How to Select the Best Logo Font for Your Brand?

The logo is to brand what the face is to the body; it is your identity and beauty. The logo can make or break your brand reputation, let you effectively target the audience, and encourage them to take an interest in your products or services.

Here are a few common reasons why you need an attractive and memorable logo!

  • To grab the consumer’s attention
  • Stay in the memories of your clients
  • Have a strong first impact
  • Develop a unique identity
  • Enhance brand loyalty

The question is, what are the essential elements of an incredible logo? What makes it unique and better than its competitors? There are six key elements, including font, shape, colours, tone, trends, and size.

However, this article is going to discuss only one element; font. It will help you know how to choose the most-suitable brand logo font? But before answering the question, it is important to understand why choosing the right font is essential for brands and designers.

The right font for the brand logo is crucial because it instantly gets the audience’s attention and builds a solid first impression. Therefore, having a great and relatable font is necessary for logos. It must complement the overall brand identity, values and message.

Let’s come to the tips to select the best logo font. Here they are!

Learn About the Meanings of Fonts


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There are some chances that the font you are going to use could have negative connotations in your targeted audiences’ minds. For example, they may not take your brand seriously or don’t like your logo at all. Therefore, first of all, learn about the fonts and their uses before picking the one for your logo. Every font has some hidden meanings, and you need to know about font psychology before choosing the font.

For example, Serif is one of the most commonly used fonts in logo designing. Many people prefer to use this logo as this font represents elegance, sophistication, respectability, and reliability. Even big names in the business world are also relying on this font. On the other hand, Sans Serif denotes development, sustainability, and forward-thinking, and that’s why it is liked in the technological world. Companies like Microsoft, LinkedIn, and The Guardian are using this font.

So, the meanings of a particular font are significant, and you should choose the font according to it.

Select Only the Industry-Relevant Font


The designers are allowed to use any font they believe suits the brand. It’s up to them which font they select and utilize it in the best possible way. However, there lies a problem. Not all logo designers know the invisible meanings of different fonts and which fonts are appropriate for specific industries and which aren’t.

Tip for You: If you are facing the issue and don’t know which font you should use for a brand or which font family is the best for a specific industry, try a logo generator for the purpose. You can easily find an online logo creator on the internet. Whether you are using your mobile phones or desktops, logo maker free tools are always there for your assistance. Using these tools helps you understand which fonts are trendy in the industry and use them accordingly.

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These tools also provide some other benefits besides choosing the fonts. For example, you can easily design the logo by changing available templates and saving time.

Select the Font that Can Blend with Other Elements

Whether you want to develop logos just using the fonts or want to add some other elements as well, you need to combine fonts with graphical elements. When the font isn’t blended with the other visual elements, it gives an irregular look and worsens the logo. Besides that, there must be a relation between every component of the logo as it has to blend to beautify it.

You should use your creativity and show how well you can design a logo using multiple elements, especially fonts. When you don’t use your creativeness, you may end up creating an ordinary logo that can offer no benefits to your branding strategy.

Avoid Trends

Usually, people go with the trends and forget their own creativity and artistic skills. They only care about creating logos using the least effort and saving time. However, this approach can be harmful to brands, especially regarding fonts. For example, Helvetica Now is a trendy font in the logo designing industry. However, its future is questionable as people have started complaining against this font.

The real drawback of following the trends is that they are temporary and change rapidly. Therefore, when you design and choose the font according to trends, they will get old once the trend has ended. Another drawback of following the trends is that many others also follow the same trends, and it becomes difficult for people to differentiate brands by watching the logos. So, it is against the fundamental reason behind creating a logo; creating a unique identity.

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End Words!


Choosing the right font for your brand is a difficult task for brands, especially those who don’t have a graphic design background. Therefore, it is better to learn about the hidden meanings of the fonts, select the industry-related fonts, use fonts that complement other visual elements, and avoid trendy fonts.

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