Top 10 Best and Most Reputed Startups in Agra 2022

Top 10 Best and Most Reputed Startups in Agra 2022

It has been accepted from the long times that the city of Agra has been considered an ancient city from the times we have heard the stories of Mahabharata. with time, the city has gone through a lot of evolution and is introducing many new companies or startups. If you trace the history of Agra, it has long pages that you read from the past and gains a lot of information about the city and people belonging to this city of ancient times.

With time and change, Agra has progressed a lot in terms of companies or businesses and allowed many kinds of start-ups to emerge in the city, giving many people an opportunity.

The city’s golden age is to be called the period when the Mughals entered the city. It was not as developed as it was now when so many people visited the city. Some tourists want to witness the beautiful Taj Mahal while others go in the opportunity search for jobs or employment. With the development progress that has been evolving the country, it has brought a lot of cities under the status to be called the developing city.


In ancient times, employment was a big issue in the city, although today, it is much more feasible for the people of Agra to find a job and give their lives a safe and secure framework. With so many companies that have come on board, they gave so many people a meaning to their lives. Agra has the kind of start-ups called to be an open group for entrepreneurs and the most innovative and aspiring kind of entrepreneurs.

There are many other kinds of start-ups in Agra snowballing and gaining a lot of profit. Many well-known private limited companies have been working and have been registered in Agra. The city’s goal is to increase the incomes of every person working in the city and improve the security of the natives of that city.

Below are some of the most innovative and creative kinds of start-ups working in the city and have been gaining a lot of profit from the response they are getting from the audience.

1. Deesoft India

Deesoft India I Software Company | Software, Website development company, Software development

It is called one of the greatest service providers from the city of Agra, and it is listed to be top in the list of some of the verified companies offering a wide range of services. The company was registered in the year 2014 and has made a name of itself to be called the best service provider.

It is called to be a web development company which is based in the city, known to be the providers of different traders and has been dealing with many kinds of software for solving different problems.

The company has been serving for more than seven years, and it has developed account software, hospital software, billing software, factory software, school software, MLM software, salary software and trading software and much other software.

It offers the best kind of solutions to achieve the critical objectives of the companies very easily. You can get the best solution regarding your problem as it addresses a range of different management areas like

Customized applications, database website development, business presentations, and different level of service management. They have delivered the quality policy as their main emphasis is to deliver the best quality in every of their project.

To build a reputation of being one of the most service providers, which is a very innovative IT Solution and service provider. Their team believes in doing that kind of work in the most of effective and efficient way of giving the services in the field of IT and the services of advising.

Company Overview

          Legal Name Deessoft India Pvt Ltd
           Industries  Business Management Software 
             Founder     Om Prakash Dakch 
          Founded Date                2004
 Total Funding Amount                NA
            Investors             Acquired

2. RocketLevel

Small Business Marketing Tips & Trends | RocketLevel Blog | RocketLevel News

This very passionate company readily opens its arms to help people grow their business. The company easily connects with your customers at every buying cycle stage. It does not depend on the size of the business, and it just helps them with their great level of dedication. The only secret to this is that the increased revenue is reaching their customers every day at the right time.

RocketLevel is called an all-in-on-marketing platform that has been allowing many business scales to work in a very more intelligent way by increasing the level of the power of the advanced technology to help the business grow fastly. It tends to engage, nurture and connect with the national brands and enables them to localize the national ads and even make them available to the mostly located outlets.

It empowers small businesses to easily communicate with the customers or clients across the complete buying process using the pre-built customer journey. With the use of Rocketlevel, the company’s conversion rates increase at a breakneck speed and even promote the companies’ significant traffic conversion.

It is considered the best digital marketing company in Agra and has been working with their great level of working system and their professionally skilled team members. It is all a complete coordinated work to help the people and the business organizations.

Company Overview

      Legal Name RocketLevel Inc. 
        Industries Avertising, CRM, Digital Marketing & Internet
         Founder        Vu Hoang
     Founded Date           2017
Total Funding Amount             NA
            Investors         Acquired 

3. Hitouch Technologies

Hitouch Technologies (@HitouchTech) / Twitter

It offers a complete solution in software, website, mobile application, and web application development. This company was incorporated in the year 2012 and has been giving the best consulting and IT services. It has been called to be the great innovator in the field, including Web Application Development, Web Designing and Development, Mobile Application and Development, eCommerce Development. ERP Development and many other services.

Hitouch Development Technologies is one of the rising Indian Mobile App Development companies, which has been conveying different mobile app encounters. Their eCommerce solutions envelop each of the grains set to offer the guarantee great movement and even with the different deals.

They have big and known administrations to structure, create, facilitate, advertise, and investigate. The solutions and administration of the company can always be redone to meet the requests of the customers that seek their help.

You can have the experience of conveying almost 100 plus of the eCommerce sites crosswise over the different enterprises. It has the most expertise with all of the well-known eCommerce improvements, making all of the processes very easy and well-suited for the customers.

It has almost 100+ expert topics and different brands and redoes its online store. They have the most dedicated company with more than of their 500 applications giving Android, iPhone, web application and iPad. Their designer team efficiently shapes your application and give it a better presentation among the other companies.

Company Overview

          Legal Name Hitouch Technologies Pvt Ltd. 
          Industries Facilities Support Services & Software
           Founder             R.K. Jain
       Founded Date              2012
 Total Funding Amount               NA
            Investors           Acquired

4. Topper Solution

CBSE 10th Topper 2022

Topper Solution is one platform that is an emerging IT software company providing the best of services in the field of digital marketing. The company readily gives the finest IT solutions with all the latest and advanced technologies that have the most unique and rare kind of design. Topper Solutions were established in August 2019 and have made till now delighted customers.

The company has a very talented recruiting team that has helped many people and even delivered the best mind at their workplace. It gives custom software development solutions for your business 24×7 support. Their customer software application development has been featured with great value of functionality that helps.

It improves the bottom lines of any company by increasing their productivity, enhancing the information and even the process involved in the business to have the transparency. It has the best cost-effective way for your company to get the additional resources for both the application development and product.

It enhances the overall abilities of your company and the software running in it, along with the technical staff of the company. It has different kinds of software like financial accounting software for foreign traders, financial accounting software for manufacturers, stock management, customer web ERP, web CRM and billing software.

Apart from all these services, the other benefits include transactional and promotional bulks SMS, advanced website development, and mobile application development.

Company Overview

          Legal Name Topper Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries           E-learning
             Founder          Zishaan Hayath
          Founded Date                2005
  Total Funding Amount                NA
            Investors               Acquired

5. Adysoft

Build Mobile and Electronic shop eCommerce Website and App FREE with

This company is called a great platform for the different web designing and different kinds of software development in the country. It is called to be India’s top software company which is considered best if you want a very affordable website designing company.

It has the best eCommerce solutions and has been one of the fastest-growing companies headquartered in the city of Agra and has been putting its main focus on giving well-structured planning, designing, execution, and even maintaining the different software applications.

The company adopts the 360-degree approach to the IT Services and their featured services, including custom software development, eCommerce with designing, CMS development, SEO, SMO, Mobile Application Development in the country. It delivers its expertise in website designing and its development, software development, and search engine optimization.

It brings the best of the eCommerce web development, mobile application development, their readymade software solutions and provides their advice and teamwork in almost every kind of software.

If you want, you can upgrade your designs very easily with their more than 18 years of experience, and it has been catering to the most of the outsourcing needs to the clients coming from different parts of the country. It has a very cost-effective program and cost-effective software according to the needs of its customers.

Company Overview

          Legal Name  Adysoft India Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries Ecommercde, Web Designing & Mobile App Development
            Founder       Vineet Shakaya
          Founded Date              2000
Total Funding Amount                NA
            Investors            Acquired

6. Futureheads Technologies

Futureheads (@FutureheadsUK) / Twitter

 It is known as one of the best industries for IT Services and consulting. It is known to be a global leader in these services and the digital and different business solutions that partner with the different clients to simplify, transform, and strengthen the business structures and complexity.

The company ensures the highest levels of certainty that they guarantee their partner companies and grants the best kind of satisfaction through a very deep set of commitment to their customers or clients with the comprehensive industry expertise maintain the global network of creation and innovation with their delivery centres. The company enable their clients to create the best kind of work and execute the strategies for their use of digital transformations.

It has the services from the engineering to the application development, the knowledge management and different strategies involved in the business process management. The team of the company help their clients with their best solutions and even solves them effectively as it has a full team of innovators which is always differentiated by their different kinds of imagination process, knowledge and the different experiences that each member holds across the various industries and technologies they have worked through.

It has employees around the number of one to ten. It serves its specialities in the fields of Software Development, IOS Application Development, Digital Marketing, Deep learning, Machine Learning, Predictive Analysis and the operations of Big Data. It has made a network that would serve the people globally and try to work with their best abilities and improve better and better.

Company Overview

          Legal Name Futurehead Technologies 
           Industries        Software
             Founder      Akshat Gupta
          Founded Date          2015
Total Funding Amount            NA
            Investors         Acquired

7. MyDigital Crown

Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies In Thane ( Updated 2019 ) – Mydigital Crown

The digital marketing has changed a lot in terms of advancement and technologies and has completely changed the look of many companies. It is a company based in Agra known to be the top digital marketing company giving a full-service to the different digital marketing agencies in the city. It has given its excelling performance in the digital world over three years.

The company makes sure that, each element of their company of the marketing campaign “is set up to drive traffic to your ultimate target, whether your target is a website or a social network like Facebook or Twitter.” Advises Tracie Broom, an agency specializing in the most integrated kind of marketing communications. As the name suggests, the company very well-knowns what is expected from them when the other companies come to seek their help.

Therefore they provide the most exceptional kind of services with the most measurable results for the clients across different industries of the country. This company is ranked in the top list on the Goggle for the keyword Digital Marketing company, and you can get the ranking kind of search engine also which readily provides you with all the answers.

It is called to be a full-fledged company giving the best web development services and making it to the point where it becomes actual easy and convenient for the customers.

The company has been crafting with the best marketing strategies and made it is content marketing one of the most popular modern digital marketing techniques today. The success behind every digital company and behind this company.

MyDigital Crown, lies in a brand’s ability to provide true value to their audience and the customers through the great content published online and over the past two years. There have many ways of providing the most effective marketing strategies.

Company Overview

          Legal Name  Crown Digital Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries Aritficial Intelligence & Machine Learning 
             Founder            Keith Tan
          Founded Date               2015
Total Funding Amount               NA
            Investors Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka

8. e10 Infotech

Top 5 Digital Marketing Companies in Mumbai(Updated)2019 | by Hansika Malik | Medium

The company e10 Infotech is again another digital marketing agency in Agra and many other cities in India. They have the most honest and transparent kind of digital marketing services with the work that speaks for itself. It is a company specializing in delivering the software solutions for the TV, broadcast and video industries.

 It has the most extensive experience in developing the video management systems, the different video players and the consumer products across the wide range of the devices, ranging from different web browsers to the iPads and the connected televisions.

This company delivers the inspiration you think for your company and transforms them into a reality. They have the most experienced and professional team members with the cutting-edge technologies that are always eager to help you achieve, with extreme attention to the number of details and precision.

It has the great communication skills to listen and understand the ideas, ensuring everything and planning in each domain that needs at the most care and understanding the future with the insurance and flexible targets. Then comes the delivering, which brings the observing the most precise performance of each of the indicators for delivering the best outcomes or results.

E10 Infotech helps in all ways to make your business grow and get your business at the effective stage with the efficiency and would find everything that you require for the growth. Their core services include the testing, development, cloud infrastructure management, SEO, social media marketing, branding, UI design and the technical consultancy.

Company Overview

          Legal Name  e10 Infotech Pvt Ltd
           Industries Broadcasting, Cloud Computing & Mobile
            Founder         Anuj Pandey
          Founded Date              2010
Total Funding Amount                NA
            Investors              Acquired

9. Wily Technology

Wily Technology – Smart work to build smart World.

Want the best analyzing company? Then, Wily Technology is the name for this question which works with the best kind of analyzing plans and makes well-structured work plans. They first understand the main ideas of the requirement discuss the complete plan and the workout of the whole process.

It involves the best analyzing end-user business requirements and different kinds of refining projects goals into the most defined functions needed along with the operations of the intended system.

 It brings the designing of the process in the SDLC that involves the describing of the desired features and the complete operations of the system. Many different issues are related to the waterfall methodology and its flaws in accurately defining and articulating the business problem. Managing costs, resources and time constraints and even assumes users can specify all the business requirements in advance.

Their professional team has started working on your project, embody all details of the initial concept, and make the complete process successful. To become extraordinary, using the tools given by this company is considered a must step as it wholly transforms the complete business. It has made a completely different concept to record people’s feedback and explain the whole design and concept.

 It has the smart work to build the most unique, truly responsive and functional websites. Their team members make the meeting with the customers about the problems, and the first meeting is very important, considered according to them as their first meeting is the place where you discuss the main ideas of the project.

Wily Technology is the one platform that brings customers to one place where they get the best analyzing plans and has been able to bring great improvement at the same time.

Company Overview

          Legal Name Wily Technologies Pvt Ltd
           Industries Healthcare, Logistics & Retail
          Founder(s)        Lew Crine
       Founded Date          1998
Total Funding Amount      $37.6 Million
            Investors Accel & Focus Ventures

10. MockTutor

Mock Exams – Preparedness is Key - MST Private Tutors, London

It is a famous edtech start-up working in the city, focusing on the government job entrance exams and providing a platform for students’ preparation. The platform provides the online test series and video lessons for various exams like MBA, RBI, PO, BANK, and some other exams. The company is adding professional courses and the smartest classes in the coming days.

 The main aim of the company is to bring every course in the upcoming years and the second main aim is to build the best forum and other good forums which brings the best kind of traffic through their process of the free quiz, study courses and blogs.

The company generated their revenues through the Goggle AdSense on their forum and even with the Advertise of the specific courses of the specific colleges and Universities. All the students can even get the facility of their live classes with the mentor and even hire them in future.

This was brought into the existence in the year 2018, and classified as a non-government company was founded by Utkarsh Upadhyay, who believes in providing the best kinds of preparations and has transformed it into an E-learning platform started four years back and as competitive with all kinds and levels of difficulties and obstacles.

Utkarsh Upadhyay has a bachelor’s degree in the electrical and electronics engineering, and after completing his studies, he decided to set up his start-up. This start-up has been acclaimed on a worldwide range and has been able to attach a lot of students with their programs and have trustfully performed the task given to them by the parents of the students. It has courses according to the budget of the parents. In simple words, it is a complete budget-friendly platform to get the best kind of education.

Company Overview

          Legal Name MockTutor Edtech Pvt Ltd
           Industries          E-Learning
          Founder(s)       Utkarsh Upadhyay
       Founded Date               2016
Total Funding Amount               NA
            Investors            Acquired

Best 80 Startup Stories in India | Indian Startup Success Stories - STARTUP

Benefits of Start-ups

When it is about taking of start-ups, it brings many advantages or benefits, providing the best of everything to companies and their employees. It brings the most abundance in the start-ups and makes the higher rates of revenues and employment rate. It is considered to be a very simple process as the government of India has launched a mobile application and a website for the process of easy registration for their start-ups.

Anyone who’s interested in setting up their start-up can easily register their company with their website and upload certain documents to make the entire process complete. It involves a lot of reduction in cost as it provides a very high quality of the intellectual property. The government tends to bear all the facilitator fees at lower prices, and the start-up will bear just the statutory fees. Next, it brings very easy access to the funds. A 10,000

crore rupees fund is set up by the government of India to give the funds to the working start-ups working as the venture capital. It also gives the grants tax holidays for three years as all of the start-ups will be exempted from the income tax for three years provided they get a followed certification from the Inter-Ministerial Board.  

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