Reliance Jio Collabs With Facebook – Essential Commodities At Your Door Step

Mukesh Ambani, Asia’s richest person and leading business tycoon again stands strong and undisputed in his help in the face of crisis. Feeding people to distributing ration kits to wide scale donations he has stood up to his share of responsibility towards the nation.

It’s high time, every citizen should as well!

Mukesh Ambani, after announcing the Rs 43,574-crore Reliance Jio-Facebook deal, said the two companies would promote the use of WhatsApp to supply goods from neighbourhood grocery stores to consumers and thereafter provide assistance in education and health sector. In a short video message posted on the group’s social media handle, they said “We are all very happy to welcome Facebook to Reliance and Jio.”

Earlier in the day, Facebook announced a 9.99 percent stake in Ambani’s telecom company Jio with an investment of Rs 43,574 crore. Facebook wants to increase its presence in India, under which this investment is being made. “The combined power of Jio’s world-class digital connectivity platform and Facebook’s worldwide reach with the Indian people, will help all of us and provide innovative solutions” Ambani said.

Small grocery shoppers can increase their business

He added that in the near future, Jio’s digital commerce platform Geomart and WhatsApp will enable close to 30 million grocery shoppers to conduct digital transactions with their neighbourhood customers. Ambani said, “This means that you can order from all the local shops in the neighbourhood for everyday items and get goods within a short span.” In addition, small grocery shoppers can grow their businesses and create new employment opportunities using digital technologies.

The deal will help Reliance Industries Limited reduce its debt burden, while Facebook will get the second largest internet market in India after China. More than 400 million people in India use Facebook-owned WhatsApp and now the company wants to launch payment services. RIL Chairman and Managing Director Ambani said, “In the days to come, this alliance will also serve other key stakeholders of Indian parity – our farmers, our small and medium enterprises, our students and teachers, our healthcare providers and our women and youth, who are the building blocks and pillars of progress of the new India”

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Ambani’s faith in the power of social media

He said that at the core of the Geo-Facebook partnership is the commitment of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who is the backbone behind India’s digital transformation. He said, “Our two companies together will accelerate the digital economy of India, to enable and make India prosper.” Our partnership is to make India the world’s leading digital society. Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have become well-known names in India during the last few years. He said, “WhatsApp in particular has become a part of people’s daily vocabulary in all 23 official languages ​​of India. Whatsapp is not only a digital application, but it has become a dear friend of all of us. A friend who brings families, friends, businesses, information seekers and givers together”. He posed immense faith in the ability of Reliance Jio and Facebook to work together in this face of crisis and come out victorious.

Cases in India reach 21,393; death toll at 681

Total number of coronavirus cases in the world has reached 26,28,527. Death toll has reached 1,83,424 and number of people recovered are 7,84,986.

In India, total cases have reached 21,393. 4,258 have recovered and total people died are 681. In the last 24 hours, more than 1200 cases have been reported in India.

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