These Sunglasses Block TV and PC Screens from Showing You Images

Nowadays everything has changed, from flat TVs to LED/LCD, projectors to the 3D screen. The world has seen an explosion of screens, which makes it harder and harder to have uninterrupted experiences and some of the genuine human interventions.
IRL glasses put up in the driver’s seat allows you to control or decide when and how you want to use the screens.
Design and Specifications
The design for the IRL glasses is unique. It is inspired by the 1988 cult classic film, ‘THEY LIVE,’ where a magical pair of glasses blocks advertisements. The glasses are all made up of black, with the IRL logo printed in the white color on the side of the lenses.
The glasses polarization is TAC 1.1, Cat 3, UV 400 which means that the glasses don’t just block screens so that they can work as a normal pair of UV blocking sunglasses.
Technology and Limitations
IRL Glass block the LED/LCD screens with the help of a horizontally polarized optics. By just rotating and flattering the polarized lens 90 degrees, these glasses can block the light emitted by LED/LCD screens, which makes it look like the TC/PC in front of a user is off.
As of now, IRL glasses are in beta, which means that they are compatible with most LED/LCD and some PCs as well. IRL glasses do not yet block digital billboards or smartphones.
Source: Techstory
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