Dell Technologies and NVIDIA Collaborate to Introduce Project Helix, Enabling Secure On-Premises Generative AI

A Collaboration Offering End-to-End Solutions, Technical Expertise, and Pre-Built Tools for Responsible and Accurate AI Deployment

Dell Technologies and NVIDIA Unveil Project Helix

Dell Technologies and NVIDIA have joined forces to unveil Project Helix, a groundbreaking initiative that empowers organizations with secure, on-premises generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. This collaboration harnesses the advanced technologies of both companies to deliver innovative AI solutions while ensuring robust data privacy and security. Project Helix represents a significant step forward in the adoption of AI technologies within businesses, enabling them to leverage the power of AI without compromising sensitive data.

Dell Technologies and NVIDIA Introduce Project Helix for Secure, On-Premises Generative AI | NVIDIA Newsroom

The Power of Generative AI:

Generative AI, a rapidly evolving field within artificial intelligence, focuses on enabling machines to create new content, such as images, videos, and text, that closely resembles human-generated content. This cutting-edge technology has immense potential across various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and finance, to drive innovation and generate novel insights. However, concerns about data privacy and security have hindered the widespread adoption of AI, particularly in on-premises environments.

Secure On-Premises AI:

Project Helix addresses these concerns by providing a secure and scalable platform for on-premises generative AI. By combining Dell Technologies’ expertise in infrastructure and data management with NVIDIA’s powerful AI capabilities, the project offers a comprehensive solution that enables organizations to harness the benefits of AI while maintaining control over their data. This approach ensures that sensitive data remains within the organization’s infrastructure, addressing compliance requirements and data sovereignty concerns.

Enhanced Data Privacy and Security:

Data privacy and security are paramount in the era of AI. Project Helix incorporates advanced security features to protect data throughout its lifecycle. The platform leverages Dell EMC PowerScale storage systems, purpose-built for demanding AI workloads, and NVIDIA DGX A100 systems, renowned for their AI processing prowess. Additionally, the integration of Dell Technologies’ robust data protection solutions ensures data integrity and confidentiality, giving organizations peace of mind when implementing AI initiatives.

Enabling Innovation and Collaboration:

Project Helix not only provides a secure AI platform but also fosters innovation and collaboration. By leveraging NVIDIA’s vast ecosystem of AI software frameworks and libraries, organizations can access a wide range of tools and resources to develop and deploy AI models tailored to their specific needs. This collaborative approach empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of AI and drive meaningful insights while adhering to strict privacy regulations.

Delivering Full-Stack Solutions:

Project Helix offers a series of full-stack solutions, encompassing hardware, software, and technical expertise. Enterprises can leverage the integrated Dell and NVIDIA infrastructure to deploy generative AI applications more efficiently and securely. The project provides enterprises with a complete blueprint that enables them to utilize their proprietary data effectively and responsibly, ensuring accurate AI models are deployed for maximum value extraction.

Enabling Responsible and Accurate AI Deployment:

By leveraging Project Helix, enterprises can gain quick and secure access to untapped data resources and leverage purpose-built AI models. This empowers them to derive meaningful insights and create innovative solutions tailored to their specific industry needs. With Project Helix, enterprises can navigate the complexities of generative AI deployment while adhering to ethical guidelines and ensuring accuracy and reliability in their AI-driven initiatives.

Jeff Clarke, vice chairman and co-chief operating officer, Dell TechnologiesDell Technologies and NVIDIA introduce Project Helix for secure, on-premises Generative AI - The Hindu BusinessLineJeff Clarke, Vice Chairman and Co-Chief Operating Officer of Dell Technologies, highlighted the transformative potential of Project Helix. He stated, “Project Helix gives enterprises purpose-built AI models to more quickly and securely gain value from the immense amounts of data underused today.” Clarke emphasized that enterprises, with highly scalable and efficient infrastructure, can embrace the power of generative AI and reshape their industries through innovative solutions.

Project Helix signifies a significant advancement in the field of generative AI, providing enterprises with the tools and expertise needed to harness its transformative potential. By combining the capabilities of Dell Technologies and NVIDIA, enterprises can accelerate their AI initiatives, drive innovation, and stay ahead in today’s data-driven landscape.

With Project Helix, Dell Technologies and NVIDIA have established a groundbreaking collaboration that offers enterprises comprehensive generative AI solutions. Through end-to-end support, technical guidance, and pre-built tools, enterprises can responsibly and accurately deploy AI models using their proprietary data. Project Helix enables enterprises to unlock untapped potential, drive innovation, and reimagine their industries through the power of generative AI.

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