Vivo Sponsorship: Twist and Turn of IPL and Vivo’s Sponsorship 2020

Vivo Sponsorship: Twist and Turn of IPL and Vivo’s Sponsorship 2020

It saddened the IPL fans when the news about IPL holding in the UAE was released. As another shock, the prime sponsor of the league, Vivo seems to have suffered the anti-China wave of the nation. The suspense remains on whether the title sponsorship of China’s mobile company Vivo will remain in the Indian Premier League this time. Media reports on Tuesday evening claimed that Vivo would leave the sponsorship itself without any apprehension.

ipl: vivo to continue as title sponsor | cricket news - times of india

After this, news agency IANS quoted BCCI sources that there was no change in the situation, even though BCCI was urged by a right-wing political outfit. This means Vivo’s title sponsorship will continue as per factual information. However, 10 minutes later, another news agency PTI said that Viva may withdraw for a year. A new contract may occur later. The clouds of uncertainty continue to prevail.

How did the controversy begin?

This time IPL will be held in UAE from 19 September to 10 November. Vivo is in dispute before the tournament starts. Many organizations, including the National Self-Service Association, are talking about boycotting the IPL. National co-convenor of Swadeshi Jagran Manch, associated with the Sangh, Ashwini Mahajan had said, “Ever since our 20 soldiers have been martyred in the Galvan Valley, there has been a protest against China and their companies across the country. In such a situation, the organizers of the IPL made the Chinese company a sponsor. It shows that his feelings are not right. If the agreement is not terminated soon, we will have no option but to buy the IPL. “

Claims of Media Reports- Board broke the contract

bcci responds to pcb allegations that new zealand, england cancelled tours because of india | sambad english

Media reports on Tuesday evening claimed that the BCCI had terminated the agreement with Vivo, while the 5-year contract was to end in 2022. Under this agreement, the board got Rs 440 crore every year. Now the BCCI has started looking for new title sponsors.

No change in the status of sponsorship

News agency IANS quoted sources as saying that there is no need to panic in the matter of sponsorship of Vivo. There is no change in the situation. If circumstances change, it will be considered accordingly.

Vivo can withdraw for a year, then a new contract for 3 years could be signed

News agency PTI quoted a respected authority of the board as saying that Vivo itself can leave sponsorship for a year. The company may take this decision due to deteriorating diplomatic relations between India and China. This can be like a one-year halt. If the relationship between the two countries improves, then the BCCI can make a three-year new contract from Vivo from 2021 to 2023.

“There have been talks between Vivo and BCCI officer (Board President Sourav Ganguly and Secretary Jai Shah),” said a senior BCCI officer. There is every chance that Vivo will withdraw from the title sponsorship for a year. “

The Governing Council had decided to continue with the agreement

ipl 2021 - vivo back as title sponsor

In the IPL Governing Council meeting held on Sunday, it was decided to continue the agreement with Vivo. The next day there was a meeting with all the franchises. According to media reports, most of the franchises were seen upset.

Chinese companies dominate the Indian market

after backlash, vivo exits ipl as the title sponsor - the august

The past three-four years have seen the dominance of Chinese smartphone companies Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Honor. Smartphones of these companies are very much liked by the users in the Indian market. The advertising industry is also dominated by Chinese brands Oppo, Xiaomi and Vivo. Oppo’s advertising budget is Rs 700 crore annually. Xiaomi has a budget of 200 crores rupees. Last year, Vivo spent 2,199 crores on IPL sponsors. Vivo earns a profit of around Rs 440 crore from BCCI. The Chinese TV brand has a budget of 127 crores in a season of IPL.

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