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IndusInd boosters to increase bank stake to 26%

IndusInd boosters to increase bank stake to 26%

By raising funds in a phased manner, IIHL aims to complete the acquisition of Reliance Capital, solidifying its position in the financial sector and expanding its reach across diverse businesses. The acquisition will enable IIHL to strengthen its foothold in key segments such as life and general insurance, asset reconstruction, and broking. These strategic additions to IIHL’s portfolio align with its vision of becoming a comprehensive financial services provider.

The planned stake increase in IndusInd Bank signifies IIHL’s long-term commitment to the institution and its confidence in the bank’s growth prospects. As IIHL gradually raises its ownership from 15% to 26%, it seeks to enhance its influence and decision-making abilities within the bank. This move reflects IIHL’s belief in the value and potential of IndusInd Bank as a prominent player in the Indian private banking sector.

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To support its growth ambitions, IIHL has set a fundraising target of up to $1.5 billion. This capital infusion will not only facilitate the acquisition of Reliance Capital but also provide the necessary resources for IIHL to strengthen its operations, expand its service offerings, and explore new business opportunities. The significant investment demonstrates IIHL’s commitment to seizing growth opportunities in the evolving financial landscape.

Moreover, IIHL has garnered interest from global sovereign and private equity funds who have expressed a desire to participate in IIHL’s growth story. This recognition from international investors underscores the attractiveness and potential of IIHL’s strategic initiatives and the overall growth potential of the Indian financial sector.

Indusind Bank’s Hindujas welcome RBI move to up promoter holding to 26% ...

Looking ahead, IIHL has indicated its intention to list the company, providing an opportunity for shareholders to trade their shares. This potential listing will not only enhance liquidity but also increase transparency and governance standards, further establishing IIHL as a reputable player in the financial services industry.

IndusInd Bank’s strong financial performance, with net profits close to Rs 7,390 crore and total assets of Rs 4.41 trillion, provides a solid foundation for IIHL’s investment plans. The bank’s robust performance and stability reaffirm IIHL’s confidence in its partnership with IndusInd Bank and its ability to generate sustainable growth in the coming years.

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In the current market scenario, IndusInd Bank’s stock closed at Rs 1,379.65 on the Bombay Stock Exchange, demonstrating stability compared to the previous day’s closing price. This stability reflects investors’ confidence in the bank and its prospects for future growth. Based on the existing share price, IIHL would need to inject approximately Rs 11,600 crore to raise its stake to 26%, indicating a significant commitment to strengthen its ownership and influence in the bank.

IIHL has received significant interest from global sovereign and private equity funds, signaling the recognition of IndusInd Bank’s potential and IIHL’s growth trajectory. This interest reflects the attractiveness of IIHL’s investment plans and its strategic vision for the future. The company’s plans to list its shares by the next year further align with its goal of providing existing and potential shareholders with the opportunity to trade their holdings, increasing liquidity and enhancing market participation.

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IndusInd Bank’s exceptional financial performance in the fiscal year 2022-23 showcases its ability to generate substantial net profits, demonstrating the bank’s efficient operations and effective risk management. With net profits reaching close to Rs 7,390 crore from a net income of Rs 17,592 crore, the bank has established itself as a key player in the Indian financial market. Moreover, its total assets of Rs 4.41 trillion underline its robust financial position and capacity to support continued growth.

The equity capital structure of IndusInd Bank comprises 775.89 million shares valued at Rs 10 each. Currently, the promoters hold 117.51 million shares, demonstrating their significant involvement in the bank’s operations and long-term vision. The bank

‘s free-float market capitalization, estimated to be around Rs 90,000 crore, reflects the market value of its freely tradable shares and highlights the bank’s market presence and investor interest.

Overall, IIHL’s strategy to increase its stake in IndusInd Bank and its associated fundraising endeavors exemplify the company’s strategic approach to strengthen its position within the financial sector. The interest expressed by global sovereign and private equity funds further underscores the potential growth prospects and attractiveness of IIHL’s growth trajectory. As IIHL continues to pursue its expansion plans, it aims to leverage the strong financial performance of IndusInd Bank and the growing interest from investors to solidify its position as a key player in the Indian financial market.

In summary, IIHL’s phased fundraising approach and stake increase in IndusInd Bank highlight its commitment to capitalizing on growth opportunities in the financial sector. With the acquisition of Reliance Capital and the infusion of funds, IIHL aims to expand its presence across various financial businesses while leveraging the interest of global investors. By aligning its strategies with the evolving market landscape, IIHL strives to become a leading player in India’s financial services industry.



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