Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far can bring PS4 gamers up to speed before Kingdom Hearts III

Square Enix is releasing a new compilation of Kingdom Hearts action-role-playing games for the PlayStation 4 on October 30. The video game publisher is calling it The Story So Far, and it will include the already released I.5, II.5, and II.8 collections. As the name implies, this can help get people caught up on Kingdom Heart’s expansive (and complicated) narrative before the launch of Kingdom Hearts III on January 25 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The collection will cost $40.
Kingdom Hearts III is one of the most anticipated games coming out in early 2019, following the wave of fall blockbusters. The series, which is a marriage of the beloved Final Fantasy RPG franchise and Disney, has sold over 24 million copies. Kingdom Hearts II came out back in 2006. Since then, we’ve had side entries for portable platforms like DS and PSP along with compilations, but fans have waited a long time for Kingdom Hearts III.
The Story So Far includes HD remasters of Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Chain of Memories, Birth by Sleep, and Dream Drop Distance. It also includes movie versions, taken from in-game cinematics, for Re:coded and 358/2 Days. You also get Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep — A Fragmentary Passage, which is a playable prologue to Kingdom Hearts III.
Although Kingdom Hearts III is coming out for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, The Story So Far is only releasing on PS4. The standalone versions of these compilations were also PS4 (and PS3) exclusives.

Source: VentureBeat
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