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Best Ways to Enhance Your E-Commerce Store by OpenCart in 2019

OpenCart has won the favor of online merchants rapidly compared to other e-commerce platform, thanks to its simplicity and ease in use. The SaaS-based hosting offer on subscription rate and ready to use a product with tons of themes, are enough reasons to attract startups and SMBs which are looking for a cheaper yet functional option in e-commerce platform selection.
It is much easier to set up integration with OpenCart and the even new user would go through an easy learning phase. The interface offers you the best solution, which is short and simple. OpenCart saves your time and provides you to take advantage of its built-in templates.
Other OpenCart specs are numerous, but the most interesting thing is it’s being an open source and it provide freedom to tweak the store, themes, and add extensions for desired scalability, functionality, and features.
A seasoned OpenCart developer can easily level up OpenCart storefront applying acquired arts and expertise. Therefore, today, I would like to give you top ten (10) ways that can help OpenCart developer to improve your store one level up.

1. Create Attractive Look-n-Feel

Storefront design can attract and engage the OpenCart online shop visitors easily. Make the design alluring and intuitive so that it can give excellent shopping experiences easily.  Many attractive themes are out in the marketplaces but creating one from scratch can lead to unique and customized look-n-feel to your store.

2. Make OpenCart Store Mobile-friendly

Today, more than half of online shopping takes place on mobile devices, thanks to constantly advancing mobile technologies and integration of upcoming technologies. Shoppers can easily use smartphones or tablets while on the go or while visiting a physical store. Infuse true mobile experiences with seamless integration of responsive web design technologies and techniques with native mobile platforms, chiefly for iOS and Android.

3. Integrate the Latest & Upcoming Technologies

Product shopping becomes a dynamic activity due to the integration of various technologies. For instance,

  • Social media integration provides immense opportunities to leverage social opinion in shopping for social birds.
  • The comparison technology allows comparison shopping right from the product pages of an OpenCart storefront.
  • The location-based technologies enable shoppers to redeem location-based incentives in a lot of ways.
  • Personalization is possible through the integration of Artificial Intelligence technologies including Chatbot and Business Intelligence services to make the right decisions.

4. Optimize OpenCart Store for Search Engine

Search engines bring more than 50% of natural traffic to eCommerce. The same goes true for OpenCart businesses. OpenCart supports SEO by providing enough tools and features. OpenCart developers with SEO expertise and experiences can manage technical aspects of SEO right from the beginning.

Optimize OpenCart Store for Search Engine.png

You have to manage SEO at design, code, and extension level during the OpenCart development process and on-page SEO tasks. Without solid technical SEO and on-page SEO, off-page SEO remains insignificant in yielding expected results.

5. Optimize OpenCart E-commerce Store for Social Media

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a part of SEO and Internet marketing strategies. Social signals have high value in search algorithms. By creating buzz on social media for your business, you may have guaranteed your surefire success.
Each social media platform has different strategies, tools, and functionality to share in your online business. OpenCart designers & programmers can integrate social media APIs, as well as supporting extension for advanced SMO operations.

6. Optimize OpenCart E-commerce for Performance

Loading speed, interaction speed, and smooth flow of screens on various devices, is a big thing to retain and engage your OpenCart shoppers. Tons of performance optimization techniques used by OpenCart e-commerce developers including image optimization, content optimization, server optimization, code modification & optimization.
Moreover, the integration of various extensions helping in the improvement of performance like cache management plug-in for medium to large online shops.

7. Optimize OpenCart Store for Conversion

Conversion optimization begins with the research and planning stage, where user experience designers and programmers formulate conversion optimization strategies as a part of UX strategy.

Optimize OpenCart Store for Conversion.jpg

Creating conversion funnel, user flow, and user experiences on each step of user shopping journey demand extreme expertise and talents. Order & shipping management, checkout process, and payments are vital components of conversion optimization.

8. Optimize OpenCart Store for Content

Content always is the king on the web. Therefore, right content layouts, SEO optimized content writing, user focus content, and content delivery network are some peculiar words that an e-commerce merchant has to learn before jumping on OpenCart eCommerce business.
High-quality images, audios, and videos are trendy as multimedia content. Micro & macro animations are adding flavors in e-commerce conversion recipe.

9. Customize& Optimize OpenCart Store Product Pages

Product pages are landing pages for OpenCart website. Once, you attract traffic and bring visitors up to product page, your challenges for conversion begin. Products have numerous attributes, so consider all while product page optimization.
For instance, product images should depict the product just like a real-world object. Multiple images taken from various angles, zoom features, product image Metadata are something to augment product experiences on your OpenCart store.
Writing short and long product description, attaching user manual, technical manual, displaying links for relevant products, and providing shopping cart with the latest bells & whistles are something that you cannot alleviate at the first place while customizing the product pages.

10. Optimize OpenCart Store Checkout Process

The one-page checkout process is the best bet for shoppers using mobile devices. You can tell your OpenCart developer to customize your checkout process and optimize it for native mobile experiences.

Optimize OpenCart Store Checkout Process.png

Payment methods and payment gateways are critical for retention of customers, and OpenCart supports almost all leading payment gateway APIs and payment methods with third-party integrations.
Source: Techstory
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