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Dave.Ai has announced its newer version i.e. Dave 2.0 – a conversation enabled intelligent virtual sales avatar.

Dave.AI – A retail focused sales augmentation & product discovery platform – provides brands the access to personalize customer interactions and optimises their sales process to effectively match customer preferences with their active assortment & inventory.

Aiming to be a pioneer in the intelligent retail space, Dave.Ai’s sales platform now comes with a virtual sales avatar, an intelligent assistant that uses intimate computing to deliver rich context around product information search during the sales process, from initial contact to closing.

The new update brings the ability to mimic facial and vocal features of a brand ambassador, making the Virtual Sales Avatar the most compelling sales persona for a brand and providing customers the possibility to have a more personal experience with a human like personality.

“We had to build the sales brain first – which required the platform to be exposed & proven in a wide variety of sales scenarios & large volumes of data. Giving Dave a face and getting him to talk was the easier part” says Ananthakrishnan Gopal, Co-founder & CTO of Dave.AI Powered by visualconversational AI and natural language processing (NLP), Dave 2.0 can understand users voice queries, and can respond via voice and easy-to-read data visualizations. The platform also comes with a recommendation system which gives necessary advice about selecting from a set of product options.

Dave.Ai was founded by Ananthakrishnan Gopal, Sriram PH and Ashok Balasundaram. The new version of the product supports retailers with an intelligent, data-driven, self-learning sales platform.

“A brand ambassador is the face of a brand. If you are able to couple that with the brain of their best sales person and give brands the ability to have this avatar across customer touch points, we are looking at the future of how we will be sold to; This can be in a Retail Store, a Bank or even online” says Sriram, Co-founder & CEO of Dave.AI.

The 3-year-old start-up is backed by NVIDIA’s virtual accelerator program and had raised a pre-seed round of funding by Angel investors led by Mr.Bharat Kapoor and IIIT-Hyderabad’s Avishkar program.

The start-up was recognized as India’s top 50 Innovative software products in 2018 and was also among the Retail Association of India’s Top 10 Retail technology start-ups in 2018 and 2019.

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