Founder Of Designer Dream Collection Anjali Phougat Opens Up on How to Prevent Pollution in the Fashion Industry

Founder Of Designer Dream Collection Anjali Phougat Opens Up on How to Prevent Pollution in the Fashion Industry

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Ace designer Anjali Phougat is a well-known name in the fashion industry and there are no two ways about it. She is a Central Ohio-based fashion designer, wardrobe stylist, entrepreneur and founder of fashion house Designer Dream Collection, a luxury brand in the fashion industry.

Moreover, she specialized in wedding styling and customization of jewelry and outfits. Anjali has gained national attention through her work and contributions in the fashion world, beauty pageants, New York Fashion Week and Cannes film festival by showcasing her mesmerizing jewelry and red-carpet collection.


Anjali is super excited about empowering other woman’s and currently so overwhelmed with the response on her upcoming show in VIP NYFW and she is having all the roles models and beauty pageant title holders walking for her show below. The list includes prestigious names like Shalini Madan Sharad who is the winner of the prestigious title, Mrs. India USA 2022 with Virgelia productions Inc-an international pageant representative of Europe, Asia and Latin America for the last 33 years.


Shalini Madan Sharad is on the Board of Amity university and a motivational speaker for students and women aspiring leadership roles. She wants to use the crown responsibility and give back to the world- She believes that she can inspire others through her journey – Confidence, empowerment to live each dream of yours and believe in you 


Shalini Madan Sharad is based out of New Jersey and believes in the infinite possibilities that come along with hard work & determination. Moreover, World’s top Model 2021 title holder Maliyah Lorenzo, Miss Bharat California 2022 Mounika Siriguppi; Cannes super model, actress & Indian Achiever 2021 award holder Chaitanya Poloju; MRS India USA 2021 Pretty Kaur; Ms India DC 2020 Ajitha Srinivasan;

Dance Guru and mainstream south Indian famous actress Indrani Davaluri, Dr Ankita Singh, Mrs talented India ohio Aparna Kirkade, OSU student Ashley Mccoubrey, Law student and aspiring model Kaanya Oberoi, MRS bharat Ohio Tina Rathod, Mrs Bharat USA 2021 Meenal Manikandan, Trained Dancer Laalithya bondili , Aspiring Model Neha Devatha  and many more are associated with Anjali’s brand and walking for her in NYFW on 12th February in Times Square Marriott.

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Anjali believes in diversity and she is super excited to associate with likeminded people and thrilled to announce Mrs Pretty Kaur D as a model and show choreographer for her upcoming show in NYFW. Pretty Kaur D, the first Sikh to be crowned from Los Angeles as Mrs. India USA 2019-2021 has created a niche for herself in the world of fashion designing as well as a cosmetician.

Having a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising in addition to a degree in cosmetology, having worked in both the fields, she decided to amalgamate her talents.


Taking care of the fashion and beauty together, she is now a name reckoned with transforming the personality of her clients for good. She is also Director of Diversity Fashion World and Co Founder of California Sikhs (non profit organization)


Anjali has been making waves in the USA with her skills. Speaking about the similarities between American and Indian fashion industries, she said, “India and the US are both multicultural and large countries. The geographical and cultural diversity in both countries is extreme as well.

Indian fashion is very intricate and we love bright colors whereas in the USA people love simple and clean cuts but one thing for sure Indian fashion is really admired all over the globe and people love our detailing and Intricacy involved in our designs. I have a huge American clientele and I feel that saree is not just Indian attire. Everyone loves saree and Shah Rukh Khan.”

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According to Anjali her biggest achievement is her continued effort to stop pollution in the fashion community. Elaborating on the same, she said, “Plastic straws and single-use plastic bags are not the only items threatening the health of our planet, ending up in landfills, and, ultimately, accelerating the climate crisis.

Believe it or not, clothes, fabric, and other textiles are a huge culprit of environmental issues, too. According to the Council for Textile Recycling, the average American citizen discards 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles per year and many people discard new clothes just because of missing buttons and small stains.”


The designer added, “Designer dream collection accept their own clothing items back for recycling, and we are starting to offer on-location clothing recycling bins to collect textiles and accessories of any brand, so recycling your clothing is now really easy. DDC is seeking to promote environmental sustainability, anyone can be instrumental in reducing waste in the fashion industry.”


While Anjali is making heads turn with her fashion game, she is truly a desi at heart. The stylist opened up on her plans for Republic Day and said, “India this year is celebrating 73rd Republic Day. I salute the tri-color flag and our people, citizens and army who keep the flag safe and the pride of our Nation May the brave leaders of our glorious nation guide us to peace and prosperity so that we can hold our heads high and be proud of our country. I salute the work they did for our country. Let’s make our nation proud with integrity and togetherness. Jai Hind! Happy Republic Day!”

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