PIL To Be Filed In Supreme Court Of India For Coronavirus Epidemic Against China, Investigation Already Going On The Role Of WHO, ICJ Can Also Be Approached

Inventiva plans to file PIL in the supreme court of India through lawyer Oorja Bhogal after the lockdown is over to request Honorable judges of the supreme court for demanding legal damages of 1 Trillion USD be deposited in the reserve bank of India within 60 days by Chinese authorities and government of PRC for the damages and loss of business, economy and financial losses suffered by the Indian citizens and its government under the effect of coronavirus pandemic, failing to comply with this order will result in a complete ban on the sale of any Chinese products, their import and sales in India for life.

The deadly virus, which first originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan around 17th Nov, 2019, has spread to 190+ countries, infecting about 11,30,000+ people and killing over 60,107+ across the globe as per latest data available. In India itself, there had been a lockdown of 21 days badly affecting the economy worth crores in almost every sector and infecting 3500+ people killing 95+ people.

The founder of the company Nitin Naresh said that it is very evident and well known that this virus originated from Wuhan city, in China.

China’s negligence has made this virus to travel across the world and attack different countries of the world, this could be a heinous act done purposefully so that the Chinese could sell their already prepared medicine, mask, ventilator, sanitizers to the world. As the world grapples and comes to term with the deadly spread of the virus and toll of infected people rise in exponential numbers, China would see demand in the health care sector for safety and health equipment and come in as a savior in the last minute to meet the worldwide need, hence increasing its manufacturing and sales numbers.

Regarding the purpose of the PIL to be filed, he said that China should take the responsibility of this. Chinese government even arrested the doctor who reported this virus to them, which clearly indicates the ill intention of the Chinese government and their hidden agenda to let the virus spread all over the world so that they can weaken the world economy and shift the power in its domain. He also said that India is one of the biggest and largest consumer market for Chinese products and this provides major benefit to Chinese companies as well as the government, but at the same time, India is also the biggest competitor to china in Asia in terms of business and outsourcing.

If the Chinese government fails to make this compensation to Indian government, sale of the products manufactured in China should be 100% banned for life which will affect the Chinese economy badly and they will be able to feel the same pain as Indians are feeling right now. This move will turn their insidious plan on its head.

The lawyer representing Inventiva magazine, Adv. Oorja Bhogal puts forward her views stating, We are currently living under threat. Due to the outbreak of such a dangerous and infectious virus the masses are suffering at both micro and macro level, in terms of economic as well as non-economic damage caused and also, yet to occur further. This virus has caused injury and incalculable harm, which will only multiply and expand in the coming days and weeks. Because of the rising threat, India had to bar air, railway and road travel. Public engagements and functions had to be cancelled. Businesses are suffering massively because of the disturbed demand-supply chain. The public in India, is in panic, they are wiping out stocks of sanitizers, face-masks, tissue paper rolls, grocery etc. We allege China of ‘negligence’ (under the Tort Law). They have breached the duty of care which they ideally should have maintained and hence, has caused consequential harm to us. Also we would want to hold them responsible for infliction of emotional distress. They are to be held strictly liable for possessing bio-weapon for mass destruction and conducting such hazardous activity. Due to such a hazardous activity our nation is suffering as a whole, and this has created public nuisance.

We as the citizens of this country have an epitome faith in the Indian Judiciary. Hence, the lawyer would humbly submit in front of our judiciary to take up this PIL.

When asked about the legal complexity of the matter and the practical applicability of the PIL, the lawyer firmly believes that the Indian Laws and Constitution of India is one of the finest in the world. The Indian Judiciary always imparts justice ‘for’ the people, and the best shall be delivered.

We have complete firm faith on our constitution and judiciary, that they will not spare anyone playing with millions of innocent lives of citizens of India. No one is above and beyond the law in our land, said the lawyer Oorja Bhogal.

Nitin Naresh also stated that, if required, they will also approach ICJ ( international court of justice) for the same.

When asked, why ICJ, The Lawyer Oorja Bhogal said Clearly, China signed treaties and has a duty under International Law to have reported the virus and not covered it up. The PRC and the other defendants knew that COVID-19 was dangerous and capable of causing a pandemic, yet they acted slowly, proverbially put their head in the sand, and/or covered it up for their own economic self-interest.”.

Inventiva, also has interpreted that WHO has been liable of being negligent by passing a wrong announcement on 21st Jan 2020 about the spread of this virus being mild and controlled. This incorrect reassurance by our ‘World Health Organisation’ has led to mass loss in 195 countries globally. The world is in a state of fear! To be blamed is also the Secretary of WHO, who is assumed to be having mutually beneficial relations with China. He has acted blindly. Countries like the US, UK, Germany , Italy and Japan have taken notice of them suppressing the information about the spread of the virus in China initially and therefore, holding WHO responsible for knee jerk action that was taken by all the countries when the situation got completely out of hand and having left every country shocked.

Mr. Nitin Naresh at Inventiva along with Adv. Oorja Bhogal appeal to the public to come forward and put their signatures and support us, so that this can be further taken as PIL in the court of law.

Kindly sign the petition here at

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