Top 10 profitable businesses in India.

Here are Top 10 profitable businesses in India.

How about owning a small business venture or running a business on a large scale? No matter what the business type or investment is everyone wants to own a profitable company. Working 9 to 5 is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is important for one to have their own source of income. India has been a developing country with a huge market. In this market, which is full of consumers and distributors it is important to know the market and economy very well. In order to make a profitable business, it is very important to decide the niche of the firm, expertise, experience, Local market demand and country policies regarding the business, etc.


Since India is a country with a huge population and evolving economy the startups especially tech startup has seen tremendous growth in past few years. The youth of this country has contributed their idea towards the growing economy by providing job opportunities in India.

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Here are Top 10 profitable businesses in India.

  • Digital Marketing:- Advertising any products or your own startup venture has a huge scope in the market. Most of the e-business needs digital marketing for advertising their product. If you have good digital marketing skills you can provide services to firms all over the world. Digital marketing skills can be learned online or by joining any institute.
  • Content writing:- If you have a good command of your language and writing skills content writer would be a suitable profession for you. The best part of this profession is you only need a good internet connection and a computer. This business does not involve a huge investment. One only needs to dedicate their time, skills, and knowledge. You can write content for the business and charge for each word of the article.
  • Mobile app:- If you are Tech-savvy and possess technical skills for app development then you definitely fit in the shoe. As there is an increase in demand for smartphones along with the apps in it. It is important to know the need of the consumers and develop the app accordingly.
  • Dropshipping:- This is one of the best online start-up ventures you can think of doing. You can develop your own e-commerce website and start delivering goods according to the consumer’s needs. You don’t need to have a warehouse or any stock of goods. You can only purchase an item that is ordered by the consumer.

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  • Restaurants and café:- In urban cities, people with hectic schedules tend to enjoy their leisure time in a good environment and food. Hence there has been a tremendous demand for food outlets. This business requires a set of skilled staff and chiefs. But if you are fond of food and different fusions then this business is a perfect fit for you.
  • Web designing:- This does not require huge investment you only need computers and relevant skills for web designing. You can learn web designing online or from any institute and then approach existing or new businesses for designing their websites.
  • Stock markets:- One needs strong analytical skills for trading in the stock market. You need a stronghold on the information market and economic conditions. Whereas compared to other businesses this involves huge risk but is a quick way of earning. Though earnings in the stock market are flexible it depends on your knowledge and predictability skills.
  • Cyber security:- Nowadays every business is turning their head towards making their venture digital. Since digitalization comes up with encryption and security that is provided by the business. Cyber security has shown tremendous growth with the rise of e-business. Many giant corporates buy a whole subscription plan to make that their data remains confidential.
  • Renewable energy:- Apart from making profits you can also contribute towards a better environment. This business venture has been supported by the government of India. They help them install solar panels and convert energy through sunlight. This helps reduce global warming.
  • Fashion designing:- You would find scope in the area you are interested in. The fashion industry has been evolving in the past years. You would have the upper hand if you stay in an urban or semi-urban area. Keeping up with trends and fashion would take you to the top of the industry.

You should be aware of all the criteria and policies of the venture you are jumping into. An experience and expertise in that field would be a cherry on the cake. You should start your venture only after analyzing and evaluating the pros and cons of the business.

Edited by Sanjana Simlai.

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