Why are people starting to revolt and not wear the mask?

Many Americans are currently pleading to the health officials that they would not wear the mask because they deserve a right to their body and the government cannot control their decisions or free spirit. While others are embracing the decision to wear a mask and get out of the house, the rest who are revolting with the choice is likely to increase the pressure on nature in the coming weeks and months.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente says it’s annoying to find that sight in shops nowadays and says that he frequently does say matters to people, “I have stopped a few people and said set it up, I’ve.  I don’t know whether they believed I do authorities, but anything.  And I think that it’s important to not hesitate to mention that.” 

Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri echoed this statement and stated it is up to every one of us to do exactly the ideal situation to keep our nation from getting such as Florida and Texas, where another spike is causing significant issues, “You do not need to pay attention to elected officials or a politician, hear the doctors and the scientists who inform you that this is a means to help block the spread of their COVID-19.  The very last thing we would like to do is shut down our market, so please use the mask, social distancing and wash your hands”

Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute told the USA today that there is a sizable minority in the American community who are skeptical of all the decisions that are taken in favor and respect of their health. He has quoted that the people who were known as the anti-vaxers are not revolting as they won’t be accepting the plead to wear masks out of their homes. 

Some Americans have taken to this matter and called that their freedom is being oppressed when the idea of hanging a mask around their face is stressing them out. Most of the videos which are spiraling on social media are proving to the point that Americans are calling out on laws that are stating that this is a downright infringement to their rights.

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Evidence Demonstrates face coverings are an effective way of slowing the spread Of COVID-19, causing nation leaders to revaluate mask mandates. Friday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said face coverings were “the only way” to prevent another shutdown of this nation’s economy.

What are the rules regarding this issue?

Like most government activities says have introduced a patchwork of rules. Approximately half of the nations mandate masks in people.  Enforcement of these rules which is happening in the US is irregular.   Other law enforcement agencies publicly failed to enforce regulations.   A number of the very consistent, nationally enforcement comes out of companies that have the right to refuse support to clients that aren’t wearing a mask.

Why are people refusing to wear them?

There is a mass hysteria going among the crowd that the government is trying to take control of their action by asking people to wear a mask. This mass hysteria which is spreading among cities is taking turns of events and how the numbers of positive patients rising every day. Even with the government being polite about wearing masks, there is a lack of communication going on and most importantly confusing half of the population about the split decisions.

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