Increasing Demand of Background Screening Services as per current market trends


NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Pvt Ltd is one of the leading service provider of India & is an accomplished enterprise, engaged in providing “Background Screening Services” in all parts of India since 2005.

“NIDAAN INDIA” provides Background Screening Services which helps to avoid negligence, to fill up the divergence, to save time & money, to provide a safer environment & to highlight the truth behind any Person/ Documents/ companies through thorough checks by forbidding any fraudulent practices, pressure & loss of productivity to occur.

According to present scenario & situation, due to rise in the fraudulent activities to obtain financial gains that has led to a challenging environment for insurance companies. The team of experts & professionals of “NIDAAN INDIA” retrieve genuine evidences and factors from the bottom of the case by focusing on “Background Checks & Verification”.

Our organization has successfully completed 12 Years in the Verification Industry.Where, NIDAAN INDIA’s Background Verification services defraud all kind of fraudulent activities occurring in India & Screening the Background of Individuals or Employee has become compulsory due to increment in fraudulent activities & practices.

“Our Aim & Motto is to meet Client’s Satisfaction in a standard manner by efficiently & intensively focusing on giving Quality Services.”

For any requirements/queries/ information, you may write to us at:- [email protected]


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