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How to choose the right strategy as a currency trader

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Nowadays, businesses, companies, and individuals are using some strategies which help them to reach success, their goals and see a profit. The main reason for having a strategy is to see benefits and gain money.

As currency trading attracts more and more people to the marketplace, many people are getting involved in it and start to trade with currencies, the role of strategies is getting extremely high. The main reason for strategy popularity is that it unites the years of traders’ experiences and makes it easier to orient.

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In this article, I’m going to provide you with information about strategies that are the keys to success, while trading with currencies.

Why do we need strategies?

As we already mentioned strategies lead us to reach success. One of the main points of having a strategy is that it increases the awareness of the things we do and the processes we take. While planning we come across the previous negative and positive experiences, which makes us realize what are the things we should do and we don’t have to do.

What’s more, strategy encourages us to stay focused on the things which are essential for our success. Step by step it indicates the things which need to be done. In a world where the distraction level is extremely high and there are many things that prevent us from staying focused, strategies are, what shows us the solution to the mentioned problem.

Strategies, furthermore, assist us to clear the path for having the best route to take in the years ahead. People, mostly, are oriented to see a long-term profit, so for this reason, also, strategy means a lot.

Strategies for the currency traders

As we saw, strategies give us many benefits, so why don’t we use them? Strategies are extremely popular in currency traders. So, in this part, I’m going to give you some basic information about the existing strategies, including the hedging strategies of successful FX traders, which are extremely helpful for people who are involved in currency trading.

One of the strategies is price action trading. It includes researching and studying the history of the currency’s price fluctuations during the time. Depending on the past data and observations, traders can find the tendencies of currencies and decide whether it is worth investing in them or not. This strategy can be used both in the long, medium, and short-term.

The second strategy is the range trading strategy, which is utilized when the market lacks direction. The point of this strategy is to find the range of the currency, to see its lows and highs, analyze its support and resistance and the risks.

Some traders don’t like to take several positions while trading with currencies, so they are using the forex options hedging strategy. The main advantage of this strategy is that it provides traders with the right to buy or sell the currency at a predetermined rate. 

Direct forex hedging strategy is a strategy that allows traders to trade simultaneously with several currencies, so the chance of gaining a lot of money is extremely high.

Trend trading strategy lies in the experience of other traders and generally, in the biases in the market. Usually, it leads us to positive returns.

One of the famous strategies is position trading, which is a long-term strategy and is grounded on the Elliott Wave Theory.

Day trading strategy, which is usually a short-term strategy, provides us with the median risk and reward ratio and allows us to get involved in several trading opportunities.

One of the wide-spread and most used strategies is the forex correlation hedging strategy. This strategy’s main advantage is that it allows us to use, during trading, highly positively or highly negatively correlated currency pairs.

Forex scalping strategy is a strategy, which allows traders to earn a little money but in the short term. This strategy provides us with a bunch of opportunities.

Swing trading is a kind of strategy, which provides us with both numerous trading opportunities and with a median risk/reward ratio.

One of the popular strategies in forex is the carry trade strategy. The main advantage of this strategy is that it needs minimal time investment and also, as the previous strategy, is characterized by a median risk to reward ratio.

Which is the right strategy for currency traders?

It’s hard to say which is the best strategy for currency traders. As we saw there are a bunch of strategies that have either their advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the traders, their interests, what are their main goals and purposes – they want to get money in a short time or want to invest their money in the long-term and gain more money, they want to invest money with the high, medium or low risk/reward ratio and so on.

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