Top 10 Best Dating Apps In India In 2023

Top 10 Best Dating Apps In India 2023

Regular development and updates in technology have brought about a sea change in dating in India. Those traditional dates are over and people are using new ways called dating apps on their smartphones to make friends or find love in just a few clicks.

Dating apps help singles chat with new people and find happy relationships. These apps allow users to reach millions of people in different regions with the same interests and likes. You can also find people near you. Some apps also offer various free features, such as unique icebreakers to start long conversations while meeting singles. Install a good dating App for yourself by creating an attractive profile about your hobbies, habits, likes, interests etc.

Once you have created your profile on your favourite dating app, you can search for a casual partner or search for your soulmate. If you wish, you can specify whether you smoke, have children, would like to date someone who has children, and much more. You can use this data to discover the perfect match among people. Millions of people have found the right match with similar interests and tests using these apps.

What are dating Apps?

Dating apps

Dating apps are mobile phone applications that allow users to meet new people. These apps are used to date, make new friends or even find new pen pals. Some people utilize dating apps to develop love connections.

The software utilizes the Gps system to locate persons nearby once a user initiates a profile and uploads images. Communication between users is possible through the app, and some dating apps allow you to chat through the app without exchanging contact information.

Gone are the days of traditional dating, the advent of technology has brought about a sea change in the dating culture in India. You can find the love of your life with just a few clicks on your smartphone. Download a reliable dating app, make a captivating profile, and get going!

Dating apps have gained great popularity among the Indian audience. These websites enable users to communicate with nearby neighbours who share their interests. These applications also extend a user’s reach. These applications display probable connections based on the exact location of your phone. Many dating apps are available for use at any time. You can swipe right, left or chat with your loved one whenever you want! Whether you’re looking for a casual date or looking for your soulmate, dating apps have you covered.

Dating is an anthropological and social construction, not primarily between Indian peoples; however, the digital age has produced some of the best awesome dating apps, and they are not wrong. According to, about 31 million Indian dating app users, 67 per cent of whom are all men. India now ranks as the second-largest segment for dating applications. Additionally, a report published by IndianExpress states that the use of dating from Tier 2 cities has increased somewhat for the time being due to the pandemic.

So if you are looking for the best Indian dating app, you have come to the right place.

  • Bumble
  • FriendlyMony
  • Happn
  • OkCupid
  • Quack Quack
  • Badoo
  • Aisle
  • Woo
  • TrulyMadly
  • Hinge

Top 10 Best Dating Apps In India 2023

  • Bumble:

Dating apps

The Bumble app is one of the most used dating apps in India to help you find new friends and meaningful relationships online. You can use this app to make new friends, expand your professional networks, or find partners. One of the cool features of this app is that when a match is found, a woman will start the conversation.

In this app, the female members play a key role. This means that the male user is not allowed to send a message first. She disappears if a user doesn’t start the conversation within 24 hours of her match request.

The most important feature of the Bumble app is that nobody can allow the creation of a fake profile. The app checks the profile picture for it when creating an account. The Bumble dating app focuses on finding matches and makes it easy to form healthy social relationships with other users.

Bumble allows users to find their match by applying superior filters including Date, BFF, and Bizz. Here you can have both video chats and regular text chats with your partner. Apart from all the above features, the app keeps the security and privacy feature that allows users to block mismatched profiles and even report them is suspicious.

  • FriendlyMony:
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FriendlyMony comes in number two in our top ten dating Apps segment. This dating app has many unique yet significant features. Firstly, it offers a vast pool of users worldwide, and that too with unlimited free chats, video calls and unlimited matches.

Another remarkable feature of FrindlyMony is that it does not follow the subscription model, meaning it offers its users – pay – as – you – use, which means that users pay only when they use the dating app services. FriendlyMony’s pay-as-you-use model also echoes a transparent business model where the users’ credit card details are not stored.

The dating app is powered by a leading Bangalore-based IT company, Six87 Communications; on average, the dating App clocks about 7000 matches per day. It also boasts one of the best male-to-female ratios in online dating – 65:35, a genuinely remarkable ratio.

FriendlyMony ensures that its end-to-end chat and video calls provide top-notch data privacy.

Users who may have had the fortune of finding their ideal partner can use the CRUSH feature to impress their found partner by paying a small fee.

For women interested in online dating, it has an excellent safety feature -No one can ping them unless it’s a match based on mutual consent, thereby ensuring safety and unnecessary harassment online.

FriendlyMony has ensured a dedicated content monitoring team that moderates the platform 24/7, thereby upholding a secure environment by filtering out perverts.

Thus testifying to the quality crowd in FriendlyMony, and the overall excellent user experience, this easy-to-use app boasts of one of the best user engagement in the industry –  38 minutes being the average time spent per individual every 30 days.

The expert matchmaking algorithm is constantly maintained, developed, and improved upon by an experienced team of IT professionals and alumni of prestigious institutions. Ashok Prasad is the brainiac behind this Dating App.


  • Happn:

Dating apps

Happn is a dating app that lets you find anyone you’ve ever met. When you cross lanes with a Happnuser, their profile will appear in your Happn app. If you find her profile interesting, secretly like her. Other users who come across you won’t know anything unless they show interest in your profile. If they also show interest in you and like your profile, congratulations, this is your match. Now you can chat with them via video call or chat.

Happn dating app is with its essential features free. If you want access to the advanced features at all, you need to subscribe to the premium plan. With the premium plan, you can access a list of other people who have liked your profile and many more features.

The app works on the principle of reciprocity: you will not receive a message from anyone unless you show interest. Also, you will not receive irritating or spam messages from scammers and bots. The app’s algorithm firmly rejects scammers’ logins, making it one of the safest dating apps. The app always activates your current location to show other users you’ve crossed paths with.

  • OkCupid:

Dating apps

OkCupid’s online dating app helps you find matches based on who you are, what you love and what interests you. OkCupid is also widely used in India among youth. It is a unique dating app where matches are not based on pictures. Find the right user match through a series of questions. Questions ensure similarity between matches.

In this application, users can quickly connect with others by sharing their common interests. Additionally, you can search and find your match in your preferred geographic location. Its local dating features help you find and meet your partner near your location. Here you can chat and flirt, make a video call and arrange a meeting.

Users can easily connect with people who have common interests through this application. OkCupid’s virtual dating and messaging feature is a big help! Not only these, but you can also search for matches based on your geological preferences. And what’s more? No annoying ads! This is what a pleasant dating experience looks like! Also, in this app, you can always block people if they sound unpleasant. This protects the integrity of users.

  • Quack Quack:

Dating apps

Quack Quack a full desi dating app in India promises you a safe dating experience by filtering and verifying profiles as well as possible. This dating app is all about matchmaking, chatting and dating. You will see many amazing people here with well-developed, attractive and fascinating profiles. It is the only dating app in India to help you find singles of you bring together city, age group and similar interests. Wow, what else are we looking for?

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With over 15 million users, it is the fastest growing dating app in India with enough options to choose someone with the same interests and likes. QuackQuack’s team of moderators ensure that all users and their profiles are unique and verified. They make this app safe for their customers. So create your profile now, add photos and meet the people you care about and your choices.

Founder Ravi Mittal announced that the number of users has surpassed the 10 million mark by accomplishing the feat of gaining one million users in two months during the COVID-19 lockdown. It is a rapidly growing service and is expected to peak in popularity soon.

  • Badoo:

Dating apps

Are you searching for a dating website that has features like Tinder, yet better? If so, Badoo is the only place you need to go. Badoo is a major dating platform popular in 190+ countries and available in 47+ languages. Although the platform can have features similar to Tinder, it has additional interesting features and presets.

In this dating app, you can find potential hookups based on your likes and interests. Plus, you can even get a list of all available dates near you! During the live video stream, other people can also join your video chat.

In general, this application is very recommended for everyone. Single, ready to build serious long-term relationships. If you want a long-term relationship, subscribing to a premium version of the Badoo dating app is the way to go. In the premium features, you can get many more exciting features that are missing in the free version.

  • Aisle: a reliable dating app

Dating apps

Unlike most other apps, Aisle is not free. The application requires you to pay to send an inquiry to a potential applicant. However, you don’t have to pay to get one. This feature makes it a truly reliable dating app that has had some success in ensuring that only serious enough people can communicate and connect with other like-minded people.

You have to provide details like weight, height, hobbies and interests, and since the app isn’t free, there’s also a higher chance of finding people who have more than one looking for a casual connection. That is what distinguishes effective dating applications like these for long-term partnerships. Aisle may be accessible from computers and laptops, unlike Tinder.

Since the traditional dating app -Function of swiping is missing, Aisle is a perfect platform if you don’t want to download a dating or marriage app but something in between. Aisle combines the ease of a dating app with the in-depth knowledge you will find on marriage sites. You can search and find matches from any country. This dating app caters to a niche audience of singles in urban India.

Aisle is a relatively new online dating site. Indian people can easily find good dates on this platform. This platform is very effective for users who want to make real connections. In addition, you will find dates not only from India but from all over the world. Another plus is that this app is designed and made in India. In addition, the platform has successfully built many relationships with its vibrant user community.

  • Woo: A dating app for professionals

Dating apps

The Woo app is aimed exclusively at well-educated professionals. This means that you are looking for a possible partner by profession and you select someone from your or another field of work that fascinates you. If that’s your style then this is hands down the best relationship dating app for you!

There is an integrated voice call feature that allows users to call without sharing their number, name, or location. As with most dating app interfaces, you can express interest in a profile by swiping right and ignore it by swiping left. If both parties swipe right, the app considers it a match.

Then you can send Direct Send messages or even talk using the voice call feature. Woo also has a premium subscription version, Woo Plus, which unlocks the Woo Globe platform and allows you to monitor profile views and skipped profiles. If privacy is your main concern, Woo is the right choice for you! With an integrated voice calling system, you can speak to your date without sharing your contact number.

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It is one of the safest online dating apps in India for women as it does not share your personal information, location or phone number with your dates. This platform’s user interface is easy to use, and you can quickly identify matches depending on your preferences. Woo can help you discover the love of your life!

  • TrulyMadly:

Dating apps

The TrulyMadly dating app offers unique features along with a perfect algorithm that suggests matches that interest you. It also integrates a strong privacy and security policy that ensures you are free from scammers.

With the TrulyMady dating app, you can not only find your true soulmate but also build your social solid network by making friends hanging out connecting with compatible people, etc. When registering your profile, make sure you provide the correct details and that the app does the proper verification.

Once profile verification is complete, you can search for dates and like other profiles that interest you. If both are using each other’s profiles, a match has been made. The app includes a feature known as a trust score. Profiles with a higher trust score are more likely to receive the correct match.

  • Hinge: 


Dating apps

Hinge is designed for members looking for a long-term relationship that could lead to marriage. The service is only available through the app as there is no desktop version, which helps limit the number of non-serious members who only log in to swipe member profiles. Hinge describes itself as the “dating app to be eliminated,” a slogan that has helped them attract serious users looking for serious long-term relationships. It’s also very popular for serious dating in the LGBTQ+ community, which is a nice bonus.

Although Hinge doesn’t have a calling/video calling feature yet, you can use Zoom or other video calling apps to set up an online date with your partner. There is also a last active feature that lets you see the last active status of others and use yours to let you know who you want to connect with, whether they were active or not.

Additional Features: You can answer questions, link your accounts to other social networks, and even send a rose instead of a like so your response appears sooner. They even have dating guides to help you set up a better account and generate more likes and matches.

How can you stay safe from fraud when exploring for a serious relationship through these apps?

Dating apps

Even the best dating site for serious relationships doesn’t guarantee to find everlasting love. So if you’re swiping left and right hoping to stumble upon one, you know to take it with a pinch of salt. Also, there is the added problem of love scammers that come with the world of online dating.

As fun as dating apps can be, you have to play this game smart. Even if the two of you have been talking for a while and he’s starting to really like you, don’t be too quick to show all your cards or start revealing your innermost truths to him. As adorable as they may seem, take your time getting to know them before you jump headfirst.

The top picks of relationship dating apps are expanding rapidly. Take a look at some of the top dating and matchmaking apps in India to see which one suits you best and you never know what kind of interesting people you might meet. And if dating apps and the whole online dating experience scare you, our One-Tip for you: never say never! There are various fish in the sea, you only need the best tools to find the perfect fish for you.


If you are still single and looking for a partner then these are the top 10 dating apps in India 2023 for you! Although there are many dating platforms on the market today, the 10 apps mentioned in today’s blog are easy to use, safe and effective. Although there are so many dating apps in India, all with different vibes, structures and functions, opting for them can be quite a daunting task.

Downloading and using a dating app can seem like a daunting commitment, but when you are looking to go on a date or find the love of your life, then that’s it, the best bet for you. With paid and free versions of the best dating apps in India, you can choose the version that best suits you and your preferences.

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