Huge Recuperation Operation Successfully Recover Narcotics; Pakistan Drone Drops 5.5 KG Heroin In Amritsar

Massive Drug Recovery Operation Thwarts Narcotics Trade: Pakistan-Linked Drone Drops 5.5 KG Heroin in Amritsar

A joint operation conducted by the Border Security Force (BSF) and the Punjab Police resulted in the detection of a suspicious drone in the vicinity of Rai village, situated on the outskirts of Amritsar, at approximately 2.50 am on Saturday. The vigilant team members were alerted by the distinct buzzing sound emitted by the drone, followed by the delivery of a consignment from the aerial vehicle.

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The successful interception of the drone and the subsequent retrieval of the dropped package showcased the effective coordination and prompt response of the BSF and Punjab Police in combating illicit activities.

On Saturday, the security forces successfully intercepted and confiscated a total of 5.5 kg of heroin, which had been illicitly airdropped near the border in Punjab’s Amritsar district. This significant recovery was made possible due to the vigilance and swift response of the security personnel in the area. The illegal drug consignment was believed to have been transported by a drone of Pakistani origin, highlighting the increasingly sophisticated methods employed by drug traffickers.

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Following an extensive search operation conducted in the vicinity, a total of five packets of heroin were discovered in a field. The recovery effort was accompanied by the retrieval of an iron ring that was found connected to the aforementioned consignment, as stated by a spokesperson representing the Border Security Force (BSF).

Massive Seizure: Authories Dispose Of Mephedrone Worth RS 4,860 Crore In Navi Mumbai

According to an official statement, law enforcement authorities conducted an operation on June 2nd, leading to the disposal of over 2,400 kilograms of confiscated mephedrone, a popular party drug. The estimated value of this seizure is reported to be more than Rs 4,860 crore. The event took place at a facility located in the neighboring city of Navi Mumbai. The action by the police signifies a significant blow to the illicit drug trade in the region.

In a significant move, the Mumbai police recently conducted the destruction of a vast quantity of synthetic stimulant and psychotropic substance. This operation took place at the secure incineration facility owned by Mumbai Waste Management Ltd, located in Taloja. With utmost care and precision, the disposal process was carried out in the presence of esteemed members from the high-level drugs disposal committee.

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This proactive initiative by the authorities demonstrates their unwavering commitment to combatting the illicit drug trade and ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

In a significant operation conducted by the Mumbai crime branch’s Anti-Narcotics Cell (ANC), a syndicate engaged in the illicit manufacturing and distribution of mephedrone was exposed last year.

An official from the ANC revealed that an astounding 2428.958 kg of this dangerous drug, with an estimated value of Rs 4,856 crore, was seized during the operation. The successful operation not only dealt a severe blow to the criminal network but also played a crucial role in curbing the menace of drug abuse in the region.

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ANC apprehended a total of eight individuals in connection with the case, subsequently presenting a chargesheet to a nearby court. Additionally, it was reported that assets amounting to over Rs 10 crore, which were owned by the accused individuals, were frozen as well, according to an official statement.

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Mephedrone, commonly known as MD, has been banned under the provisions of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act. The Anti-Narcotics Cell (ANC) has made significant strides in combating the illegal drug trade, effectively confiscating and eliminating over 3,500 kg of seized drugs worth approximately Rs 5,000 crore within the past five months. This noteworthy accomplishment reflects the ANC’s commitment to upholding the law and safeguarding society from the detrimental effects of illicit substances.

Samba Drug Smugling Operation Uncovered: RS 3 Lakh Cash Seized In Raid

In a relentless pursuit to combat the activities of narcotics smugglers, the district police in Jammu made a significant breakthrough. They successfully uncovered a concealed stash of cash amounting to Rs 3 lakh along with the recovery of nine mobile phones.

This discovery took place at a hideout utilized by heroin suppliers, located in the notorious ‘chitta’ hotspot of Balol Khad. The hideout fell under the jurisdiction of Police Station Bari Brahmana. This operation marks yet another step forward in the determined efforts of the district police to curb the illegal drug trade and bring those involved to justice.

According to a police spokesperson, law enforcement authorities have taken legal action against three well-known suppliers involved in the distribution of heroin, two of whom are women. The police have officially booked these individuals, highlighting their involvement in the illicit drug trade.

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According to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Samba Benam Tosh, the police teams have been actively pursuing an investigation in case FIR No 103/2023 under various sections of the law, specifically the NDPS Act, at P/S Bari Brahmana. As part of their efforts, the police conducted raids at the suspected hideouts of the heroin suppliers. These operations were carried out under the supervision of an Executive Magistrate Ist Class to ensure transparency and legality.

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While conducting extensive searches of suspected hideouts belonging to prominent heroin suppliers, the police made a significant discovery. Within one of the locations, authorities uncovered a discreet small pit concealed beneath a hearth or fireplace.

Acting swiftly, the police proceeded to excavate the concealed pit, unveiling a remarkable find: a sum of Rs 3 lakh in cash, alongside drug proceeds that had been covertly stashed away by the heroin suppliers.

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This discovery serves as a testament to the diligent efforts of law enforcement in their mission to dismantle drug networks and apprehend those responsible for perpetuating such illicit activities.

According to SSP Samba Tosh, law enforcement authorities have made a significant breakthrough in their operation against the heroin trade. In addition to seizing a substantial amount of cash, the police team managed to recover nine mobile phones during their searches.

These devices are believed to have been obtained by the suppliers of heroin, who would exchange them with retail suppliers and addicts in exchange for the highly addictive drug known as ‘chitta.’ This discovery marks a crucial step towards dismantling the illicit drug network and ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

The police conducted thorough searches at suspected hideouts with utmost precision and diligence. Under the leadership of Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Bari Brahmana Rahul Nagar, a diligent team, comprising of SHO Bari Brahmana Sunil Sharma and PSI Mohd Aslam, successfully executed the mission.

The operation was conducted with utmost dedication and professionalism, leaving no room for plagiarism or any unethical practices. Executive Magistrate Ist Class Narinder Sharma oversaw the proceedings, ensuring the adherence to legal protocols. The entire operation was supervised by the vigilant Additional Superintendent of Police Samba, Surinder Choudhary, as affirmed by the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Samba.

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According to SSP Samba Tosh, a significant achievement has been made in the fight against drug trafficking over the last four months. A total of forty-two prominent narco-suppliers have been apprehended, and among them, five were notorious women involved in drug supply. This successful operation highlights the commitment of law enforcement agencies in combating the drug menace and ensuring the safety and well-being of society.

Pakistan National Arrested In Major Drug Bust, Imprisoned To NCB Custody For 5 Days

Zubair Derakshandeh, a Pakistani citizen, was apprehended by the Indian Navy for his suspected involvement in the recent drug confiscation near the coastal waters of Kochi. However, after his arrest, he was transferred into the care and custody of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in Cochin, where he is expected to remain under their supervision for a period of five days.

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K. Sanil Kumar, an additional sessions judge in Ernakulam, made the decision to hand over the accused to the custody of the investigation agency. This ruling was based on careful consideration of various factors, including the severity of the crime, the alleged involvement of the accused, the quantity of contraband that was seized, and the current stage of the ongoing investigation.

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By taking these elements into account, Judge K. Sanil Kumar ensured a fair and balanced approach to the case.

The defense attorney, B.A. Aloor, argued that the court lacked the authority to prosecute the case without prior authorization from the Central government, since the alleged offense took place outside the territorial boundaries of India. In support of this contention, no evidence was presented to establish that the accused had been apprehended within the territorial waters of India.

According to the counsels for the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), C.P. Udayabhanu and Navaneeth N. Nath, there is no need for prior clearance from the Central government to conduct an investigation. They put forth the argument that the Supreme Court had previously stated that police authorities have the power to arrest and detain individuals based on allegations of offenses committed outside India, even without obtaining permission from the Central Government.

narcotics control bureau

According to their statement, it was necessary to subject the accused to custodial interrogation in order to ascertain the involvement of other individuals implicated in the case.

Disregarding the contentions put forth by the defense attorney, the presiding judge made it clear that it was not within the court’s jurisdiction to weigh in on the ongoing investigation, as that was exclusively entrusted to the designated investigative agency.

The judge emphasized that it would be premature to assert definitively whether the accused individual had been apprehended within the territorial waters of India or not, highlighting the need for further examination and verification of the pertinent facts.

By chance, the National Control Bureau (NCB) acquired custody of the suspect from the Indian Navy on May 15th in Kochi, resulting in the initiation of a legal case. Investigative authorities have reported the confiscation of 2,525.675 kilograms of methamphetamine, a prohibited narcotic substance, which was meticulously packed in 132 bags.

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