Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh Tests Positive For Coronavirus Despite Taking Vaccines For Covid, Is Pharma Companies Selling Water In The Name Of Vaccine To Extort Money In Poor Economic Situation, What Is The Use Of Covid Vaccination?

Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh tested positive for coronavirus on Monday. Now,  is admitted to AIIMS stated by AIIMS officials. The former PM and also the senior Congress leader was having some mild symptoms of fever before being admitted.


The former PM, 88, has been admitted to the AIIMS trauma center. As per the sources, the AIIMS trauma center which is a committed COVID-19 facility mentioned that his condition is stable now. They affirmed his Dr. Manmohan Singh had a mild fever in the morning, and later, he tested positive for the covid-19. Presently, the doctors are observing Singh’s condition. The former PM tested positive despite taking both doses of the Covid-19 vaccines. 


Prime Minister Narendra Modi wished speedy recovery and good health to his predecessor Dr. Manmohan Singh on Monday. He tweeted “Wishing our former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji speedy recovery and good health. 


Dr. Manmohan Singh wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Coronavirus Crisis


He wrote to the current PM on the Covid-19 crisis, accentuating that ramping up vaccination is the key to fight this pandemic. Bringing up some steps to boost supply comprising requesting mandatory licensing provisions as in HIV/AIDS drugs.


“The veteran Congress leader said in a letter to Prime Minister that one must not see at the absolute numbers. Yet, the total percentage of the population that has been vaccinated. The opener to our battle against COVID-19 must be building up the vaccination exercise.

We must hold the temptation to view the absolute numbers of being vaccinated. However, the center instead of the percentage of the population vaccinated,” he stated in his letter.


Heeding that India currently has vaccinated only a tiny fraction of its entire population, Singh stated he is sure that with the proper policy design, “we can do much better and swiftly”.


“There are several things we must do to battle the pandemic, but a hefty part of this exercise must be building up the vaccination program, ” he stated while making many recommendations. Presently, individuals who are above 45 years of age are eligible for vaccination. He further noted states might wish to designate the school teachers, three-wheeler and taxi drivers, bus, panchayat staff, and municipal. Also, there can be perhaps lawyers who have to visit courts as frontline workers. These all can be prevented even if they are below the age of 45 years.

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Dr. Manmohan Singh suggested these steps a day after Congress Working Committee held over the COVID-19


He stated the Centre should announce the orders of vaccine dose set and admitted for delivery over the subsequent six months. Singh said the government should symbolize how the vaccine supplies are to be divided among states. “If we wish to vaccinate an already set number in this time, then we should also set enough in progress so that producers can stick to their accepted plan of supply, ” he wrote.

The former PM stated the government should designate whatever form this proposed vaccine supply will get divided over states based on a transparent formula. He further recommended that the central government could retain 10% for the division based on emergency requirements. Also, states should have an exact signal of likely availability so they can further schedule their rollout.


Heeding that India has appeared as the biggest producer of vaccines, he stated in the phase of a public health emergency. The government must proactively encourage the producers of the vaccines. They should do this to extend their manufacturing facilities swiftly by supplying funds and other grants as well. 


Calling Israel’s example, which has now invoked the required licensing provision, he stated there is an unbelievable case for India to do as well swiftly. He further mentioned despite insufficient domestic supplies, any vaccine that has been freed for use by credible authorities such as the European Medical Agency or the USFDA. They should be permitted to import without asking on domestic bridging trials. “We are putting up with an unusual emergency and, I can get, experts, are searching that this relaxation is justified in an emergency. Besides, the relaxation could be for a short amount of time in which the bridging trials could be finished in India, ” he said. He further warned all the users of these vaccines that are being permitted for use based on the consent given by the appropriate authority abroad, he said. Also, he mentioned he is sending his recommendations for consideration in effective cooperation where he has ever understood and acted over. ” I hope the government will take these steps suggested immediately and act on them quickly,” he said.

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The former PM recalled how in a year, the world and India have been fighting with the Coronavirus 


He stated it is a big battle between the world and the virus where parents have not seen their children in over a year. Several have lost their livelihood source, and millions have been pushed back into poverty, he noted. He further mentioned that with the second wave being lately witnessed, “people are starting to wonder when their lives will get back to normal”.


India has seen a big increase in coronavirus cases around 2 lakh cases being reported daily in the last few days. The senior Congress leader P Chidambaram has presented the faith that the government will stick to the recommendations. Whether the government is subject to some good recommendations will be known from the action used in the letter. Moreover, whether the government is somehow serious regarding including the spread of the pandemic will also be known from this reply, ” he noted.


Is Vaccine Companies Selling Water in the name of Vaccines?


Dr. Manmohan Singh, former Prime Minister, tested positive for coronavirus just after getting vaccinated with two doses. Now, the query that comes to our mind is, what these pharmaceutical companies are selling in the name of the vaccine?


Are they really selling the vaccine only or water in the name of it and extracting the money from honest people amid the COVID-19 pandemic. These pharmaceutical companies like Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute are charging a reasonable price for coronavirus vaccines. Coronavirus has not just affected humans, but now animals are also included in this. The number of people getting infected is increasing daily in huge amounts. Oxygen supplies are less, states are running short of ICU beds and people with hope in their eyes are standing in queues at the front gate of the hospitals. These companies announced the vaccine, and after launching it without proper trials being done, we can see the consequences. It shows that vaccines are not effective as they are made without the proper trials. 


What else can be a hefty example of covid vaccines being ineffective? Despite taking two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, our former Prime Minister has tested positive. Covid vaccine shots are given to individuals to secure them from getting infected. It will help in ceasing the spread of the coronavirus. But rather than showing some positive results in the human body, vaccines are making people fall sick and again getting infected with COVID-19.

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