These founders got rejected from Y Combinator four times. Here’s how they finally got in.

Three of the four times Saroya and Gray pitched their fashion application Stylekick, they received invitations to interview, but still didn’t get accepted.
After they sold Stylekick and pitched their next business venture, the property insurance application Cover, they applied again. This time, the pair said they not only had experience selling a company, they had a better product fit.
“If you’re coming into Y Combinator and thinking, ‘YC is going to teach me how to do this’…that might the wrong approach,” said Gray. “We had all of this experience. We had tried a lot of different things at that point.”
Gray continued: “YC is an access to a network and resources. If you don’t know how to turn your idea into an actual business, investors will know that. When you’re an early stage or pre-seed company, you’re a couple of people with an idea and you’re asking for a million dollars. The only thing an investor has to go on is you as a founder. Having all of that additional experience really counts.”
Source: Business Insider
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