Solid Tips to Make SEO Work for You


Search Engine Optimization can be a huge advantage for you in the industry, allowing you to gain a leg up on your competition when you really need it. To do this properly, you need to understand SEO and tune it to your own needs. If you really want to use today’s technology to reduce and eliminate the threat that your competitors pose to your business, doing the right type of SEO in the right way is the best possible way to do so. Here are some tips on how to make SEO work for your business.

Make Sure Your Content is the Best

SEO only works if the content it is implemented in is of the highest quality. This doesn’t mean that each article or product description on your site needs to be written by someone with a PhD in the English Language, of course. All it means is that all your content needs to be of relevance to your site and your customers too. Your site needs to be useful to your visitors even before you implement SEO into it. Remember that SEO increases your traffic, but customer retention and conversion is still your own responsibility.

Check and Recheck Your Keywords

After making sure that your foundation is of the highest quality possible, you need to double-check your keyword density. This is the volume of keywords in your text. Keywords are the main words in your articles that will help random people to find your site as they scroll through the internet. Too many keywords can do more harm to your pages than good. Search engines frown upon keyword spam, and relegate websites with a history of this to the back pages of search results pages. Try to keep your keyword density at about 5% for the best results.

External Links Could Save Your Life

Try to get websites with influence and a pre-existing reputation to link to your own site as often as you can. Doing this makes for about 70% of the ranking that a search engine will give your own site. External links of this sort can only be obtained if your site has a ton of relevant, high-quality content that other website owners will WANT to display on their own sites.

Other ways in which you can get external links is by paying authority websites to write articles linking back to you. You can even sponsor a site to get them to help you out. One last effort you can make is to just ask nicely. Get in touch with a larger site and ask them to please take you under their wing and help you out. You’d be surprised at how nice people can be!

SEO isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of effort to make your website show up on the front page of a search results page. As long as you keep your keywords looking good and maintain a certain level of external linking at all times, your site should be booming.


Dan Kihato is a freelance inbound marketing, digital PR, blogger and copywriter helping brands and individuals get found online through earned media, media mentions, guest posts, and blogger outreach



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