Best Mutual Fund SIP to Invest in for 20 Years

People often prefer the path of investment to maximize profit during their earning days. The alluring benefits of investing in Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) have been successful in beholding everyone’s incentive to invest in it. 
Investing in SIP is considered as one of the most disciplined investing options. Be it for a long, medium or small-term, SIP has a proven record of accentuating the profit level. It is the most preferred investment plan among the traditional investment schemes because of the lowest investment amount required to maintain the account. These benefits may excite you to ask yourself that, how can I start investing in SIP? But before jumping into the investment procedure, the potential investors should zero in on the best plans available in the market.   
Now, even if the experts suggest that SIP is the safest and best choice of investment plan for beginners, the investors should choose the mutual funds, which will fulfil their financial goals in the long run. The novice in the financial discipline may check the best of the SIP plans in India to invest for 20 years.

Best SIP Plans to invest in for 20 years

A beginner in the financial market will be curious to know how to invest in SIP or about the best SIP investment plans available in the market. However, it is always suggested to acknowledge the best of the plans available and then start enhancing the financial portfolio.  
HDFC growth and prudence fund
The investors aiming to generate long term capital appreciation should consider investing in equity and equity-related instruments. The HDFC balanced fund involves investment using the above approach to generate maximum profit for the investor. 
Mirae Asset Bluechip Fund
Investing in Mirae assets is considered to hold worth in the long run. It aims to generate income primarily by investing in Indian equities and equity-related securities. The fund managers invest the money of the investors in long cap and mid-cap companies to help investors achieve their financial goals in the long run. Moderately high risk is associated with these funds. 
Franklin India Feeder
It seeks to provide optimal portfolio appreciation by investing in units of the Franklin U.S. Opportunities Fund. It directs the invested money for investment in securities of the U.S.A. It involves a high risk of investment.
SBI Small Cap Fund
The fund managers of SBI small-cap funds invest predominantly in equity and securities of small and mid-cap companies. Investing in this scheme involves moderately high risk.
Motilal Oswal Equity Fund (long term)
The soaring asset value has helped Motilal Oswal long term equity fund to gain popularity in the financial market. The fund managers focus on investing in diversified portfolios. However, no assurance or guarantee over achieving the objective of the investment scheme is provided to the investors. 
HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund
Apart from HDFC balanced funds, the HDFC hybrid also takes on board equity investment. But unlike HDFC balanced funds, it aims to invest in diversified portfolios of mid and large-cap of ‘blue-chip’ companies. The investment in such companies installs safe, stable and low volatile returns. 
Aditya Birla Sun Life Fund
This scheme aims to generate gains for the unitholders. The fund managers invest money in equity and securities which are engaged in banking and financial services. The assets involve high risk, but the returns reported since the launch is par above in comparison to the other funds.
ICICI Prudential fund
By investing in this fund, the fund managers ensure that they do not take undue exposure of the fund to any particular stock or sector. They follow broad research and based on the retrieved data and proceed with the investment plan to achieve the objective of long term wealth accumulation. The investment targets are the mix bonds of the government and the corporate sectors. Besides this, they invest in mid-cap companies as they offer niche players, outsourcing opportunities and the presence of a higher growth industry. However, it is essential to understand that it is a fund that involves higher risk.
Axis Focused 25 fund
It is considered to be one of the best SIP plans to invest for long term wealth appreciation. The investment is concentrated on the varying cap of companies. Nevertheless, the fund invested involves moderately high risk.
Canara Robeco Equities
The platform offers to generate capital appreciation by investing in diversified mid-cap stocks. The investment objective can be released from the past performance of the fund. Even if it involves moderately high risk, the past performance reports show high returns.
After acknowledging the best of SIP plans to accumulate enough wealth for future expenses, the usual common question that would pop-up in mind is How to start SIP investment ?. 
Worry not and read the following to make use of the online platform to figure out the answers to your queries in brief.

  • The investor can visit the website of any recognized AMC.
  • Enter all the details. 
  • The potential investor can also take the help of the SIP calculator to compare among the various options available in the financial market. 
  • After zeroing in on an investment plan, the investor has to upload KYC documents such as Aadhaar card, PAN card, income record, and apply for the same.

Before starting investing in the long term, the investors must find the best SIP plans to invest for long term. The investors should be aware of fraudulence before engaging in any kind of investment. The fund managers of the above-mentioned mutual funds keep track of the market performance and take action prudently. They help the investors achieve their long term objective by paying rich dividends by the end of the tenure. When the tenure of the current plan ends, the investors can opt to renew the plan. The investors may fill the renewal form and choose the duration of the SIP investment. You can opt for either offline or online SIP investment as per your preference.
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