How an Indian startup is disrupting field of chemistry

Amongst all the buzz about AI and 3D printing, there is a sector booming in silence – Nanotechnology!
A sector that majorly deals with particles so small that it cannot be even seen with the naked eye is believed to be 125 Billion Dollar industry in the next 10 years as per prnewswire. This technology is engineered by using advanced chemistry which is extraordinary. Nanotechnology is predicted to be the next big thing after AI, 3D printing, and E-commerce by a trusted business magazine.
In 2015, Rohiit Rajpoot and Hari Ahir left the safety and comfort of their research assistant job at renowned MNC to start their own company – Advanced Nanotech Lab (ANT LAB ).
Being an enthusiast of chemistry they had spotted a dire need in the global market for durable and eco-friendly nano coatings, which make surfaces water and stain repellent (superhydrophobic). They had set up ANT LAB in with an initial investment of Rs 8 lacs, most of which was machinery and rented gala.
Apart from their savings they had to borrow from their friends and relatives to fulfill the operating costs and capital expenditures. Managing financials was a bit tedious for Rohiit where Mr Hari Ahir , a business-minded community upbringing came to his rescue to handle it effortlessly. Unlike AI or Android App startup, they choose an unconventional field of a start-up without any success or inspiration due to which they had to face a lot of friction from their family regarding this venture. They had to make their family believe that what they are doing is not easy but chemistry is what they were in love with and wish to be self-employed. Eventually, they made it so far due to our enthusiasm for chemistry and nanotechnology and faith in themselves.
The 5-year-old ISO 9001:2015 certified start-up have their office based in Mumbai while the manufacturing plant is in Dahanu.
They manufacture eco-friendly and non-toxic nanocoatings that do not only have features like super water repellency but also anti-microbial and scratch resistant as well which makes it unique. This means the finished surfaces can be free from microbes like corona, ebola, etc. along with secondary features like easy to clean (superhydrophobic), great oil repellency (oleophobic), and therefore, have stain repellency and scratch resistance. These properties come with a bonus of high durability making them ideal for heavy-marine applications to building & construction to monuments or aerospace and aircraft applications.
ANT LAB claims to be the first ones in India to deliver a ‘hydrophobic anti-corrosion coating’ for marine application and a special water repellent formula for wearable fabrics with 40 to 50 wash life.
Serving over 500 clients globally with presence in 6 countries, this venture has grossed revenues of Rs 10 crore by the end of the fiscal year 2018. They have filed for 4 patents in India for their products to discourage other competitors.
A few of their best-selling products are ‘HydraFab’, ‘HydraSol’, HydraX, HydraGlass, etc.
Their client portfolio includes Tesla Motors, DS group, Hindustan Unilever, Rolls-Royce (Sri Lanka), Shree Cement, Aditya Birla, Saint-Gobain, Zydus Takeda, SolarTech, GSK, etc.
More details about them can be found on Advanced Nanotech Lab website.

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