Top 10 Best Invoice Discounting Companies in India in 2023

Top 10 Best Invoice Discounting apps in India in 2023

The method known as “invoice discounting” allow companies to utilize their accounts receivable to get financing for pressing needs. For the services or products delivered, small and medium-sized businesses send bills to large companies (blue-chip enterprises). To avoid the delay, they brought their receipts to their preferred payment platforms for invoice discounting services, which were converted into funds.

India's Top 10 Invoice Discounting Platforms - Inventiva

They converted to businesses within 1-2 days at a discount rate that is determined by the risk assessment, market acceptability, and time in office (typically ranging from 30-120 days), according to Anurag Jain, founder, and executive board member at KredX, an invoice discounting framework. You can also have a look at Vantazo Invoice Generator

You may get to the cash in your receivable accounts ledger, which is made up of unpaid client invoices, considerably more quickly by using invoice discounting. You get short-term credit from an invoicing discount provider rather than waiting for your clients to pay your invoices. These businesses will loan you upwards of 95% of the invoice value and give you the cash in days instead of weeks. You repay the loan once your customers have paid you.

As per Jeewan Kumar, Managing Director & CEO of, Investment in Invoice discounting is secure and safe, as the focus of Invoice discounting is exercising control on cash flows of seller/ businesses, thereby shifting the risk on SME’s client (Debtor) who is a Blue chip or A/AA rated company.

One approach to invoice financing is invoice discounting. It differs from invoice factoring in several ways, with confidentiality being one of the major and privacy being one of the most important. When compared to invoice factoring, which is more challenging to conceal, adopting invoice discounting means that your clients won’t ever know.

How does discounting of invoices operate?

Invoice Discounting Getting Popular With Retail Investors On Fintech Platforms

An overdraft or a collection of short-term loans secured by your receivable accounts ledger is analogous to invoice discounting. The process is as follows:

  • You continue to sell your consumers products or services.
  • You create invoices and deliver them to your customers for those products or services.
  • After confirming the validity of the bills, an invoice discounting provider lends you the amount of the generated invoices, less a tiny percentage.
  • Your clients pay you following your customary terms of payment (you are still in charge of controlling credit; it is your responsibility to pursue unpaid invoices).
  • After your customers have paid you, you return the debt to the invoice discounting business with an agreed-upon charge to cover costs, risk, and interest. The commission typically ranges from 1% to 3% of the entire invoice amount.
  • In some instances, your customers may make payments into a trust account with your company’s name but run by the invoice discount service. This keeps the information private while lowering the danger of non-payment by yourself to the lender.

How Are the Bills Resolved?

Supply Chain Financing: An End To Working Capital Woes

Instead of instant money payments, almost 90% of transactions are completed through deferred credit arrangements, like the idea of paying and similar things. So, in practice, bills of trade vouchers are provided by retailers or sellers for purchases and sales, and they’re honoured after a certain predetermined period. As per the Negotiable Instruments Act of 1881, this commercial invoice is a negotiable document.

Let’s say you own a paper company and sell the paper to a company that makes copies. Therefore, you will present the document to the industry, create a bill, and submit it for review and approval.

The bill becomes a paid bill for the other parties and a receivable account for you as soon as the business gets it (the manufacturing company). You might receive your money within as little as thirty days or as long as 90 days, depending on the terms of the payback. This payment plan differs from company to company.

How Can Shareholders Participate in Invoice Discounting?

Many platforms, including KredX, Orowealth, and TradeCred, have spent billions to make invoice discounting conceivable, depending on the risks and other factors. The minimum investment amount differs according to the forum, but it can be as low as Rs. 50,000. “Invoice discounting websites connect vetted vendors and businesses with investors looking for some returns,” says the author. In order to get working capital, businesses use the site to publicize their unpaid invoices.

Investors give these businesses quick funding in exchange for a 30 to 90-day return on their investment. Jain claims that anyone who satisfies the basic specified KYC standards, such as holding a P.A.N. card and valid Indian address proof, institutional investors, resident individuals, H.U.F.s or proprietorships, banks/N.B.F.C.s/other banking organizations, or N.R.I.s, can be considered an investor.

Below mentioned is a list of the top 10 invoice discounting programs that are active in India and benefiting users.

1- KredX


KredX, one of the leading providers of invoice discounting, can help you with your needs for invoice financing. KredX offers a variety of invoice discount services and products to help individuals, companies, and other organizations achieve their financial goals.

KredX, which Manish Kumar created, is an entirely paperless procedure that aids in generating major profits with reduced risks. You can see profitable returns from KredX in as little as 30 to 90 days.

Manish Kumar founded KredX, which has been instrumental in helping a number of Indian companies, businesses, and S.M.E.s find Cash Flow solutions. They offer entirely paperless choices for investing in cutting-edge ideas to produce major profits with little risk. They help you take the money within a short window of 90 days.

It helps with portfolio diversification, which allows you to spread your risk over various businesses. With KredX, you may guarantee a profit of between 12 and 20 percent annually. You can reduce the risk factors by investing in accepted bills with KredX.

2. FinWorks360

Finworks360 is one of the fastest-growing online business finance solutions provider (A unit of Northern Lights Ventures Private Limited), providing a reliable service to businesses operating in India. is a platform to engage the entities post credit appraisals and checks. It is unlike any other receivables market place in the country, which does only the work of facilitating sellers and investors contact.

Finworks360, Founded by Jeewan Kumar and industry professionals, is an ISO certified platform, having ISO 9001:2015 certification (Quality Management System) and ISO 27001: 2013 (Information Security Management System).

To differentiate the working from other receivables marketplaces, specializes in recovery of receivables and structuring and is the first platform which provides an early exit option to investors (Individuals/ Corporate/Banks/NBFC’s) by putting the purchased invoice to secondary market module on the platform.

The investor may invest with a minimum amount of Rs. 10,000/-, and may invest fully or partially in the Invoice. Majority of its billing cycles are of 60-90 days. is giving an option to the investors for maximum returns (average returns 12.50 – 18.00 %) understands the Indian market and receivables business in particular. The management of is one of the pioneer of Factoring/Receivables Financing business in the country. Having experience of funding close to Rs. 8,500 Cr receivables and negligible delinquency in a typical Indian marker speaks volumes about the management.

The management encompasses its 100 years of unmatched experience in the Corporate Banking, Business Development, Credit Appraisal, NPA resolution, Technology and close working with different resolution professional and organizations.


3. AT.R.E.Ds (Invoicemart)

Invoicemart - TReDS Platform Taking Financing Inclusion of MSMEs - News Experts

A.T.R.E.D.S. (Invoicemart) is a membership between MJunction Services and Axis Bank. For M.S.M.E. sellers and corporate purchasers to interact with financiers, they might use the online platform invoicemart. This platform helps M.S.M.E.s overcome their capital constraints by factoring in collateral-free finance. They work with I.D.F.C. Bank, Axis Bank, Bank, Standard Chartered, and State Bank of India as their financial partners. Cooperation between M Junction Solutions and Axis Bank created A.T.R.E.D.S. (Invoicemart).

They may use the website platform invoice-mart to communicate with lenders on behalf of M.S.M.E. providers and corporate customers. This platform incorporates collateral-free financing to assist M.S.M.E.s in overcoming their capital constraints.

4. Priority Vendor

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Priority Vendor R.X.I.L. was created as a partnership between the Small Development Bank of India and the National Stock Exchange (NSE), a receivable exchange for M.S.M.E.s (S.I.D.B.I.). R.X.I.L. conforms with R.B.I. regulations and operates on all TReD platforms to guarantee that M.S.M.E.s can develop in a greener way.

5. Falcon Group

Falcon Group | Events

The founder and M.D. of Falcon Group, India’s Leading Invoice Discounting Platform, is Amardeep Kumar. An expert who has more than 20 years of expertise in generating profitable growth for the security and I.F.M. industries.

Falcon is an online platform that quickly, easily, and reliably converts invoices into cash advances. Corporations and S.M.E.s can register in a matter of minutes and receive the passage in a case of hours. Capital Protection Unit Pvt. Ltd., which was founded in 2015, uses the registered brand name, Falcon. They comprehend business needs and collaborate closely with business owners to provide unique solutions that are appropriate for their enterprises.

Falcon underwent a transformation from a conventional invoice discounting business to a technology-driven, new-age invoice discounting system, providing businesses with creative solutions to their working capital problems and assisting them in achieving economies of scale. Their main priorities are our customers and investors, and they work to generate sustainable profits for them while continuing to provide our clients with the highest level of integrity.

The Falcon Company is an established P2P bill discounting platform in India. They create a connection between investors and well-known companies so that investors may gain access to debtors and get loans without worrying about default. Falcon increases investor yields by cutting out intermediaries like financial institutions, depository institutions, etc., in contrast to banks and financial organizations.

6. Star Vendor

GST Invoice India by WebPlanex - Download GST ready invoice. Manage GST and HSN Code Collection | Shopify App Store

This invoice discounting tool, like Priority Vendor, is an entirely online cloud-based application that aids in bill reduction thanks to A.I. However, the bills are only available to the invited businesses. Star Vendor collaborates with a number of financial institutions and enterprises, including T.V.S., Dabur, Godrej Consumer Products, and Electrolux, to mention a few. The suppliers who do business with these businesses are qualified and may gain from invoice reduction.

Priority Vendor, an online cloud-based program, uses A.I. to help in bill reduction. However, only businesses that have been invited have access to the bills.

Several financial institutions, including T.V.S., Dabur, T.V.S., Godrej Consumer Products, and Whirlpool, have partnerships with Priority Vendor. This is excellent news for suppliers that work with these companies because you are eligible and can benefit from invoice reduction.

7. M1xhange

TReDS: How it works and why should you use it - M1xchange

M1xchange is an online marketplace where you may sell unpaid sales invoices to banks and other financial organizations recognized by the Reserve Bank of India.

According to the Settlement and Payment Act of 2007, “M1xchange” was established. The portal operates P.A.N. India to trade bills and discount invoices for M.S.M.E.s. This exchange makes it possible for M.S.M.E.s to get financing without recourse. M.S.M.E.s, corporations, public sector units, government agencies, banks, and N.B.F.C.s are some of the main participants.

One of the best-known account receivable platforms is the M1xhange. This network is a lifeline for M.S.M.E. suppliers during hard financial times. The R.B.I. has granted Trends permission to provide a platform for funding M.S.M.E.s’ trade receivables from different lenders and businesses.

The supplier must upload the invoice and send it to the client for approval. M1xhange will verify it after it has been approved, at which time the financier can make a bid. The provider can choose the highest provider after the requests have been submitted and decide when to pay.

8. Receivables Exchange of India Ltd.

Receivables Exchange of India Ltd (RXIL) | LinkedIn

Receivables Transfer of India Ltd (R.X.I.L.) was established on February 25, 2016, as a joint partnership between the National Stock Exchange Limited (NSE), the top stock exchange in India, and the Small Industry Development Bank of India (S.I.D.B.I.), the leading financial institution for the advancement and financing of M.S.M.E.s in India. In accordance with the TReDS guidelines published by the Reserve Bank of India (R.B.I.) on December 3, 2014, R.X.I.L. runs the Account Receivable Discounting System (TReDS) Platform.

On December 1, 2016, R.X.I.L. became the first organization to gain R.B.I. authorization to launch India’s First TReDS Market. It works toward the goal of being an integrated financing platform provider par excellence, benchmarked against the world’s best, promoting the expansion and growth of Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Businesses for their inclusive, sustainable, and social development.

The Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Small Industry Development Bank of India (S.I.D.B.I.) have a successful joint venture called The Receivables Exchange of India Ltd. (R.X.I.L.).

R.X.I.L. utilizes all TReD systems and complies with all Reserve Bank of India requirements (R.B.I.). It abides by R.B.I. because it ensures businesses can grow in a sustainable environment and that the M.S.M.E.s industry can grow in all directions.

9. Invoicemart

Treds: Invoicemart expects to double volume this fiscal - The Economic Times

An Account Receivable Discounting System (TReDS) system called Invoicemart was created to help M.S.M.E.s with their credit problems. It is sponsored by A.TReDS Ltd., a partnership between Axis Bank and junction services. It acquired the platform’s license on June 29 and began operating on July 5 of that same year.

TReDS is an exchange that allows M.S.M.E.s to use factoring to sell receivables transparently and online. The automated Account Receivable Discounting System (TReDS), which helps small, medium, and big firms overcome capital constraints, played a crucial role in the development of Invoicemart. The result of a collaboration between Terminal Services and Axis Bank.

M.S.M.E.s can only use it. Since it started working in 2017, it has helped big M.S.M.s sell their receivables online. However, it has collaborated with banks, non-bank financial companies, and small private businesses but not with ordinary investors.

10. Fintech systems

FinTech in 2022: Top predictions and trends

Clearing is one of the business platforms that provides invoice discounting solutions to its vendors. The platform uses completely paperless processes and focuses on quick vendor onboarding. The website provides a number of funding options through banks and markets for invoice discounting.

Businesses can store their surplus money on these platforms and get more returns than they might with conventional financial products. The Business Automation from Fintech Systems will propel your business to new heights. Built on top of flexible and modular architecture, B.A.S. is a solution for automating customer administration, billing, and accounting.

What varieties of invoice discounting are there?

falconsgrup on Twitter: "Falcon is one of the leading P2P Invoice Discounting platforms in India where we connect blue-chip companies with investors. #invoicediscounting #investment #workingcapital #P2P #lending" / Twitter

When it comes to ensuring that there is a consistent cash flow and cash flow, there are different sorts of invoice discounting that you can select from. But the main varieties of invoice factoring are described below: –

  • Whole Turnover Discounting: In this strategy, every invoice that a company sends across the Turnover will generate revenue.
  • Confidential discounting: As the name implies, the entire process is done in private. Before the invoices are paid, neither the suppliers nor the customers will be aware that the business has raised funds against them.
  • Selective discounting: Only one receivable invoice is provided to third-party services to acquire funds.

How do I pick the best system for discounting invoices?

How invoice financing, factoring and discounting can help bring positive cash flow to your business. | by Populous World | Populous World | Medium

Before choosing to use invoice discounting, a business should take the following factor into account:

  1. Invoice discounting costs more, and financiers charge more fees than they would with traditional financing.
  2. The corporation is liable for paying the financiers, not the debtors.
  3. The platform or the financier provides prepayment and other services.
  4. The business should assess the platform’s usability. Depending on the system’s consumer, it may or may not be accepted.

Discounting Invoices as an Investment

This is the end of your quest for alternative investment opportunities. One of the better alternatives to traditional investment in India is invoice discounting. By using the amazing invoices as security and allowing you to invest in them, Lend Partners helps businesses by providing working capital.

Investments made immediately

Invoice Discounting Getting Popular With Retail Investors On Fintech Platforms

Invoice discounting is a short-term investment compared to other investment alternatives available on the market. When using invoice discounting, the lock-in time is shorter. Within 60 to 90 days, the seller (the debtor) pays the debt. This sum includes both the capital and the profit that will be returned to the investor.

Increased Returns

With invoice discounting, the investment returns are rather major. One might anticipate up to 12–15% returns by investing in the bills of blue-chip firms on the Lend Partners platform. A great alternative investment strategy to broaden your portfolio is invoice discounting.

Securing Investments

Lend Partners verifies the validity of the bills that are made public in the manner of a contract. To make sure that your cash is as safe as possible, we deploy our proprietary A.I. and ML technology.

Simple Process

What is invoice discounting and how does it work? | GoCardless

You don’t have to pay attention to or worry about stock market updates. Investing in bills is a straightforward process. From the time you sign on with us, we’ll let you know when a new deal goes live. Purchasing a contract, contributing money, and withdrawing it are all simple using our user-friendly website application.



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