6 Popular Companies That Are Revolutionizing The Employee Engagement and Benefits Landscape

Companies That Are Revolutionizing Employee Engagement:

1. Sodexo

sodexo north america up 17.5% in fy21 q3 | food management

Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services is a Digital Employee Motivation & Benefits solution provider that aims at creating “quality of life”. Their Employee Benefit Solutions are designed using sophisticated technology to help organizations improve the way they work and develop a motivated workforce. Partnered with 11,000+ companies across the public and private sectors, their digital-first benefits solutions include Sodexo Meal Pass, Resto Pass, and Cafeteria Pass under Meal Benefits.

In 2019, they merged with Zeta, a modern banking technology company, to bring better products to the market. They believe improving the quality of life will lead to positive attitudes, increased productivity, and intrinsic motivation.

2. Advantage Club

advantage club | employee perks, rewards & recognition.
Advantage Club, India’s largest employee engagement platform, was launched in 2016. They offer end-to-end employee benefit management solutions under a single application. When enrolled, corporates get access to exclusive offers from 10000+ brands, such as Samsung, Faasos, PNB Housing, Myntra, Apollo Pharmacy, among others. They create and deliver programs that connect and benefit both brands and clients/employees.

The application integrates with the existing PMS/CMS systems, eliminates the need for manual intervention, and creates contests for specific target audiences, with real-time performance and milestone monitoring. With 370+ corporate clients, the core idea behind the company is to aid organizations in elevating employee engagement and reducing attrition through seamless AI-powered practical benefits and rewards. The organization’s ultimate strategy is to concentrate on the Southeast Asian and MENA markets.


171639612 269867818200888 568055867943260124 n.jpg? nc cat=101&ccb=1 5& nc sid=6e5ad9& nc ohc=yt6ydge55s4ax8aqkkn& nc ht=scontent bom1 1 is a homegrown FinTech startup founded by Gaurav Kumar in April 2020, which provides tailor-made financial products for modern-day employees. It is a transformative fintech company that lets employees withdraw their accrued but unpaid wages into their salary account whenever required. Their financial wellness programs have changed lives, improved staff retention and workplace productivity by providing employers with a holistic approach that addresses financial wellbeing issues at its core.

They are leveraging AI and Machine Learning to develop advanced salary solutions that can help companies alleviate their employees’ financial concerns by giving them early access to their earnings and establishing a financial care framework. By the end of the year, this game-changing fintech company expects to have reached over 25 lakh employees from over 1000 brands.

4. Quodeck

quodeck technologies pvt. ltd careers and current employee profiles | find referrals | linkedin
Quodeck is an enterprise that designs innovative game-based e-learning programs to engage enterprise learners and collect data, which they then use to improve the learner’s experience and effectiveness. They not only offer superior ROI but also speed up the whole process.

The gaming experience is designed to attract employees and increase their retention, and to make onboard training more effective and time-efficient. As a result, employees can get a lot more experience than they would from a typical boring training session. With users across 40 countries, they promise speed, mobility, regionalization, data, and security and an enterprise client list that includes Pepsico, Unilever, eBay, etc.

5. Onsurity

sme focused insurance platform onsurity raises $16 mn led by quona capital
Founded by Yogesh Agarwal and Kulin Shah, Onsurity is a health tech company that provides SMEs, MSMEs, startups, and growing businesses with monthly and comprehensive employee healthcare. Their mission and vision is to make healthcare products more accessible to all while assisting businesses in growing happier and healthier employees.

Benefits such as group health insurance, discounts on medicine orders and health check-ups, fitness rewards, doctor teleconsultation, and more are included in their monthly-based plans. Their clients include food and beverage outlets, retailers and wholesalers, small consulting firms, trading companies, small service centers, boutique marketing agencies, and similar businesses.

6. BluElement

bluelement | building innovative technologies for workforce management
Bluelement Technologies is a Bengaluru-based HR tech startup, started in 2018 by colleagues-turned-founders Vinod John and Anurag Kapoor. They aim to address the complexities and support companies in lowering their employee dropout rate. HireLoop and EngageLoop are the two major solutions that are used to achieve the same.

HireLoop provides analytics and candidate joining probability scores to help organizations avoid dropouts and strategize more effectively, whereas EngageLoop, aims to create a “unique engagement template” based on a candidate’s profile, skills set, notice period length, and other factors. With 50 organizations using HireLoop and four customers using EngageLoop, the startup has 5,000 candidates engaged on its platforms.

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