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Top 10 Promising and Scalable Startups in Ahmedabad 2022

Top 10 Promising and Scalable Startups in Ahmedabad 2022

Ahmedabad is called the “Business State”, and now in recent times has emerged as a startup hub of India for number of startups. The whole city consists of well-educated and professionally talented and talented people.

There are multiple kinds of business opportunities that can be acquired for establishing the business like dairy, property dealing business, medicine suppliers, different garment wholesalers, internet agencies, and other kinds of business. In recent times, the industry has evolved in a major way, and it has been called to be the best-emerging one.

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Ahmedabad is known to be the largest and the most popular city of Gujarat, which is now becoming to be called the new business startup hub in the state. It has primarily acquired an amazing level of prominence in the fields of economics, with several of the giants from the different kinds of industries that have established their centres in the city. Given an amazing place or location for all medium-sized businesses, it gives the excellent chances for them.

Indian Startups: Startups bring in industry veterans as advisors to help  scale up - The Economic Times

In large cities like Ahmedabad, it has been showing a growing demand for the most organic dairy products. The city is called to be famous for its textile industries, and it is known to be the textile hub of India. Customers or even the consumers will find a range of clothing items which reflects the culture and the traditions of the beautiful places.

This textile city has witnessed some of the antique kinds of Indian Textiles, which helps in glorifying the most rick textiles history of the country. Among the famous industries, one of them is the pharmaceutical, which is called to be one of the most profitable business operations in the city. It has been getting a lot of great reviews from the country. Approximately around 1958, start-ups are running in the city.

When you talk about the quality score, the given quantity percentage, and the business score, then Ahmedabad is one place that rates high in all businesses or organizations.

According to the famous IT industry body called the Nasscom and the consultancy management firm Zinnov, Ahmedabad has been grabbed to be on the top position in the most emerging startup hubs across the country, and this city proves to become the beacon of inspiration for most of the emerging startup companies in the city.

Highly Scalable Business Models

All the businesses that work with the different models they create to discuss their processes easily with their team members and make the complete process of their projects very simple. Four magical words are used to refer to the quickest of the host of most of the venture capitals working in the city and their investors, which are known to be called “Highly Scalable business models”.

JP Morgan, IIM-A initiative to support fintech startups

In just short words, scalability defines the whole easy growth of the entire business, indicating the easy ways to get it, this would open the gates for an easy transition.

There are two of the critical factors that are wanted to make growth possible for the business is known to be the amount of capital investment and the kinds of human resources that are asked by the company. The Amount of Capital is called to be the king of the functions done in the field of business.

 Every other kind of business model requires funding for the marketing or building the infrastructure for the smooth functioning of the company and the process like for example, the building of the retail stores or a power plant of designing the website. The second comes the need for human resources, in which there are two different types of people need to develop the entire business with efficiency.

It includes the day to day tasks, just needs the common people with the lowest level of education because the scheme is very simple like packaging, delivery men and drivers and many more.

When it comes to the complex functions, it requires the experts for those tasks who holds a kind specific education, experience and knowledge of the whole. All these three things are used to make it better and fetch the most amazing kind of results.

Below are some of the most reputed, promising kinds of start-ups providing their important contributions to the economy of India and maintaining their dignity in the city, making more and more of the employees connect themselves.

1.  Hubilo

Our investment in Hubilo: bringing the $1T events industry online | by  Hemant Mohapatra | Lightspeed India Partners | Medium

It is known to be one of the most successful start-ups working in the city, with their most fantastic kind of work place, and best professional environment. This start-up is entirely a closed-based kind of company that is wholly based on the management forum.

Operating very efficiently in the technology space, Hubilo is a cloud-based program management platform that has covered more than 500 powered events and is a one-stop solution for a type of function you want to be organized.

It could be any different type of conference, workshop or another kind of function. It has an end-to-end online solution that further eliminates all of the mundane tasks of doing the different things manually.

It even helps automate the entire process for the extra need of registrations, networking to the levels of promotions and ticketing with the most detailed kind of auto-generated analytics for the boot process.

It has the whole online management suite, which is there for the amazing categories if events can be easily set up with their help. The company’s time is considered to be a very cost-effective solution and even helps with the hundreds of events organizers.

Hubilo somehow generates the revenue of Rs 10,40,000 and has done with the creation of 36 jobs in recent times, giving multiple opportunities to the youth of the city to be employed.

Company Overview

           Legal Name  Hubilo Technologies Inc. 
           Industries Enterprise Software & Event Management
            Founder(s) Mayank Agarwal & Vaibhav Jain
         Founded Date                2020
  Total Funding Amount            $153 Million
             Investors Alkeon Capital & Balderton Capital 

2. Chemical Shoppe

Chemical Shoppe Pvt Ltd

Chemical Shoppe has created an online platform for the different chemicals and industrial consumables like glassware, instruments, firewire, and the other kinds of consumables that are required.

This shop aims to facilitate several traders and even helps with manufacturing the chemicals to showcase their different products with the expansion of their reach to a better range of network of buyers.

It is called a soft-tech startup that has created 32 of its jobs and has provided revenue of around the value of Rs 6,20,00,000. It works with the sectors of software- tech and the associate of the incubator operations of the company. It is one of the most famous start-ups

in the city that Ritesh and Nilesh Kuma founded. The main reason for establishing this start-up was to provide the facilitates to the traders and the manufacturers of chemicals in industries, help them make their chemical products and deliver them to their industrial customers from different areas in the city.

You can quickly contact their company through the email on, or you can call on their number given on their website.

The company has made a great number of clients in the country and works with many industrial sections about delivering them their products. They have both their corporate office and their registered office in Ahmedabad and provide a fantastic kind of work place atmosphere keeping in mind each employee’s comfort.

The founder has established this name with a lot of dedication and hard work and even brings more changes or improvement on a daily basis.

Company Overview

           Legal Name Chemical Shoppe Private Ltd
           Industries Chemical, Industrail & Logistics
            Founder(s) Kumar Nilesh, Narendra Kumar Bobby & Ritesh Kumar Mishra
         Founded Date               2016
 Total Funding Amount               NA
             Investors            Acquired

3. PurpleDocs

PurpleDocs raises undisclosed fund from KellyGamma & Lead Angels - The  Economic Times

It is called a health record management company that helps digitally and preserves the mostly good level of records,that are the most retrievable within a few seconds. It is considered a user-friendly and cloud-based software solution that saves time and makes it very easy to use.

With the use of PurpleDocs, one can easily have access to the information and scans them, MRI, X-rays and reports from anywhere and anytime and even reduces the operation of the needed kind of expenses.

PurpleDocs safeguards all the important physical and electronic devices that are related to the hospital operations and the number of details of the patients in the hospitals. It even helps with complying with the MCI rule that affirms that invariably the patient’s details to be reserved with the hospital and with the company’s software to maintain it for seven years and a hospital that should be able to produce in the time of 72 hours and a hospital should be able to make it in the time of 72 hours if the patient demands for it.

It minimizes litigation risks of the hospitals and has created a revenue of around Rs 6,15,00,000. It was founded by Deepak Gupta and had been giving itsservices in the sectors of Software-Tech. Customers can quickly contact with the company by sending mail on, or you can call on the number provided on their website.

It helps the hospitals and doctors achieve their patients’ full engagement and achieve their desired goals through technology solutions and interactive sessions organized by their company.

They have solutions like prescription Solutions (EMR), Medical Records Digitalization and the chronic care of the whole management program. Clients across the country have given their good reviews about the company.

Company Overview

           Legal Name PurpleBits Infosystems Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries Electronic Health Record & Information Technology
            Founder(s) Deepak Gupta & Pooja Gupta
         Founded Date              2010
 Total Funding Amount  
             Investors Kelly Gamma & Lead Angels Network 

4. Labouradda

LabourAdda (labour945) - Profile | Pinterest

This company is known for providing an Uber-like marketplace for matching the unskilled labourers with the high demand for the work. Labouradda is a platform that readily connects all the talented and semi-skilled work labourers to all the private customers around the location, which needs all the odd jobs to be done. The technology used to increase the level of employment by connecting them to the nearest consumer using the GPS can be done 24×7.

 It has the service of calls, messages and email that makes the number of customers to directly communicate between the consumers and the labourers belonging to the daily wage system.

Labouradda has been called to in the top startup companies running in the city, and it has been even selected in the top 20 of the 2nd ASSOCHAM ICT start-ups awards in the year 2018.

It has till now overall generated the revenue of Rs12,00,000, and wholly it has created the 20 jobs. The startup was founded by Indu Bhushan Asthana and Siddharth Asthana in the industries of application technologies.

They have made amazing kind of business rollouts of the GSM Mobile services for the Northern area and the Mobile devices for brands like Lava, Gionee and the OPPO Smartphones.

The specialization of the company includes the analysis of a critical need that comes to their company, and then identifying all the possible deficiencies and the potential kind of opportunities and even with the development of the innovative type of solutions and the different kinds of business models for generating the revenues by driving the operational excellence.

It calls themselves an important group for solving specific problems because they make it possible to identify the gap of our country and even successfully conceive the idea that gives the round the clock connectivity between the nearest of the consumers and connecting it to the most suited sewage labour.

Company Overview

         Legal Name Labouradda Pvt Ltd.
         Industries Information Technology & Internet
           Founder  Indu Bhushan    Asthana & Siddharth Asthana 
      Founded Date                2017
 Total Funding Amount              Funding
          Investors International Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology

5. Mechmatics

Automatic Teflon Tube Ring Cutting Machine - Mechmatics Engineering Private  Limited at Rs 65000/set , Ahmedabad | ID: 22831665862

It is called one of the latest and popular kinds of start-ups founded by Deewang Modi and Ketan Mistry It has been running successfully in the city with the main motive of establishing the company to create and sell the customized or personalized different tools for laboratory and different research needs.

It has built its massive kind of customer office in the country, and it has made two of the international customers, belonging to the USA, and Ecuador.

The company has created a total revenue of more than the value of Rs 2,15,000 and has completed or generated a total of 14 jobs to provide the best employment opportunities to the people of the city.

It has the most amazing kind of customized services for the different researchers who come to their company. It has the most simple designs and simple mechanisms because they can design anything according to the needs of their customers.

 It has a complete manufacturing facilities in the variety of their material like steel, glass plastic and Perspex and all the important things to be considered to be non-ferrous. It has a number of vendor materials, including its computerized level data acquisition system.

Company Overview

           Legal Name Mechmatics Engineering Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries Commercial, Education & Industrial
              Founder        Devang Modi
         Founded Date              2006
  Total Funding Amount                 NA
             Investors             Acquired

6. KeepSake automation LLP

Keepsake Automation | LinkedIn

This is the one startup dealing with the welding robotics and has been entirely successful in roping all the major industrial giants that have been coming to their company. They have got different orders from the LD college of Engineering Ahmedabad for their very much new coming Centre of excellence in the process of welding.

The company is now equipped with the six-axis articulated arm robot to efficiently operate their plasma transformation that is pulsed at the 350-amp power source.

Keepsake aims to majorly employ their unique form of technologies to enhance the life and even wear-prone parts that belong to different industries. It was founded by Manan Bateriwala and Ami M Bateriwala, majorly dealing with the functions of robotics. They have the kind o welders which are called an all-in-one industry, and it has made their control system for the most complex welding systems and process.

The kind of auto-cutter that is used in this company is always ready to integrate the complete control system for the purpose of Gantry in the different of the cutting industries. Robotic 3D process cutting is considered their main function of the manufacturing industry because it helps achieve a very fantastic kind of profile.

It is done in their robotic welding cell, which is one of the key strengths of the Keepsake company. It combines the whole process of the knowledge with the advanced kind of techniques of automation that helps in the robotic solutions.

Company Overview

        Legal Name Keepsake Automation LLP Pvt Ltd
        Industries Architecture, Welding & Cutting machines
        Founder(s) Manan Bateriwala & Ami M Bateriwala
     Founded Date              2017
Total Funding Amount               NA
             Investors            Acquired

7. Hidden Life Science

Top 10 Biotech Companies in Stevenage, UK's Hidden Life Sciences Gem – Food  and Beverage Reporter

It has introduced the best quality of high vitamin D mushroom powder. This organic supplement ingredient provides the quality vegetable source of vitamin D2 in the form of their 100% whole food mushroom powder. Many vitamin D supplements contain the vitamin D3, which is always sourced from lanolin, a kind of sheep’s wool.

Therefore, it is not suitable for consuming or living a completely vegan lifestyle. It has the most edible fungi like the Agaricus bisporus or the popular white button mushroom.

These are enough to have the quality of vitamin D. Then, high vitamin D mushroom powder provides the vitamin D2 and the possible levels of riboflavin, niacin, copper and beta-glucans. As the name suggests, it primarily works with the different kinds of vitamins and covers the complete aspects that come under the term of “Life Science.”

The company has received Rs15 lakhs, Rs 10 lakhs for developing the prototype and Rs 5 lakhs for the market development. The company was founded by Dr Rajkumar Maurya and Menka Gurnani.

It works with many development process, constantly experimenting with different vitamins and making more people connect with them. In the city, it has acquired a good reputation in the people, and they work with many customers daily.

Company Overview

           Legal Name Hidden Life Sciences Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries        Life Science Industry
            Founder(s) Dr. Rajkumar Maurya & Menaka Gurnani
         Founded Date                 2010
     Total Funding Amount                  NA
             Investors              Acquired

8. Phycolinc Technologies Private Limited

Phycolinc Technologies Pvt Ltd - Micro Algae WasteWater Treatment

If you are looking for a company that looks after the wastewater treatment, this company is the best option for this process. Phycolinc Technologies has been using very innovative technologies like the Phycoremeditation and Micro Algae that was developed by Dr V Siva Subramanian, who have about 35 years of experience in the Micro-Algae based called the Phytoremediation.

It creates some of the most complex effluents in the company that has been undertaken to reduce the cost in the operation process, green and robust process. There use of Phycoremeditation has some of the benefits like the better level of reduction in the COD, BOD, Phosphates and Ammonia Nitrogen. In the process, it completely removes the foul odour, and there is an automatic ph correction without an addition of different chemicals.

 It does not allow a Blue-Green Algae duckweed to do the process of growing and dominating. The chemical-free ph neutralization and the use of all the green technologies like the zero liquid waste, lake and river rejuvenation and green and carbon negative. It reduces the overall operating cost of the effluent treatment and even provides the alternative of a multi-effect evaporator.

 It helps clean the whole process without using any type of harmful chemicals and meets the definite control norms. It is called to be a complete environmental biotechnology company that is all-the-time engaged in the in-situ remediation of all the polluted lakes, rivers and the different industrial effluent, and this company is always dedicated to using the most innovative, sustainable, green and chemical-free technologies to provide the easy treatment to the customers.

Company Overview

           Legal Name Phycolinc Technologies Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries   Industrial & Waste Water
              Founder        Sumeet Mohanty
         Founded Date             2016
  Total Funding Amount             NA
             Investors          Acquired

9. Sarjan Ecotec

Start-ups from Ahmedabad -

This company has created the most effective mobile cleaner, which can be easily carried everywhere and every time. Sarjan Ecotec has designed Aquasip, which is the unique model of the transportable cleaner, and it has readily given the shape of sipper to the different cleaners. It is a complete internationally proven ultra-filtration technology that is always used to make the water pure.

Their model of Aquasip removes all the harmful micro-organisms from the water like the bacteria, odour, cysts, pumping and horrible taste. It does all of this process, but it does not need the electricity and battery for all this. It works according to their main objectives: to make the lives of all the consumers easier just by giving them safe and healthy drinking water.

The company has the six log reductions and even removes 99% of the harmful micro-organisms from the water. It provides you with the safest and purest form of waterbecause if it has rich experience in working in the water purifier industry. It is always making more improvements to solve the problem of the lack of clean water by its product that is Aquatic.

Their product always targets the mineral water bottle industry and the reusable water bottles industry. This startup received the Gujarat government grant of Rs 10 lakhs for the prototype development of the established kind of innovation.

Company Overview

           Legal Name Sarjan Watertech Private Ltd. 
           Industries  Water Purification & Filtration
              Founder       Sarjan Trivedi 
         Founded Date             2016
 Total Funding Amount             NA
             Investors          Acquired

10. Vardhman Envirotech

Vardhman Envirotech on Twitter: "#jalshaktiministry #vardhmanenvirotech  #waterindustry #WaterIsLife #waterconservation #saveearth #WATERFILTRATION  #environment #rainwater #rain #tranding #trandingpost #rainwatercollection  #rainwaterharvestingsystem ...

One of the main features of the startup is the point, where they deliver so simple but the most scientific kind of designs. It requires no use of electricity and no maintenance because the cleaning done is a simple process that completely removes the impurities by opening their flush valve, which is a very compact and user-friendly kind of design.

It is fully enclosed, with the safety valves. Neerain-Raintap is one of the most simple, scientific, and most sensible type of rooftop harvesting filters that need zero maintenance and provide a very flexible use throughout. The model is completely modular and considered very scalable for a roof size made by Vardhman Envirotech.

It even introduces their online systems with the 360 flexible degrees’ Tease for the installation process and the SS 304 Filter Element. This startup was founded by Amit Doshi and had been dealing with their science-tech associate techniques. One can quickly contact them by sending them mail or calling them on their number given on the website.

Company Overview

           Legal Name  Vardhman Envirotech Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries    Rain Water Harvesting
              Founder           Amit Doshi
         Founded Date               2014
  Total Funding Amount                NA
             Investors             Acquired

The business plans are always not for the investors, but they are for their employees and the whole team who can figure out the company’s main goals and objectives to start any project.

After this, you should even know the process to achieve the goals with the help of a complete layout plan which should be discussed with the team members. Scalable start-ups always need to find the most innovative kind of research plans.

Suppose you want to grab the attention of the most potential investors for your startup. In that situation, you always need to pitch for any kind of  scalable startup because it is considered the best way to achieve the business plan and complete the goals. You must always set up a foundation and should be made for the warm-up whenever it is required. The investors never sell out of any size of company that just works without any made plan or objective.

Top 10 Startups in Ahmedabad List 2021 Updated

All the start-ups are much more about finding the massive funding or investment and who is always willing to build up a robust structure and even revisit the plans after they are made to maintain the scalability in the growth of the start-up. The main focus of the scalable start-up is on the Centre of creation and always requires a change of plan to maintain their creation. There is a clear vision that is the heart of every successful start-up.

The great entrepreneurs have always been observed that the services or products they plan for will always be relevant to the future in the upcoming one, two or maybe ten years. Each employee of the company has a clear vision for their business plan and always an idea for the coming days.

The human resources that you hire for the start-up’s journey always impact the durability of the business and the business models. They keep in mind all the necessary aspects like the use of human resources and automated operations. Therefore, scalable start-ups have been contributing mainly to the country’s economy.




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