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5 Reasons To Build Mobile Apps For The Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry has seen a tremendous growth over the past few years. However, many of the manufacturing industries are struggling to get smart solutions for improving their processes and minimizing the costs. Furthermore, if they want to increase their resource management efficiently, increase the productivity of employees and implementing decisions quickly, an app can help.

All the manufacturing companies and firms are aware of various challenges and some of them are developing mobile apps for manufacturing industries. However, many of the industries don’t know how mobile apps are beneficial for manufacturing industries. Many of the tech experts and innovators agree that manufacturing industry is in the need of high efficiency and uptime mobile apps for manufacturing industries.
In fact, these days we are starting to see various of types of mobile apps like mobile inspection apps, apps delivering real-time information, inventory tracking apps and much more.
In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons to build mobile apps for the manufacturing industry.
Cost Effective:

The process of manufacturing industries has become so modernized in such a way that developing a mobile app for a mostly used device is a lot cheaper than to create large complex devices and machinery. Which was used to complete various same tasks in the past.
Improves Productivity

According to a survey by Motorola, manufacturing companies who use mobile apps in their daily processes saves 42 minutes on an average per employee. If you are in the manufacturing business, you will know that this is the one area where manufacturing industry is looking to improve upon.
Mobile apps and technology allow having a more efficient and transparent process to measure the productivity of an employee. It allows to access the data accurately and in real-time on demand. Mobile apps also eliminate the human error in the data collected and makes the data available to all the employees. Moreover, mobile apps reduce long and repeated process which manufacturing industry is known for.
Vehicle Tracking and Real-Time Tracking

Dispatching shipments, service vehicles, or workers to customer locations and field sites is very easy and fast. GPS location captured nearly on all devices allows manufacturing businesses to visualize routes on a map view, calculation of date and time arrival, and consolidation of multiple routes on the fly.
For such cases manufacturing industries have started creating innovative mobile apps that manage the shipment of goods or supply chains from one location to another. Moreover, being able to manage and review routes will increase the speeds for delivery and also save time, fuel, and vehicles.
Ensures Quality Control

Some of the manufacturing businesses require an inspection to perform quality checks on plant safety, checking of goods and balances with a help of mobile app increases the data accuracy and assures that that each shipment or location has been thoroughly checked and approved.
With the help of data/timestamps and GPS, inspection has become a lot easier with the help of mobile apps. Moreover, it keeps entire manufacturing businesses in compliance with safety standards, rules & regulations, and quality of the product being produced.
Mobilizing On-Demand Data
According to Canvas Study, more than half of the manufacturing industries are using file storage apps like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. 23% of them are using notes and sharing app and 47% of them are using accounting applications such as Quickbooks.
These days there is a ton of data that has been regulated on the workstations of manufacturing businesses. However, thanks to advancement in mobile technology and mobile apps employees are losing their tether to their workstations. Instead, they prefer to work from their mobile phones and mobile apps to access the data remotely but also publish it.
There is a huge list of reasons to build mobile apps for manufacturing industry. Furthermore, it is inexpensive to implement a mobile app or mobile technology for the manufacturing industry. In the coming years, manufacturing industries will start adopting mobile apps and modern technology. As more industries are moving towards cloud there will be a lot of innovations, improvement in productivity and efficiency in the entire manufacturing industry.



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