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Estars launches interactive esports engagement platform for fans

Estars is unveiling an interactive engagement platform for esports events around the world.
The Dublin-based company bills itself as a fan-first destination for everything esports, combining the best elements of competitive gaming with a social platform to create an innovative and enhanced viewing experience designed to spur active engagement for the biggest esports competitions around the world.
The first product, Estars Outlast, is a free-to-play competition that allows fans to test their knowledge of various esports tournaments and predict the performance of their favorite competitors. To celebrate the announcement, fans who pre-register at will receive information regarding the 25K Outlast Promotion, where users could win their share of $25,000 and 25,000 Stars, Estars’ exclusive virtual currency.
“Estars is a platform created with the esports fan in mind,” said Bart Barden, chief product and revenue officer at Estars and a 22-year veteran of the gaming industry, in a statement. “We plan on providing an entirely new way for fans to play, compete, and win by offering exciting and engaging experiences, starting with prediction games that were designed with a gamer’s competitive spirit at their core. In addition, we look forward to providing a safe and secure environment while setting the industry standard for trust and integrity as a member of the Esports Integrity Coalition.”
Estars provides game developers with the opportunity to directly connect and engage with their fans through social competitions that are complementary to their esports events. The platform also offers developers one-of-a-kind monetization and branded content opportunities. Other features include a unique in-game cash out system, innovative prizing through incentive-based ad viewing, a VIP program with custom integrations, comprehensive data analytics, and live contest tracking that can provide fans more value in real-time, and in return, drive more engagement and viewership of live events.
“We wanted to create a parallel esports experience that provides top game developers the opportunity to engage with the millions of people who watch their esports content in a very unique and active way,” said Jeff Liboon, president of Estars, in a statement. “We’ve all witnessed how successful social platforms can enhance live events and think Estars is the next evolution of that for competitive gaming, whether fans are casual players interested in experiencing esports for the first time or a hardcore gamer. Estars has tremendous capability to increase developers’ market potential. We have the goal of being the largest and most effective esports engagement platform for both consumers and B2B content providers in the world.”
Outlast, the first product on, allows fans to predict the results of various esports competitions. The goal of Outlast is to make the most correct predictions and be the sole survivor of multileg contests against other fans, spanning one day, weeks, or even a full season. Users are rewarded for correct predictions and compete to earn VIP status, virtual currency, real-world prizes, and other exclusive items every week. Outlast is now in beta and is scheduled for launch this fall on mobile and desktop. More information will be announced prior to its release later this year.
Estars is an affiliate company of ESP Gaming and was founded earlier this year by an experienced team of esports enthusiasts. Estars is also a proud member of the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC).
Source: VentureBeat
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