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How Artificial Intelligence makes UX Design easier

Before we start, you should know about Artificial Intelligence, what is Artificial Intelligence, and how it works with UX Design. There are lots of conversation happening around Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and using Algorithms to shape the future of design and designers.

Artificial Intelligence

In 1950 Minsky and McCarthy described Artificial Intelligence.
“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an act like Human Intelligence and also known as Machine Intelligence (MI)”
Artificial Intelligence splits into two types.
1- Narrow Artificial Intelligence: Narrow AI is the only form of Artificial Intelligence that human has achieved. This AI makes easy to understand and perform a task such as Playing Chess, Weather forecasts, Go Making Purchase suggestion, sales predictions etc.
2- General Artificial Intelligence: This is the intelligence of machines which can perform any Intelligence task same as a human being. This is a sort of AI (Artificial Intelligence) more commonly seen in movie hall in 2001 but doesn’t exist today.

How Artificial Intelligence work with UX Design:

Artificial Intelligence is a machine learning, our machine works and reacts the humans do. AI growing because it simplifies routine tasks makes it easier for human beings. Artificial Intelligence simplifies the use of website and applications for all users. Facebook is one of the best examples; it does not require the users to specify the content they are looking for. Few likes and share are enough for Facebook to build a profile and deliver preferred content in the feed. AI is working in the background in algorithm form and make it easy for users.

How to Improve User Experience:

As we know that AI is a machine learning Intelligence, that enables the machine to Judge and speculate like a human, same manner traditional web designs use AI logics, routine, and situation to deliver the results users are looking for. For example, after successfully AI implementation an online stores can easily identify the actual need of their users. It can be built to understand a given situation and perform cognitive analysis to know more about customer performance. It can provide the time, user spends on the product page and all other activity.
Let’s look at some more examples you might have already experienced:

Chat bot: Chat bot work like live chat it is based on machine learning techniques, it replaces human operations with robotics. The chat bot is used to minimize the wait time at call centers. Many companies have developed self-care website designed to help customers to save time by solving some problems themselves. No human interaction.

Siri: If you interact with Apple’s Siri, you’ve had a discussion with a speech-based bot. Siri is one of the most popular personal assistant application. It facilitates users routine activities like searching information, guiding on maps, making calls, sending a message, setting the reminder, or loading an application.

Amazon Visual Search: Amazon fire phone is powered by a visual search app which simplifies the user experience by allowing them to photograph a product, then search and find it on the internet.

Alibaba Matching Search: One of the e-commerce giants has also used AI for image matching service for a cloth line. A customer can upload an image and find suggestions for matching products without knowing the name or keyword of the product.

Facebook image recognition: Facebook also uses image recognition techniques using machine learning when you upload a photo. Facebook suggest tagging your friends.
These are the few examples based on machine learning techniques to increase the user/customer experience. In all the process user can easily get to know how he can operate and find the product or services.
Artificial Intelligence expanding all kind of devices and mediums. It already forms a large part of our daily experience and that will only increase with time.
Conclusion: The world is rapidly moving towards Artificial Intelligence. As a designers, we have the opportunity to define how our relationship with AI will play out. It’s an opportunity for us to collaborate, innovate and create an exciting meaningful experience that benefits our users and the future of UX. From those above examples, we can find that the AI technology will help to create a better and personalized experience.

Brijesh Mishra

UX Designer



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