Get That Job With These 7 Tips During The Pandemic!

People are stuck indoors with their families. Some are working from home, some are studying from home while some are looking for jobs. This time is especially hard on the people who are freshers/ experienced candidates who have been looking for job openings. With no new interviews taking place (physically) and no HRs answering the calls because the companies don’t have money to hire fresh talent, these people are a constant mess and they are letting this pandemic take a toll on their mental health. With this being said, here are a few tips for you in case you are eagerly looking for a job” 

  1. Make Networks Online: build your presence in the best way possible online. use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Gmail for finding jobs. keep searching on job portals like and, they can be savior right now. Your whole job interview depends on what you have mentioned in your profile so be very precise and crisp in what you upload online. 
  2. Stay In Touch: maybe there was a company that was hiring people during the pre-COVID time but now it is not keen for the same. stay in touch with them because one day they will need you. one day, the world will start again and companies will open their doors for you. 
  3. Gather A Few Skills: this is the best time for upgrading your skillset. if you are into the IT domain, start focusing on cloud-based services and AI because they are the need of the hour. It is going to be a madhouse after this pandemic ends. People will be running to get jobs so the person with the highest skillset will be chosen. 
  4. Focus On The Right Industry: you must know what is going on in the economy and which segment is on a boom. E-commerce tends to flourish after this pandemic and so does the IT sector. HR will also get a boost but sectors like aviation and hospitality have a black time ahead. Start by learning about the sectors which will prosper owing to the current circumstances.
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During The Interview: if you are the lucky one and you manage to get the interview call, the interview will definitely be via a skype call. make sure that you have a good internet connection and your surroundings aren’t messy. Prepare your answers well. Know about pre-COVID and post-COVID era. 

  1. Adapt Yourself: this isn’t the usual recession time, its the time of a virus! a person who can easily adapt themselves to the environment will survive and others won’t. Make sure that HR knows that you are highly diverse and can be trusted during times of adverse situations. 
  2. Follow Up After A While: know that there are hundreds of people who are willing to take the job you want. The level of competition available right now is insane. People might not tell you directly but deep down they will be rooting for your rejection so that they can get the job. Keep reminding the HR that you exist and you need the job so that they don’t forget about you. 

And last but not the least, your time will come, you will shine. Just be confident and be you! Reality and wittiness are what make the people hire you. One bad phase does not mean it is the end of the world. You will get your chance to sparkle! 

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