Top 10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Companies In India 2022

Top 10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Companies In India 2022

Digital marketing is a marketing component that promotes products and services using the Internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital media and platforms.

The most common tool and branch of digital marketing is Social Media Marketing.

Social media marketing includes promotion of a product or service with the use of social media platforms and websites.

Through social media marketing companies address a range of stakeholders, including current and potential customers, current and potential employees, journalists, bloggers, and the general public.

The main purpose of using social media in marketing is to be a communication tool that allows people who are interested in the product to access the company and those who do not know the product can see the company.

Companies are using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram to reach a much wider audience than traditional print / TV/radio advertising alone. Or free.

The following is a list of the most promising digital marketing companies in India. According to recent sources, they have done the most reforms in the sector and have made a name for themselves and their clients by providing them with pristine quality work and ultimate satisfaction and having the best working staff.

The companies that are on this list are some of the best companies in this sector and give close competition to the international markets.

They were once small start-ups with a small number of clients but now they have grown into companies that have clients from all over the globe. Digital marketers in India believe that the virtual world is one of the strongest tools at the disposal of companies for marketing. If this tool is used holistically after proper comprehension and inclusion of various aspects.

Top 10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Companies In India 2022

  • Shoot Order
  • Dot Com Infoway 3- Uplers
  • Mind Mingles
  • First Launch
  • Kwebmaker
  • SRV Media
  • Crystal Logic
  • HitsValue
  • Shoutnhike

ShootOrder | Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad, India

Shoot Order

The era of paying for billboards is long far gone. Now the advertising of brands and names is done on the platform where the masses spend a surprising majority of their time, the internet.

When it comes to digital marketing, Shoot order is one of the most pristine and highly competent companies out there that strive to give you the utmost best results or nothing and their slogans/ mottos like ’quality first’, ‘service with a smile, ‘best or nothing’ are something they abide by in the least.

Shoot order is a company that was started in 2012 that believes in professionalism and customer relationships. Their efforts to satisfy their customers through their expert display of skills and competence are always amazing.

Through the years, shoot order has built a name that has always been on the top of the list. It has served some massive international brands like BMW, Hathway, The times’ group, Y-axis etc.

ShootOrder is Globally Awarded as one of the top Digital Marketing Agencies by Clutch & also ranked as the best digital marketing agency in India by Yourstory, The Manifest & other media houses. We have been delivering incomparable results in SEO, Paid Search, Display Ads, Content Marketing & Social Media.

ShootOrder’s digital marketing services are divided into three basic segments of the pyramid namely ATTRACT. ENGAGE. DELIGHT.

They make it their absolute goal to make the clients’ first experience as memorable as possible. The customers who bind themselves with them rarely leave.

Uplers to Connect Top Techs with Global Companies through Easy Access


With expertise both in web development and digital marketing, it is no doubt that this company has been getting all the attention lately from multi-million brands like National Geographic, Disney, DHL, Oracle, Amazon business etc.

It is situated in Ahmedabad, but the list of clients can be traced back to all the corners of the world, which makes absolute sense considering the professionalism and competence they show on each task.

They generate revenue through content like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, google ads, LinkedIn ads, Search Engine Optimisation, Google maps optimisation, Email template production, Email Optimisation, campaign management amongst many other services.

Every client has access to their specific project manager who oversees and supervises if the quality is being compromised. They put their clients the top priority and hence have magnificent numbers aiding them in their growth.

No decision is taken regarding the task of consulting the client and whatever is taken, is taken in the best interest of the client.

Uplers has indeed come a long way from expertise-based services to becoming a one-stop solution for all talent needs. They make it easy for businesses to find the most talented developers, designers and marketers as per their needs faster and more efficiently.

Over the last 9 years, Uplers has worked with over 7000+ global clients including Amazon, National Geographic, Ogilvy, DHL and more.

Dot Com Infoway - YouTube

Dot Com Infoway

Located in Madurai, Chennai, Dot Com Infoway, is a very striving and soaring digital marketing company. It caters to the spectrum of needs of various fields. Such as e-commerce including amazon, Smartphones brands such as Motorola and Samsung, motorsport brands such as TVs and Mahindra.

These brands are among the leading companies not only in India but also solidifying their position on the global leaderboards proving that Dot Com Infoway is a very reliable and profitable company.

With specialisation and expertise not only in Digital marketing but also in mobile app building. A panel of highly experienced professionals including digital marketers, web development, app developers, blockchain experts, search engine optimisation experts, website developers, search engines optimisation copywriters, technical writers, mobile marketers etc. It is no surprise that it has a stronghold in India and USA!

The value and care they give to their customers are seen in 24/7 query phone calls, e-mails, and assistance chats with experts to solve any inconvenience that may arise.

Dot Com Infoway is one of the premier IT company located in India providing offshoreIT outsourcing solutions to businesses across the globe. Dot Com Infoway (DCI) provides enterprise solutions that include software solutions, web solutions, mobile application solutions, Internet marketing and a whole gamut of IT solutions and products to clients.

Banking on our rich and versatile industry intelligence and experience, we galvanize enterprise productivity and provide solutions that streamline business processes. With a well-structured development methodology, global delivery model, and rigorous quality management system, we deliver business-critical solutions on time,on budget, and within desired performance levels.

ShoutnHike | SEO, Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad, India - Find Best Agencies & Service Provider


It is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing companies in Ahmedabad with saturation and a close competitor in the global market.

They devise several best strategies for companies to spread the name and recognition of all around the years through various social media and social media optimisation such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn and Gmail etc.

Shout Nike provides effortless and very collaborative ideas and strategies in which both teams can work together with utmost collaboration and produce the best potential results.

Their technologically formed and creatively designed high-quality services aim at building reputed brand images in the virtual world. Their work expertise, proficient knowledge and years of experience have made them the most preferred choice as the best digital marketing company in Ahmedabad, India. Their motto is – If the profitis not measurable, there is no profit at all and only approach that they believe in is result-oriented and scalable growth.

HitsValue Client Reviews |


They keep both the ideology and objectives of their clients while producing perfect work, hence wonder that it is one of the most rapidly growing digital marketing companies there is.

They provide their customers with a cost that doesn’t cost too much and quality that can compete in today’s market.

They serve both small startups and multi-million dollar companies.

Today’s market is all about who gives what at the least. Their attraction plants and strategies for their clients and they’ve somewhat mastered that art of attracting customers.

With a proven track record in digital marketing, Hitsvalue is known for its extensive digital presence that helps brands grow and monetize. They are known to develop plans and ideas that work best for what the company has and how much.

Keeping the pulse of the market in mind, they know exactly where to target to hit the jackpot for their customers.

Working at Crystal Logic | Glassdoor

Crystal Logic

It was set up with a vision and idea of building a bridge between the client’s best interests and their objectives, but what then seemed like a far fetched idea has now begun to take shape and mould into something pristine and grand in the least.

A 2004, Mumbai based company that excels at both web designing as well as digital marketing.

The guide wings to the economic prosperity of the company.

We have a well-trained staff that includes SEO experts, SEO content creators, web developers, mobile software developers, social media developers, app developers and more.

They aim and excel at providing high and premium quality work and have fulfilled this aim by serving more than 700 top companies of the world and making them loyal and a permanent customer.

They have a long list of customers who is reputation precedes them such as reliance, Forevermark, Indiabulls, SunTech, ICICI and many more.

SRV Media Spreading Its Wings to the Eastern Market - Times of India

SRV Media 

It was founded by Rohit Prasad and Vikram Kumar together in 2011. It is based in Pune and it works out with strategies that are most helpful to the client as well as the company.

They are a diverse team of creative specialists, visual storytellers, technical geniuses, insightful strategists, and excellent problem solvers.

Experience as a performance-driven Social Media Marketing Company of more than a decade enables you to strengthen the relationship with your target audience, create a community on various social platforms, maintain a high brand recall and position yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

With the expertise of leading social media marketing, they carry out extensive sentiment analysis to develop a social media plan that engages your audience with informative and engaging content through trending mediums and formats.

Huge brands such as big basket, Datsun, Asian paints, Pentagon and many more such companies use them as their marketing strategists and get rewarding results.

It strives to provide a marketing platform where the company feels safe and comfortable and can have its potential growth to the fullest.

The reputation and the fame that SEV Media has in the industry is only possible due to a hardworking and passionate panel of 180 expert employees whose work would never cease to amaze you.

It is honoured by The Economic Times as the best startup and awarded for making immersive progress in the educational sector.

kwebmaker - YouTube


It was established by Dhananjay Arora, in 1998, with a vision of making it the number one digital marketing company. It is correct to say that his vision has now evolved and grown into a full-fledged company, which competes with the international substitutes is also a MultiNational Corporation.

The company has many outlets in the United States of America, South Africa, Botswana and Denmark, making it one of the extremely few MNCs in the digital marketing sector. It is situated in Mumbai. It has a vast staff of skilled and experienced employees such as designers, strategists, testers, developers and digital marketing experts who constantly work their hardest to present their clients with top-notch quality work and make them lifelong customers.

KEEBMAKER excels at developing innovative digital marketplace strategies for businesses that include Google Ads, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Content Creation, resulting in traffic to businesses across all social platforms. helps to induce

Their experience in eCommerce website development and web development helps them create interactive websites with rich content, which leads to better conversions of potential customers. Designing and Development is the field in which is changes occurs most rapidly, so our development team has a close eye on all the small changes in the industry and technology.

Their development teams work closely together and share new skills and technologies within the team to provide the best for their customers.

First Launch - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

First Launch 

Equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology, we help new, established and established businesses alike with tools to build reputation and fame among the public and increase income and business reputation.

Some of the huge companies such as extra marks, unacademy, camp mond, Explora, cytecare, pelatro, qualitrix, dameo, Orion motors and many more have teamed up with First Lunch to gain popularity.

First, launch partners up with both small and large scale companies and suggest to them the most suited ways they can grow with.

We provide many services such as SEO reporting, SEO marketing, SEO auditing, desktop optimization, website ranking, mobile software optimization, keyword optimization, social media marketing through apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Google advertising promotion, email marketing and more. This includes email optimization, email templates, email newsletters, email content creation, and more. They also have expert writers who excel at content writing, blogging, report writing, search engine optimization and copywriting.

Mind Mingles, New Delhi, Delhi, Delhi | NearMeTrade

Mind Mingles

It is situated in the capital of the country, Delhi. This promising digital marketing company is filled with experienced and highly skilled digital marketers and search engine optimization experts, who do their absolute best to satisfy and comply with their customer’s requests.

They are a result-oriented and customer-centric digital marketing agency in Delhi. They help our customers to find ideal customers by enhancing their visibility online.

Our comprehensive range of SEO and digital marketing services focuses on delivering the customer’s specific requirements

They present the most promising methods and strategies for maintaining the reputation the company has built up over the years by providing impeccable, first-class quality service to its customers.

In addition to working in digital marketing, search engine optimization, content creation and content marketing, social media marketing like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, pay per click search management, web development sites and blogs, software development ( mobile programs and applications).

Having vast experience in the industry after serving for multiple years and having a massive range of customers, they never fail to meet your request in the best way possible.

In addition to marketing, it helps to improve the look and plan of the company.

Mind Mingles has helped many businesses achieve their branding and financial goals over the years. Along with well-established companies, they have also worked with many startups to increase sales and customer flow. These firms want us to only focus on the local audience or might have a global presence and are an incrediblydedicated team of professionals who can entirely accomplish the given tasks.



The above list narrated the top 10 most advanced and rapidly growing digital marketing agencies that have served a huge magnitude of clients from all over the world and have received global appraisals for their work and qualifications.

They have done some remarkable work that has improved this sector to a very great extent. The source of information for the rating of these companies is from various resources across the internet and self-research.

These companies are highly influential and have secured themselves a position in the global list as well.

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