Coronavirus Situation Is Expected To Normalise Till June 2020

The number of people infected with corona in the world has reached to 16,19,944 and the death toll has crossed one lakh. At the same time, after the number of 1035 cases reported in India in the last 24 hours, the number of people affected by Covid-19 has increased to 7,447. At the same time, 40 people have died due to corona in the last 24 hours, bringing the death toll of the Covid-19 epidemic to 239. Total number of people recovered in India is 643.

coronavirus situation is expected to normalise till june 2020

The situation of coronavirus is expected to return to normal by June 2020

India ranks fourth in the list of optimistic countries where most of the urban population believes that the corona virus epidemic crisis will be over and the situation will return to normal by June. According to the latest online survey report by research and consulting services firm Ipsos, 83 percent of the population in India is hopeful that the corona virus epidemic will end and the situation will return to normal by June 2020.

only 44 per cent of india is wearing a face mask- the new indian express

Vietnam (92%), Brazil (85%) and Mexico (84%) rank among the top three countries among those who hope and expect that Covid-19 will end and situation will return to normal. This survey of Ipsos was done on 2-4 April. In this, 28,000 adult people from different countries were contacted online. Opinions of people from 18–74 years  from various cities of  Canada and America were considered. The survey was conducted among people aged 16–74 in Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, France, China, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, Vietnam and Britain. 

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americans fully vaccinated against covid-19 need not wear mask at all times: cdc | deccan herald

The survey reported that in mid-March most people thought that Covid-19 is a short-term problem and everything will be fine by June, but in the post-March (March 12-14) survey, citizens of most countries believed that the crisis will be prolonged. Most people in Japan, Britain and Australia said they do not think the epidemic would be resolved by June.

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