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WHO making the world more angry by statements like ‘this virus may never go away’. Is WHO worried for the public or trying to save their tail.

The healthcare system of the world is corrupt and is on the verge of breaking down. It’s time we all realize that we are on our own and there is no WHO in our lives that will provide us with the correct information. All they want is funding and all they do is make decisions on the basis of the people who give them the money.

The time has come, we all are doomed yet again. When the whole world is suffering through the pandemic, some people are making late claims about it not even realizing that the whole world is dependent upon them. WHO called as the world health organization, we doubt whether it really cares about the health or not. WHO disclosed the information about the pandemic when the world was in a high level of crisis. Lakhs of people had died, no action was taken. What is really happening in the WHO? Was Trump right when he stopped funding the WHO? Is it as corrupt as it seems to be? It seems as if the highest member of the family has been lying to the entire family the whole time. The WHO waited till January end to declare COVID-19 as a public health emergency of international concern. It was not declared a pandemic until the 11th of March. All this could have been stopped if the organization was not corrupt enough. It’s not just one country which is blaming WHO, it is the whole world! Why was China not handled in the right manner when the virus originated.

The WHO simply apologized and corrected their initial assessment. But the fact is that the virus has spread in the whole world now. Thousands of people are dying and simple apologies won’t get us anywhere. Organizations like these must be scraped off and the highest authorities in these filthy organizations should be put behind the bars and they should be charged with all the criminal offences in this world till the time they do not understand the pain the world is going through. Loved ones of people are dying, some are committing suicide because of a lack of jobs, some are sleeping without food and some are even resorting to killing their loved ones because of lack of money. All this is happening because of one organization which refuses to do its job properly.


History is repeating its self once again. The same happened during the Ebola crisis in West Africa. WHO took months to finally declare the emergency. They were too tired to defend the nations which funded them. WHO should be looking at international level diseases and not country-specific causes, China. The whole world funds you and not just one country. Till how long will WHO be scared of China? Is WHO just a dog who is leashed by one nation?

The funds which were paid to the WHO were supposed to keep people safe from the virus but the organization took the first couple of days discussing the ideas of universal healthcare reforms in the market. They were planning how to expand your operations. Why do you care about the money when people are dying? It is the people‘s money that you are using not your own. If a person looks at the minutes of the meeting which was conducted, WHO was prioritising on how to limit the incentive of the private sector to come up with treatment and vaccinations for the virus.

The biggest authority concerning the health of the people only cares about their own dam profit.

After the Ebola outbreak in 2014 when WHO apologized for the mistake they had done, private companies came in and developed the vaccine. Clearly the people who are working in WHO are not competent enough and intelligent enough to come up with something for coronavirus. WHO has yet again failed to respond in accurate time and to control the pandemic which has happened, the Moto of the organization for the protection of the people is never followed.

Slam WHO for killing everyone’s life! End number of diseases are developing in the world and WHO is not doing anything, why is it really there? Their existence does not do any good rather it is only doing bad. The WHO has always favored china. In mid-January it was supporting China throughout and on the 22nd of January it had to raise the highest level of alarm because all the other countries started putting pressure on it!

If there was a unity in the world and the world did not rely on WHO, we are sure something might have come up in a positive way. This level of widespread of the virus wouldn’t have been done. Now WHO comes up after six months and says that we need to live with the virus? Why is the WHO really functioning? This should have been given before and people should have been allowed to live their limited days!

Even when it came to the SARS virus, it originated from China through the wet market. The reluctance of local officials to pass this news about SARS in China and now to pass this news about the coronavirus tells us how the WHO functions.

We urge the people to look after themselves and protect themselves because the highest authority has failed everyone today. They are literally good for nothing!

Can the WHO still be reformed or must be reborn or should we just scrape it off?

Clearly the answer lies in everyone’s mind which will be found after the whole lockdown is over. The world is sitting inside their houses because one organisation fail to do their job. The entire world will go into recession just because of one failure!

A few days ago we published an article,  that we need learn to live with the virus. At that time WHO didn’t really comment on the situation. Today, WHO has given the official statement that we need to live with the virus. The question is that if we could indulge ourselves in research and come up with something like this a week ago, why couldn’t the world’s biggest health Organisation do it? It is being funded by millions and billions of dollars every year. The logic which is being used for declaring no vaccine for coronavirus is absolutely absurd and not extremely scientific. WHO shouldn’t have waited so long to declare something like this. If we have to live with the virus why are we staying at home? Why are there are restrictions on everyone? Let us live the days we have left on this planet and enjoy it.

Many poor nations depend upon the WHO for medical help and supplies. But clearly India is helping everyone with tHe HCQ tablets. The problem is that WHO has failed because it is not an independent organization, it only functions on the whims and he fancies of the nation which finds it. We all know which nation this is. If they want to be controlled by one nation they should stop making statements for all the other nations and putting everyone’s life in danger. Inventive came up with this article about the issue WHO addressed today after extensive research and a lot of analysis. We are proud of ourselves for coming up with something which holds a lot of value in today’s time because all the assumptions are coming true.

If the word has to live with the virus, why not let the people make their decisions on their own. Why not let the economy move on and let the people know if they follow social distancing?

Which vaccine are you going to develop when the entire world is dead? What are you doing with the millions of dollars which are given to you as funding if clearly, you say that there is no cure for the virus? Are they partying with that money? One day everything can backfire and the world can be turned upside down! Just like right now the United States of America is not funding WHO, time will come when no country will fund them because of the high level of corruption and high level of greedy dogs prevalent in the organization.



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