Explicit SEO Strategies For 2019

There are a number of reasons to why Google keeps on updating its algorithms from now and then. The purpose or Google’s goal is to give users the best experience, Google’s updates don’t spoil the rankings of websites but improve or update Google crawlers and servers.

The question is how does it affect SEO? And how is it any different from past years? The first difference is in the keyword researching and their optimization because without them a website won’t become visible in the search engine page results. It is the keywords that help search engines to look for the content people are searching for, and a keyword can be a short-tail or a long-tail. People frequently search in long tails because a one-word keyword is hard for a search engine to understand, at early times of search engine people used meta-tags in their back end to add keywords but now search engines go with the structure of the long tail keyword.

Google knows the synonyms of the words and how to recreate a sentence so when search engine completely understands the meaning of what you asked for. The results will be displayed in SERP based on the most visited sites with authentic content or the ones with updated content. These are three basic requirements for a website to gain traffic:

Responsive Website

Websites whose designs are responsive are always liked and approached by many people. The reason is they are easy to surf, and people can find what they are looking for on a smartphone and other devices without any difficulty. Websites built in CMS or open-source frameworks are always responsive. If you still work in the core, it is right for you, because you will be able to modify their backend easily if needed. Do you know almost 64% of people access the internet through smartphones according to the data collected in the year 2018. Not because these people want to watch movies or use applications it’s because almost 82% of websites use responsive designs which makes it easier for every smartphone user to access without a computer.

Keywords with Quality Content

If the content of your website is not appealing, then there is no way a user would stay on your site. You can keep track of returning users, and people who stay on your website longer and the only way to make them stop and surf the website is by providing them appealing content. If the content of your site is not attractive, then there is no way to progress up the chart of rankings. If you hire writers to write for you then don’t because you can write better than them, the reason is you know your field in a different class.

If you can’t right then try paraphrasing by gaining knowledge from your competitor’s websites, all you have to do is write something that you think can attract customers by adding information based on your experience or services. Also, if you are afraid of making mistakes, then you can go for a grammar check available online.

Local SEO

If you are thinking of just owning a website and other optimization techniques will work then no, location is a significant factor especially if you are offering services or products. If your site is about buying goods online then definitely for a better SEO you need to use a long tail keyword including the name of your city, for example, buy smartphones online in London. Which is a long tail keyword and it is necessary because without it how customers or even the search engine would know where you are selling. Also, if you are offering services like free shipping still that long tail keyword will matter because it will allow you sometimes to make high-end sales face to face with customers.

These three are the necessities for a well-organized website because without them you have definitely messed up your chances of appearing in the SERP. Also, there is a limit to how many keywords you can use, and there shouldn’t be more than two to three percent keywords in a thousand words content. Using long tail keywords will enable you to make links to your other pages of the website like if you want to read the whole article click read here etc.

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