Coronavirus Likely To Devastate World’s Largest Superpower – US

Coronavirus is continuously wreaking havoc in the entire world. Total cases in the world has reached 2.76m, 760k have recovered and 194k people have lost their lives. Each sector and businesses are on the verge of destruction. Economies of all countries are on a standstill.

The worst affect and maximum devastation of the virus has been in America. Total cases in America has reached 905k. The death toll is so traumatic that there is no space to keep the dead bodies. What America is doing, is digging an entire lane and putting dead bodies in it.

Donald Trump recently said that the decision when to open the lockdown US is the toughest he will ever made.

The situation is worsening each day and something urgently needs to be done to control this pandemic.

US President Donald Trump wants to open up the country’s economy in a safe and phased manner. The country’s economy has been completely devastated by the Coronavirus epidemic. More than 50,000 people have died in the US. At the same time, more than 800,000 are infected. More than 95 percent of the country’s 33 crore population is not leaving home due to social distancing till May 1. 

However, the lockdown is not a solution. The spread is continuously increasing and their economy continuously deteriorating. US, the world’s largest superpower cannot remain in a lockdown state for long.

The number of unemployed in the US may be 40 million, due to the coronavirus. 26 million (about 26 million) people have become unemployed in America. At the same time, this figure can reach 40 million (about 40 million). According to Associated Press data, such a Great Depression was seen in America in 1930. Right now 1 in 6 workers are being fired. Both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have projected negative growth in the US in 2020.

Everyone should contribute to improve the economy
Trump has said that every citizen needs to be vigilant to revive the country’s economy. Follow all social distancing and keep your face covered. “Rebuilding our economy in a safe and phased manner is extremely important, but it does not mean that we are reducing our guard in any way. Rather, it is part of our strategy to work relentlessly to bring the country back on the path of progress” he said.

Congress has given about $ 500 billion to fight the war against coronavirus. At the same time, the Trump administration has requested a $ 250 billion funding to help small and medium businesses with payroll, rent and other expenses.

It calls for 100 billion dollars for hospitals by Democrats. This includes a nationwide testing program, as well as a $ 60 billion set-up for small banks and an alternative network of community development banks that focus on development in urban lenders and rural areas. 

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Sunlight and heat will reduce coronavirus.
Meanwhile, a public health official in US has said that sunlight, heat and humidity can create conditions for coronavirus that can stop its spread. This is good news for India in this fight against Covid-19. This was said at a conference on coronavirus at the White House by the US Department of Homeland Security’s Directorate of Science and Technology.

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