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Singapore Restricts Entry For Work Pass Holders Amid Covid Surge In India

Singapore is facing its biggest local breakout of covid19 infection. The situation can become better in few weeks if the precautions are taken very seriously. In Singapore, the cases have been increased to 64 cases in the past week up from 11 in the week before, the statement was given by the Health Ministry.

If people have remained isolated in their home and keep a little distance from those who are covid-19 positive, so it is hoped that the situation can be cured quickly. The country multi-ministry task force announced that tight restrictions will take place from 8th May to 30th May.

As we are seeing the cases of covid19 are increasing very fastly especially in India and also an emergence of new virus too, Singapore is restricting the entry for work pass holders and their dependence on the country in the coming week.

“In this time of heightened alert,” Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower said, “we are making adjustments to the entry of work pass holders who have previously obtained approvals to arrive from higher-risk countries and regions beginning Tuesday.”

The entry for work pass holders who have got the approval that they will get the entry except for a small group who have planned their arrivals in June their entry has been rescheduled to arrive in further subsequent weeks.

The government will inform the employer when to re-apply for entry, as the situation will get better and stabilised and will prioritise their entry to get back. In the view of rescheduling, the entry only the work pass holder whose entry has been approved earlier will be allowed to get in. As the new entry will not be acceptable because there is a high risk of increase of infection if people will come from other countries.

The government has taken all the precautions for the work pass holders and their employers to enter in a safe and calibrate manner also have less risk of covid19. They have also announced to tighten the border and control measures in growing the infection.

The people who are travelling from outside has to take precautions of staying home and make themselves quarantined for at least 14 to 21 days as the risk is getting higher.

The same entry ban is for all the pass holders who are from Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Shri Lanka on Saturday.

Construction and landscape maintenance, which employ a large number of Indian and Bangladeshi workers, have been particularly hard hit, despite already having a reduced workforce since the pandemic began last year, according to the report.

Domestic purchasers are alerted of longer wait times for their property and higher prices as building enterprises turn to countries like China and Myanmar to provide alternative workforces that can be more expensive due to increased demand.

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