bazaria  205001 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Rajapur  282002 Agra Rajapur Uttar .Pradesh
Rajapur  211002 Allahabad Rajapur Uttar .Pradesh
Rajapur  210205 Banda Rajapur Uttar .Pradesh
Rajeshultanpur  224175 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Rajgarh  262701 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Rajghat  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Rajjabpur  244236 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Rajpur  277218 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Rajpur  209115 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Rajpur  231215 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Rajpura  202527 Badaun Badaun Uttar .Pradesh
Rakabaganj  282001 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Ram Dayalganj  222105 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Ram Krishna Nagar  208012 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Ram Lila Ground  250002 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Ram Sagar  226016 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Ramapura  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Ramatpur  242231 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Rambagar  225205 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Rambagar  244715 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Rambagh  208012 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Ramganj  228159 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Ramgarh  231213 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Ramgarh  232107 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Ramghat Road  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Ramkola  274305 Deoria Ramkola Uttar .Pradesh
Ramkot  224123 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Ramlila Ground  250004 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Ramlila Road  206003 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Ramnagar  243303 Bareilly Ramnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Ramnagar  224181 Faizabad Ramnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Ramnagar  201009 Ghaziabad Ramnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Ramnagar  250002 Meerut Ramnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Ramnagar  247667 Saharanpur Ramnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Ramnagar  221008 Varanasi Ramnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Ramnagar With Marwa  222103 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Rampu  247451 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Rampur  274405 Deoria Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
Rampur  233223 Ghazipur Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
Rampur  222203 Jaunpur Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
Rampur  244901 Rampur Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
Rampur  244901 Rampur Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
Rampur  261204 Sitapur Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
Rampur Bhagan  224203 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Rampur Chowk  244901 Rampur Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
Rampur City  244901 Rampur Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
Rampur Sectt  244901 Rampur Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
Rampura  285127 Jalaun Rampura Uttar .Pradesh
Rampurwa  271826 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Ramsanehi Ghat  225409 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Rani Bazar  247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Raniganj  230304 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Raniganj  227816 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Raniganj Bazar  277208 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Raniki Sarai  276207 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Ranipur  211002 Allahabad Ranipur Uttar .Pradesh
Ranipur  284205 Jhansi Ranipur Uttar .Pradesh
Rasalganj  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Rasmandal  222001 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Rasoolabad  241503 Unnao Unnao Uttar .Pradesh
Rasra  221712 Ballia Rasra Uttar .Pradesh
Rasta Town  221712 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Rasulabad  224172 Faizabad Rasulabad Uttar .Pradesh
Rasulabad  209306 Kanpur Rasulabad Uttar .Pradesh
Rasulpur  250502 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Ratanpura  221706 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Ratapur Chauraha  229216 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Rath Kot Bazar  210431 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Ratsar  277123 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Raunahi  224182 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Raunapur  276122 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Rawatpara  282003 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Rawatpur  208019 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Raya  281204 Mathura Raya Uttar .Pradesh
Record Cmp  224001 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Refinary  281005 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Refinary Nagar  281006 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Regiment Centre  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Regimental Centre  282001 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Rehta Bazar  271306 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Renukot  231217 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Renusara  231218 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Reosa  261205 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Reoti  277209 Ballia Reoti Uttar .Pradesh
Reotipur  232328 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Rishikesh Vidyapith  249409 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Risia  271875 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Roberts Ganj  231216 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Roberts Line  281002 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Rohana Mills  251202 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Rookee Cantt  247667 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Rookee City  247667 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Roorkee  247667 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Roorkee University  247672 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Rosa  242406 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Rosa R S  242306 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Rudar Nagar  272151 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Rudian  202524 Badaun Badaun Uttar .Pradesh
Rudrapur  274204 Deoria Rudrapur Uttar .Pradesh
Rudrapur  242315 Shahjahanpur Rudrapur Uttar .Pradesh
Rupradih  271127 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Rura  209303 Kanpur Rura Uttar .Pradesh
Ruruganj  206249 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
S I Area  226004 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
S N College  209801 Unnao Unnao Uttar .Pradesh
S R G Degree College Dobh  222149 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Saadat Nagar  241407 Hardoi Hardoi Uttar .Pradesh
Saadatganj  225206 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Saadatganj  226003 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Sabum Godam  250002 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Sadabad  281306 Hathras Sadabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sadalpura  232120 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Sadar Bazar  282001 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Sadar Bazar  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Sadar Bazar  224001 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sadar Bazar  209206 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sadar Bazar  281002 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Sadar Bazar  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Sadar Bazar Station Road  230001 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Sadar Bhatti  282003 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Sadar Nagar  273202 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sadat  275204 Ghazipur Sadat Uttar .Pradesh
Sadiabad  275205 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Sadiabad  275205 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Sadullanagar  271307 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Safdarganj  225412 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Safipur  241504 Unnao Safipur Uttar .Pradesh
Sagarpali  277506 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Sagra  230136 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Sagri  276138 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Sahab Ganj  232118 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Sahamatganj  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Sahanpur  246749 Bijnore Sahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sahar  206248 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Saharanpur  247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Saharanpur  247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Saharanpur City  247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sahaspur  246745 Bijnore Sahaspur Uttar .Pradesh
Sahaswan  243638 Badaun Sahaswan Uttar .Pradesh
Sahatwar  277211 Ballia Sahatwar Uttar .Pradesh
Sahawar  207245 Etwah Sahawar Uttar .Pradesh
Sahbaj Nagar  242102 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sahebganj  224001 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sahebganj  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sahebganj  230137 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Sahid Gaon  232119 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Sahjanwa  272209 Basti Sahjanwa Uttar .Pradesh
Sahpau  281307 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Sahson  221507 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sahupuri  221009 Chandauli Chandauli Uttar .Pradesh
Saidabad  221508 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Saidpur  202525 Badaun Saidpur Uttar .Pradesh
Saidpur  245411 Bulandshahr Saidpur Uttar .Pradesh
Saifabad  230138 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Sainyar  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Saiyan  283124 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Sajiwan  207001 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Sakaldiha  232108 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Sakaldiha Bazar  232109 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Saket  207121 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Saket  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Sakhaoti Tanda  250223 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Sakhari Nagar  203150 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Sakkardaha  229403 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Saktinagar  231222 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Salempur  274509 Deoria Salempur Uttar .Pradesh
Salon  229127 Raibareilly Salon Uttar .Pradesh
Saltawa  272190 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Samachar  209725 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sambhal  244302 Moradabad Sambhal Uttar .Pradesh
Sammelan  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sampurnanagar  262904 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Samthar  284304 Jhansi Samthar Uttar .Pradesh
Sanauli  271407 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Sancharka  281001 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Sandi  241403 Hardoi Sandi Uttar .Pradesh
Sandila  241204 Hardoi Sandila Uttar .Pradesh
Sangipur  230139 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Sangramgarh  230141 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Sanjarpur  223227 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Sankat Mochan  281001 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Sankata Devi  262701 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Sansarpur  230305 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Sanskrit University  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Sant Ravidas Marg  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sanwarh  221721 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Sapar Bazar  247001 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sarafa Bazar  250002 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Sarai  245409 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Sarai  223103 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sarai Aghat  205301 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sarai Akil  212216 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sarai Harkhoo  222141 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sarai Khirni  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Sarai Khwaja  222112 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sarai Kutub  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Sarai Mali Khan  226003 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Sarai Mawrez  212403 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sarai Mir  276305 Azamgarh Sarai Mir Uttar .Pradesh
Sarai Miran  209727 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sarai Tarin  244303 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Saraj  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Saralyan  261205 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Sardaha  276139 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Sardhana Chowk  250342 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Sarent  229212 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Sarfaraz  226004 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Sarila State  210432 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sarira  212214 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sarnath  221007 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Sarni Gate  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Sarojini Nagar  226008 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Sarpata Bara  223106 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sarsa  212305 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sarsaul  209402 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sarsawa  247232 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sarurpur  250344 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Sarurpur Kalan  250619 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Sarvodainagar Lucknow 15  226015 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Sarvoday Nagar  208005 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sarwa Sewa Sangh  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Sarwan Khera  209121 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sasni  204216 Hathras Sasni Uttar .Pradesh
Sathini  202146 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Satoh  285224 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar .Pradesh
Satramganj  232333 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Satrikh  225122 Barabanki Satrikh Uttar .Pradesh
Satyanagar  229001 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Satyawadi  206001 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Saurikh  209728 Farukhabad Saurikh Uttar .Pradesh
Sayedpur  233304 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Sayedpur Bazar  233304 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Sayedraja  232110 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Schendi  209304 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Secretariat  211001 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Secretariat  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Sector 5  242312 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Semrauta  229126 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Semri  229211 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Semri Jamalpur  275307 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Senthal  262407 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Seohara  246746 Bijnore Seohara Uttar .Pradesh
Seohara R S  246746 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Seorahi  274406 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Seramau South  242413 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Seventh Bn  261001 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Sewaith  212503 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sewapuri  221403 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Sewara  262907 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Shahabad  241124 Hardoi Shahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Shahabad  244922 Rampur Shahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Shahazadpur  212215 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Shahdana Colony  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Shahgah  227411 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Shahganj  282002 Agra Shahganj Uttar .Pradesh
Shahganj  224184 Faizabad Shahganj Uttar .Pradesh
Shahganj  223101 Jaunpur Shahganj Uttar .Pradesh
Shahganj S Mill  223101 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Shahgon  229311 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Shahi  243505 Bareilly Shahi Uttar .Pradesh
Shahi Chabutra  244221 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Shahjahanpur  242001 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Shahjahanpur  242001 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Shahjahanpur Chowk  242001 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Shahjahanpur City  242001 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Shahjahanpur R S  242001 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Shahpur  251318 Muzaffarnagar Shahpur Uttar .Pradesh
Shahpur Khitab  242309 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Shahzadpur  224122 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Shaminagar  247667 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Shamli  247776 Muzaffarnagar Shamli Uttar .Pradesh
Shamli Mandi  247776 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Shamli Road  247776 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Shamli S Mill  247776 Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar .Pradesh
Shamshabad  283125 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Shamshabad  207503 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Shankargarh  212108 Allahabad Shankargarh Uttar .Pradesh
Shardanagar  262726 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Shardhana  250342 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Shargarh  243509 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Sheetla  226106 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Sheipatnagar  272206 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Sheogarh  229308 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Sheoli  209204 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sheopra  271207 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Sheopur  221003 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Sheorajpur  209205 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sheoratanganj  227802 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Shergarh  281404 Jyotiba Phule Nagar Shergarh Uttar .Pradesh
Sherkot  246747 Bijnore Sherkot Uttar .Pradesh
Shewans  208010 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Shia Lines  226002 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Shibli Academy  276001 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Shikarpur  202395 Bulandshahr Shikarpur Uttar .Pradesh
Shikohabad  205135 Mainpuri Shikohabad Uttar .Pradesh
Shikohabad R S  205141 Firozabad Firozabad Uttar .Pradesh
Shikshak  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Shiraz  282001 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Shitlaganj  230142 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Shivaji Marg  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Shivaji Marg  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Shivala  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Shivpal  224218 Ambedkar Nagar Ambedkar Nagar Uttar .Pradesh
Shivpur  271880 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Shivpury  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Shoe Market  282003 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Shohawal R S  224188 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Shopur  273412 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Shukul-Ka-Bazar  227811 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Shyamganj  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Sidhari  276001 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Sidhaul  261303 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Sidhaur  225413 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Sidhi Sagar  284403 Lalitpur Lalitpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sighaura  221208 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Sigra  221002 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Sikanderpur  277303 Ballia Sikanderpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sikanderpur  224186 Faizabad Sikanderpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sikanderpur  209729 Farukhabad Sikanderpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sikandra  212109 Allahabad Sikandra Uttar .Pradesh
Sikandrabad  203205 Bulandshahr Sikandrabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sikandrabad  262805 Kheri Sikandrabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sikandrarao  204215 Hathras Hathras Uttar .Pradesh
Sikh Regiment Centre  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Sikhar  231306 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar .Pradesh
Sikrara  221131 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar .Pradesh
Silhuya  242421 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Simbhaoli  245207 Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sindhauli  242103 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Singhai  262905 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Singhnapar  261136 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Singhramau  222175 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sipri Bazar  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Sipri Bazar  284003 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Sirathu  212217 Kaushambi Sirathu Uttar .Pradesh
Sirhpura  207246 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Sirsaganj  205151 Mainpuri Sirsaganj Uttar .Pradesh
Sirsi  244301 Moradabad Sirsi Uttar .Pradesh
Sisamau  208012 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sisauli  251319 Muzaffarnagar Sisauli Uttar .Pradesh
Siswabazar  273153 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sitapur  261001 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Sitapur  261001 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Sitapur City  261001 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Sitapur Old Town  261001 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Siyana  245412 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Snh Road  283203 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Sobatia Bagh  211006 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Soetha Kalan  223105 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sohaon  277504 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Sohratgarh  272205 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Somaiyanagar  225123 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Somna  202143 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Sonai  281206 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Sonkh  281123 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Sonwa  271822 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Sonwani  277212 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Soot Bazar  284204 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Soran  207403 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Soraon  212502 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sotha  243601 Badaun Badaun Uttar .Pradesh
Srawasti  271213 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Srdhana Road  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Sri Banke Behariji  281121 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Sri Datta Ganj  271607 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Srinagar  271603 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Srinagar  210433 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Station Rd  244231 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Station Road  244001 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Structuralaini  210101 Banda Banda Uttar .Pradesh
Suar  244924 Rampur Suar Uttar .Pradesh
Subedarganj  211001 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Subeha  227302 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Subhas Market  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Subhash Road  203131 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Subhashganj  284001 Jhansi Jhansi Uttar .Pradesh
Subhashnagar  211002 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Subhashnagar  243001 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Suddar R S  274001 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Sugar Mill  244714 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sugar Mills  246761 Bijnore Bijnore Uttar .Pradesh
Suhksa  230306 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Sujauli  271832 Bahraich Bahraich Uttar .Pradesh
Sukh  281001 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Sukhpura  277304 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Sukrauli  274207 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Sulemsaraj  211001 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Sultanganj  205267 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Sultanpur  262125 Pilibhit Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sultanpur  228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sultanpur  228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sultanpur City  228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sultanpur Civil Lines  228001 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sultanpura  282001 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Sumer Pur  210502 Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sumersagar  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sunara Bujurg  242410 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Sunderbagh  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Suraj Kund  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Surajpur  275306 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Suratganj  225304 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Suri  228141 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Surir  281205 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Suriyawan  221404 Varanasi Suriyawan Uttar .Pradesh
Swadeshi  208003 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Swami Narain  271320 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Swaroopnagar  208002 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
T D College  222001 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
T M Icha  243127 Bareilly Bareilly Uttar .Pradesh
T R M M  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Tagore Town  211002 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Tajganj  282001 Agra Agra Uttar .Pradesh
Tajpur Dehma  233228 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Tajpur Manjha  232341 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Takmil-Ul-Tib  226003 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Talbehat  234126 Ghazipur Talbehat Uttar .Pradesh
Talgaon  261207 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Talgram  209731 Farukhabad Talgram Uttar .Pradesh
Tambaur  261208 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar .Pradesh
Tamkohi  274407 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Tanda  224190 Ambedkar Nagar Tanda Uttar .Pradesh
Tanda  244925 Rampur Tanda Uttar .Pradesh
Tanda Kalan  221115 Chandauli Chandauli Uttar .Pradesh
Tannery  208010 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Tapo Bhumi  281003 Mathura Mathura Uttar .Pradesh
Tappal  202165 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar .Pradesh
Tarabganj  271403 Gonda Gonda Uttar .Pradesh
Taraiya Sujan  274409 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Tarighat  232332 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Tarkulwa  274408 Deoria Deoria Uttar .Pradesh
Tarwa  276123 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Tawakalpur Nagar  228161 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Tehri Rani  272207 Basti Basti Uttar .Pradesh
Tehsil  203001 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Tehsil Fatehpur  225305 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Tehsil Rampur  244901 Rampur Rampur Uttar .Pradesh
Teleagargh  224141 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Terhi  276141 Mahrajganj Mahrajganj Uttar .Pradesh
Tetri Bazar  272207 Basti Tetri Bazar Uttar .Pradesh
Thakdewri  221719 Ballia Ballia Uttar .Pradesh
Thakurdwara  244601 Moradabad Thakurdwara Uttar .Pradesh
Thakurganj  226003 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Thana Bhawan  247777 Muzaffarnagar Thana Bhawan Uttar .Pradesh
Thapar Nagar  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Thathia  209734 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar .Pradesh
Thekma  276303 Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar .Pradesh
Thiry Second Bn  226014 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Thora  203155 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Thuthibari  273305 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar .Pradesh
Tiarg  232342 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar .Pradesh
Tikaitnagar  225415 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar .Pradesh
Tikari  250625 Meerut Meerut Uttar .Pradesh
Tikonia  262906 Kheri Kheri Uttar .Pradesh
Tilhapur  212218 Kaushambi Kaushambi Uttar .Pradesh
Tilhar  242307 Shahjahanpur Tilhar Uttar .Pradesh
Tiloi  229309 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Tiloknagar  206122 Etwah Etwah Uttar .Pradesh
Tindauli  205119 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Tindwari  210128 Banda Tindwari Uttar .Pradesh
Tirathraj  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar .Pradesh
Tirron  247343 Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Tirwa  209732 Kannauj Kannauj Uttar .Pradesh
Tkari  224195 Faizabad Faizabad Uttar .Pradesh
Topkhana Bazar  226002 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Town Hall  205262 Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar .Pradesh
Town Hall  244001 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar .Pradesh
Town Hall  229001 Raibareilly Raibareilly Uttar .Pradesh
Township  202389 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar .Pradesh
Transportnagar  208023 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar .Pradesh
Trilochan  222102 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar .Pradesh
Trivediganj  227131 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar .Pradesh
Triveni  210101 Banda Banda Uttar .Pradesh
Tulsipur  271208 Gonda Tulsipur Uttar .Pradesh
Tundla  283204 Firozabad  Tundla Uttar Pradesh
Turkmanpur  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh
Turra  231221 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh
U I C Mills  226006 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
U P Govt Camp Post Office  227132 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
Udairajganj  272204 Basti Basti Uttar Pradesh
Udi  206131 Etwah Etwah Uttar Pradesh
Udyognagar  282007 Agra Agra Uttar Pradesh
Udyognagar  208022 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar Pradesh
Ujhani  243639 Badaun Ujhani Uttar Pradesh
Ujhari  244242 Moradabad Ujhari Uttar Pradesh
Umarda  209738 Farukhabad Farukhabad Uttar Pradesh
Umarpur  222001 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh
Umrapur  271405 Gonda Gonda Uttar Pradesh
Umri  285129 Jalaun Umri Uttar Pradesh
Un  247778 Muzaffarnagar Un Uttar Pradesh
Unchagaon  202398 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh
University  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh
Unnao  209801 Unnao Unnao Uttar Pradesh
Unwal  273406 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh
Upperkot  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar Pradesh
Urdu Bazar  273001 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh
Urwa Bazar  273407 Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh
Usargoan  285233 Jalaun Jalaun Uttar Pradesh
Usawan  243621 Badaun Usawan Uttar Pradesh
Usehat  243641 Badaun Usehat Uttar Pradesh
Uska Bazar  272208 Basti Basti Uttar Pradesh
Usmanpur  225120 Barabanki Barabanki Uttar Pradesh
Utraula  271604 Balrampur Utraula Uttar Pradesh
Utraula Road  271001 Gonda Gonda Uttar Pradesh
Varanasi  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
Varanasi  221002 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
Varanasi  221003 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
Varanasi Cantt  221002 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
Varanasi City  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
Varanasi Hindu Universiy  221005 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
Veterinary College  281002 Mathura Mathura Uttar Pradesh
Victoria Ganj  226004 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
Victoria Park  250001 Meerut Meerut Uttar Pradesh
Vidya Bhawan  277213 Ballia Ballia Uttar Pradesh
Vidyapith  211001 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar Pradesh
Vidyapith  221002 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
Vijai Laxminagar  261001 Sitapur Sitapur Uttar Pradesh
Vijainagar  208005 Kanpur Kanpur Uttar Pradesh
Vishnupuri  202001 Aligarh Aligarh Uttar Pradesh
Vishwanath  221001 Varanasi Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
Vishwanathganj  230404 Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar Pradesh
Vivekanand Marg  211003 Allahabad Allahabad Uttar Pradesh
Vrindaban  281121 Mathura Mathura Uttar Pradesh
Walidpur  276405 Chitrakoot Chitrakoot Uttar Pradesh
Walipur  227812 Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar Pradesh
Walterganj  272182 Basti Basti Uttar Pradesh
Wazirganj  202526 Badaun Wazirganj Uttar Pradesh
Wazirganj  271124 Gonda Wazirganj Uttar Pradesh
Wazirganj  226001 Lucknow Wazirganj Uttar Pradesh
Wazirpura  282003 Agra Agra Uttar Pradesh
Welleslyganj  231001 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh
Workshop  282001 Agra Agra Uttar Pradesh
Workshop  226001 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
Wyndhamganj  232221 Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh
Xxiv B Pac  244001 Moradabad Moradabad Uttar Pradesh
Yahiaganj  226003 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
Yamuna Bridge  282006 Agra Agra Uttar Pradesh
Yamuna Kinara  282004 Agra Agra Uttar Pradesh
Yusufpur  233227 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar Pradesh
Zafrabad  222180 Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh
Zaidpur  225414 Barabanki Zaidpur Uttar Pradesh
Zamania  232329 Ghazipur Zamania Uttar Pradesh
Zamania R S  232331 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar Pradesh
Zangipur  233305 Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar Pradesh
Zarda  226003 Lucknow Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
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