Musk wants to hire engineers from India after firing nearly 5000 people

The human resource department of Twitter is looking to recruit for sales and engineering positions, given that billionaire Musk has stated that there will be no further layoffs at the firm. This remark has marked its feet after several rounds of layoffs.

Musk’s idea of the new team.

The Twitter CEO has taken a number of risky measures since taking over as CEO of Twitter. He is apparently aiming to establish engineering teams in territories other than the United States, including India. The great Elon proposed the idea of decentralizing things, by establishing engineering teams in Japan, Brazil, India, and Indonesia.

The CEO mentioned in an internal meeting with his staff that there have been numerous major areas of the tech domain which must be rebuilt from the base level. Before this discussion took place, the corporation apparently eliminated an unspecified number of sales jobs. According to an article, Twitter has laid off the majority of its senior sales executives. However, there are no details that who Musk presents a proposal to hire as engineers and sales executives.

Elon Musk plans to hire engineers in India to 'decentralize' Twitter

One of the emphases of this discussion is the need for software engineers that are proficient in coding. He even made very clear statements that hiring these professionals is his “absolute top priority.” 

Musk’s admiration for Japan’s social media presence is another element of his meeting. He even asserted that Twitter is not primarily focused on the United States. Musk praised Japan for having almost the same amount of daily social media active users as the United States, although having a far smaller population.

Is there any arrival of a new compensation structure for the employees?

At this meeting, Elon Musk is also said to have addressed the salary perks that will be granted to the existing Twitter employees. According to sources, stock options are the new criteria through which the company’s new CEO wants to pay his workforce. Also, liquidation of stocks at regular intervals will be an option rewarded to the employees. It is the same way by which, another corporation of Musk SpaceX operates.

An estimate of Twitter’s firing spree.

Since his takeover, Musk has laid off a number of people, including former CEO Parag Agrawal and contractual employees. In the last few weeks, Elon Musk has terminated the employment of thousands of Twitter personnel and enacted tight ‘productivity’ rules. Musk let off approximately 90% of his employees during the recent layoffs. 

The dangerous firing spree can be understood by the estimation that since becoming Twitter’s sole board member, Musk is claimed to have reduced the workforce from 7000 to approximately 2700. It is said about 20 persons are supposed to have their job in hand out of some 200 staff, with the remaining having lost their jobs.

However, Elon Musk has apparently chosen to halt Twitter employment layoffs, maybe because he feels the firm cannot be run on its own. It demands competent teams that are trained to produce optimum results. As a result, the billionaire plans to hire new employees, and it appears that the turmoil that surrounds Twitter following its takeover by Tesla CEO will be over shortly.

Musk’s horrific attack of layoffs on Indian professionals.

Many engineers from throughout the country were affected by the layoffs. About 70% of India-based engineering personnel were sacked overnight, according to one recent Bloomberg source. Furthermore, Musk appears to have sacked the whole marketing, communications, and partner relations department based in India.

Musk fires Indian nationals overnight

The problems at Musk’s end.

The reintroduction of the Twitter Blue tick subscription appears to be causing problems for the firm. Musk had earlier planned to relaunch on November 29. However, the billionaire pushed it again with no indication of a precise date in a Monday tweet. 

Other key points of the meeting.

While taking staff questions for approximately a half-hour from Twitter’s San Francisco office, Musk stated that there are “no plans” to relocate Twitter’s headquarters to Texas, as he did for Tesla, but that it may make sense to be “dual-headquartered” in Texas and California. Musk added, “to be the digital town center, It is necessary that e accept  and represent people with a diverse range of viewpoints, even if we disagree with all those outlooks.”

Controversy around musk's blue tick plan

The parting message.

Monday’s meeting was the very first time the Twitter CEO spoke to Twitter employees since he ordered them all to opt into his “pretty tough” culture reset, which resulted in around 1,000 resignations last week. However, with this meeting, it seems that the layoff period is ended, and Elon Musk is now aiming to link many people with the organization. There are currently no job openings posted on the microblogging site’s official website. While the CEO is trying to hire engineering professionals from India to assist construct Twitter 2.0, he has not yet defined what types of technical or sales positions the business is looking to fill. Rather, he is concentrating on assembling a team of coding professionals.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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