Get into the profitable tea business by becoming a distributor for this 100% safe and natural brand

Think just water is essential for survival? Ask a true tea-addict and they shall give you the real answer…Yes; tea has become almost synonymous with water…especially for many crazies who can’t function without their hot cuppa of tranquillity.

Did you know that tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world after water? Yes, people across countries vouch for their morning cup of tea as being the only means of waking up from sleep and getting set for the day ahead. It’s like the energy drink to rejuvenate a tired soul. Or just to add a splash of vigour to the mundane and dull.

Have barely gotten through half a day of work and yet feeling blue? Chai time is the only answer to take all the stress away and leave you light and spirited. So where exactly does this magical potion come from?

Authentic tea always comes from one parent plant called the Camellia sinensis. There are only 4 main types of real tea – green tea, black tea, white tea and oolong tea.

Hilly regions usually are used for tea plantations. Tea estates itself are exquisitely stunning and aromatic. Massive tea factories execute detailed systems where the end products are processed in a step by step fashion.

Interesting Flavours are created; different qualities of tea are segregated etc. Moreover, the tea of each region also differs in taste, quality, colour and USPs. For example, tea from Assam will be different from that of Darjeeling.

Tea has addictive qualities such that who consume it regularly cannot go a day without it. For this reason, many times it has been criticized for harming consumers bodily. However, as we know, anything in excess is bad for health. On the other hand, if one consumes tea in apt quantities, tea has actual proven health benefits.

Benefits of tea

• It has been scientifically proven that tea possesses antioxidants or catechins (especially green tea). This increases fat burn rate.

• It thus facilitates weight loss

• Tea is also said to be good for the heart

• Helps against cardiovascular and degenerative diseases

• Avoids Parkisons to develop

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• Protects the skin from UV rays (acts as a natural sunscreen)

• Also said to prevent a certain type of cancers such as breast, skin and lung cancer

All in all, tea can be your daily dose of caffeine while also keeping you hydrated. However, research towards the benefits of tea especially against major diseases such as cancer and Parkinson remains mixed.

Thus in no way can one only rely on tea for staying healthy and disease free. However, it does sure have some key benefits in place. Moreover, when consumed in the right amounts, if not extremely beneficial, it is definitely at least safe to intake.

Being in the Tea Business

Many of the affluent business families as you might have noticed, have since time immemorial been operating in the Tea Industry. Why is this so? Tea is now a necessity for which the demand never fades. And the love for tea has existed since ages only growing even stronger. Recession-proof and a global favourite – business in this area is then a sure shot winner.

• Statistics show that wholesale sales of tea in the US amount to 12 + billion dollars annually. This has grown from around 1.4 billion value in 1990, depicting a massive sales growth over the years.

• UK drinks around 165 million cups of tea every day.

• Turkey has the highest tea consumption per capita.

• In fact, more than half of the world’s tea is consumed from the Asian Continent alone.

• In 2002 the global consumption of tea amounted to 1.6 million tons which grew to a whopping 2.9 million tons by 2016. Future predictions forecast a steady growth with global consumption in 2021 reaching a 3.3 million ton.

• Sales of loose tea leaves in 2017 have grown both in quantity and value from previous years.

So where does India stand in the running? Well, we are the ones filling up this ever-growing demand. We are in fact the second largest producers of tea in the whole world right after China. India contributes to 22% of the world’s tea alone!

So all in all what’s apparent is that the demand in this sector has been only growing and has further potential to bag even higher earnings.

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Furthermore, one would want to opt for a business which attracts the millennial. This is because they today form the biggest cadre of customers for your business. Moreover, they’re the future you’re heading towards. Tea has become the favoured beverage of this customer segment too. The young today are extremely health-centric and focused. With its health benefits in place, tea has become the preferred drink for today’s fitness-conscious youth.

As recorded by Gary Hemphill, MD of research at Beverage Marketing Corps “The tea category is very well positioned for today’s health-focused consumers,” “We’re projecting solid growth in the years ahead.”

Thus now we know that tea sales are a clever space to enter from a business point of view. There is competition from many established brands; however, the safest route to still benefit from this popular segment is through reselling and distribution.

While mass production is capital and risk intensive, becoming a distributor for a reputable tea brand is your best way to success.

One such brand that is now open to tea distributorship is Devikaa Tea Ltd. We’re going to be exploring more about the company and the tea it produces.

Devikaa Tea Ltd

Devikaa tea Ltd markets and distributes its high-quality chai “Mittal’s Natural Aroma Premium Tea “. The tea is made from the finest leaves from Assam and Darjeeling. The best part about their tea is that it is 100% organic. Only natural ingredients are used for all processes.
100% natural and long shelf life. Yes, the tea can be preserved and stored for up to 2 years. Thus there is no stress of it expiring early off without being sold or consumed.

Vacuum packed, tasted by a panel of tea experts and sourced from only the best gardens. What’s more? Only the best techniques and high-quality manufacturing practices are used. The prices are kept yet affordable without compromising on the quality.

However, their biggest USP that differentiates them truly is that they’re 100% acidity free.

USP of Devikaa Tea

Devikaa Tea only deals in acidity free tea. For those of you not aware, sometimes certain types of tea or brands turn out acidic in nature.

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Acidity is measured based on the pH scale of a product with the mid-point being around 7 (neutral). A pH <4 is very acidic. While most teas are not this acidic, some have been reported to have pH levels of as low as 3 (lemon tea, blackberry tea etc).

Acidic teas can cause teeth damage and severe stomach issues. However, tea with pH levels 5.5 or above is deemed safe in every way (causing no tooth damage).

Devikaa tea ensures that you get an only acidic free tea with no stress of adverse reactions.

The overall aim is to provide a 100% natural and fully safe tea that shall not harm any bodily systems. It is specially formulated for the next-gen of health-centric and conscious citizens. People all around India are already getting excited about it!

So what are you waiting for? Join the bandwagon and earn along the way…

Distributorship of Devikaa Tea

All sales related activities of Mittal Premium tea is overseen by Devikaa Tea. If interested do get in touch with them on or 09518375702.

One of the most profitable and risk-free sectors to be in plus super simple formalities makes the opportunity all that more appealing.

From investments as low as 25,000 INR, formal contractual agreements in place, sampling for your customers and all the logistics arranged by the company itself – this opportunity is one not to miss. Truly one in a lifetime, it can take you places you could never imagine reaching.

What’s more? Expect only transparent working relations and high turnover bonus. The marketing overheads are also additionally borne by the company. High success rates are further proof of concept and viability.

With offices all around the globe and in different Indian states, Devikaa is all set to expand its distributorship channels. Get in touch now for an aromatic re-start to your life!

For Distribution Enquiry Please Connect
+91 93544 94860

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