Meet The 14 Startups That Comprise The Seventh Batch Of Sequoia Surge

Meet the 14 startups that comprise the seventh batch of Sequoia Surge.

When Surge joined the startups, almost half of them were in the pre-launch stage.
Surge, a rapid scale-up programme from Sequoia Capital India and Sequoia Southeast Asia, has just started its seventh cohort and has invested $41 million in 14 early-stage firms. What are these 14 startups that have caught the interest of Sequoia?

  • Attentive:

This vertical SaaS firm is developing a sales automation tool for providers of outdoor services. In the US, Attentive mostly dominates the $200 billion market. With the help of more than 600,000 contractors, it provides services like landscaping, paving, snow removal, and pest control. Sarthak Vijay and Shiva Dhawan created the business in 2017 as a service provider, and in 2021 it became a SaaS platform.

  • Beam:

Fintech platform that provides Southeast Asian buyers and sellers with checkout solutions. Beam collaborates with a variety of national and international brands, and their exclusive distributors. In 2019, Mike Chinakrit Piamchon, Nattapat Chaimanowong, and Win Vareekasem started the startup in Bangkok.

  • Boxs:

It is a platform for design-to-build automation used by construction companies, architects, and interior designers. Satheesh Ramdass and Vikram Venkatesan founded Box in Chennai in 2021. At the Guindy College of Engineering, the founders attended classes together.

  • BuyerAssist:


It is a customer collaboration tool that provides enterprise revenue teams to work with B2B buyers efficiently and transparently in order to keep stakeholders on board and bring on new customers. Founded in San Francisco in October 2020 by Amit Dugar, Shankar Ganapathy, and Shyam HN, BuyerAssist is a marketplace for consumers.

  • ClearFeed:
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ClearFeed is a collaboration tool that augments Slack and Microsoft Teams’ natural language ticketing with AI capabilities. To allow IT and support professionals to work from their preferred software while aiding customers and coworkers via Slack, it also integrates with backend ticketing services like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Freshdesk.

  • Gan:

It is a platform for creating personalised movies where the business uses AI to produce customised videos at scale, assisting brands in forging close bonds with their customers. Suvrat Bhooshan founded Gan in March 2021, and it has its main office in New Delhi.

  • Hatica:


In order to promote engineering excellence, alignment, and well-being, this SaaS firm offers software development analytics, team productivity, and workflow insights. Hatica builds end-to-end process visibility, and activity dashboards by linking to all the apps used by developers to collect work, including GitHub, Jira, CI/CD, and issue management systems. Haritabh Singh and Naomi Chopra started it in San Francisco in June 2020.

  • Meta school:

Meta school, a Singapore-based company, creates interesting project tutorials to assist developers in starting from scratch and ultimately building projects like an NFT (Non-fungible Tokens) marketplace, a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) for a particular community, or a decentralised social media platform. Fatima Rizwan founded it in January 2022.

  • PixCap:

It is an animation tool that allows people without any prior design knowledge to produce animations for 3D graphics, games, and designs. Users can export pictures, movies, and 3D industry-standard formats from the portal which offers free 3D templates and animations. In April 2020, CJ Looi and Cyril Nie created PixCap, which has its headquarters in Singapore.

  • Pratech Brands:
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Pratech is an online store for health and household supplies that specialises in offering straightforward products with a utility and convenience focus. Its most current product line, the Tesora brand range, includes bladeless fans, air fryers, ovens, kettles, and other goods that stand out for the modern household. It was established in Mumbai in 2021 by Anvi Shah, Neehar Modi, and Sachin Parikh.

  • Semaai:

This AgriTech company is developing an all-encompassing IT solution for the Indonesian agriculture industry. With an initial concentration on farming inputs like seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, and farming implements, Semaai provides the farming community with a comprehensive platform. Abhishek Gupta, Gaurav Batra, and Muhammad Yoga Anindito launched the company in April 2021.

  • TrueFoundry:

A developer platform that allows small and medium-sized IT organizations to install and monitor machine learning (ML) models at the same rate as large ones. So that data scientists and ML engineers may concentrate on the more creative aspects of the machine learning (ML) pipeline, TrueFoundry intends to automate the pipeline’s repetitive components related to infrastructure and deployments. TrueFoundry was established in June 2021 by Abhishek Choudhary, Anuraag Gutgutia, and Nikunj Bajaj. San Francisco is where it has its headquarters.

  • Unravel Carbon:


This company sells business software that helps organizations track and reduce their carbon emissions. The software creates customized supply chain carbon data, turns accounting data from any organization into comprehensive supply chain carbon data, and prepares regulatory disclosure reports automatically. In September 2021, Grace Sai and Marc Allen founded Unravel Carbon. Singapore is where it has its main office.

  • Whiz:
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Whiz is a fintech firm for teenagers that helps them open their first bank account with an app, makes purchases using Indonesia’s widely used QR payments system, and provides learning opportunities for budgeting and saving. On the Whiz app, parents and teenagers can also handle allowance and tasks together. In January 2022, Agnes Wirya Lie, Dominic Sumarli, and Frederick Widjaja established Whiz in Jakarta.

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