Top 10 Best Advertising companies in India 2023

Top 10 Advertising companies in India 2023

Any new company or established company must have a marketing plan. On a variety of platforms, advertising is a way to promote your goods and services. Regardless of whether it’s a newspaper, a magazine, YouTube, or an internet streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Spotify, or if it’s the sizable billboards that are plastered all over our cities.

However, it’s crucial to design commercials that stick to consumers’ thoughts. Fortunately, you can design effective marketing campaigns with the help of top advertising agencies in India.

Different types of Advertising

types of advertising

The term “advertising” refers to the action of enlightening the public about goods and services. It is merely an effort to make better people influence client decisions and advertise the same things and services. Several tactics or techniques to even have a deeper market impact have been introduced by the advertising process. These are the techniques:

Advertisements in print

The types of advertisements that are allocated to the public in printed form are those that are considered the most traditional and simple types of advertising. It is a powerful move made in the market to improve product advertising and marketing. Print advertisements show complete information about things and help them stand out in the marketplace.

There are many businesses on the market that compete with one another in multiple areas, thus once it comes to launching and promoting their products, they turn to advertising as a strategy.

Online Marketing

The best industries in the country include digital marketing and media, which are again changing the advertising industry. This is why it is quickly rising to the top of the most powerful media in the world. There are many different types of social networking websites, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Thus, these platforms are used to link people through actions like eating and shopping, which greatly alter our lives.

Digital advertising is a means to get people to talk to one another and have fun at the same time. Digital promotions on platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram are some of the most popular kinds of advertising online.

Television commercials

The sole distinction between this strategy and print advertising is that television advertisements are broadcast as commercials rather than printed materials. It is regarded as one of the earliest forms of advertising used in the market to promote goods and services.

One of the most expensive strategies, compared to all the others, is the way of television advertisements. Television commercials air for ten seconds at a time. The audience’s response to advertisements on television advertising for products is very broad.

Signs and Hoardings

This is yet another method of spreading brand awareness and advertising. Hoarding and Signage are employed by installing them in various places around a region where the market is easily and prominently visible.

Some businesses use it once a month to advertise their goods or services. Hoarding is a terrific approach to implementing marketing and advertising strategies because it primarily helps in the generation of leads and sales.

With so many different forms of advertisements, it is clear that the advertising industry is crucial for consumers. Therefore, with this in mind, several businesses have provided the greatest discounts and services, and as a result, businesses have exhibited trust in them. Let’s take a detailed look at each of these advertising agency firms.

These advertising firms assist in creating and displaying adverts for a range of brands and businesses. All of these platforms and services, including digital marketing, Facebook marketing, Google AdWords, and others, are advertised by these major advertising firms.

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Top 10 Advertisement Companies in India 2023

Crayons Advertising

crayons advertising

In 1986, it was founded. The business was established roughly 25 years ago. With numerous other locations located around India, its primary offices are located in New Delhi. The company mostly creates commercials for radio, print, and television. It is one of India’s fastest-growing creative businesses. It is well-known for its inventive advertising.

The Dainik Bhaskar Ink Award, Gold in the Delhi Ad Club Awards, the Advertising Companies Guild Award, and Gold for the World Heart Day Campaign in the ASTER Awards are just a few of the accolades this company has received for its work. Numerous large corporations, including Lotto Shoes, Kohinoor Foods Limited, Kajaria PLY, J&K Tourism, Casio, State Bank of India, Air India, LIC, Apollo, and numerous others, are among its clientele.

Mudra DDB Group

DDB Mudra group

One of the biggest and best-known brands in the field of marketing communications and related services is this one. This advertising firm specializes in the four types of disciplines known as (Outdoor Advertising, Media. Retail and Experimental). Sonal Dabral, who is also the company’s chief creative officer, currently serves as chairman. A.G. Krishnamurthi established this marketing firm in the year 1980, and the business’s headquarters are in Mumbai.

This business, formerly known as “Mudra Communications Limited,” is among the best advertising agencies in India. With just 15 employees, the company was formed in the year 1980. In 1983, this company was responsible for the popular “Rasna” advertising campaign with the slogan “I love you Rasna.” India’s top marketing and advertising firm are the DDB Mudra Group.

This company has won numerous accolades, including Gold for the Talent Development Program at the Campaign South Asia Company of the Year and Silver for the Creative Company of the Year, among others. Pepsi, Linen Club, Colgate, McDonald’s, Puma, Reebok, Peter England, and numerous more large corporations are just a few of the many notable clients of this business.

The business has won several prestigious national and international honours. The business has gained a large number of clients and customers, and they have gotten the best bargains and offers.


It is founded in 2015. One of the top media companies in India is Socialpulsar, which has its roots in San Francisco, California. In addition to offering advertising services, SocialPulsar is an AI-driven business that also offers social media optimization, content management, brand analysis and management, digital marketing strategy, and other services. At the World Marketing Congress, SocialPulsar got the title of “25 Most Influential Mobile Marketing Leaders” (WMC). It provides services to numerous notable clients, including Skyline, OPPO, Renault, and Speak INC.

Grey Advertising

Grey Advertising

Grey Advertising is among the top advertising agencies worldwide despite being one of the best in India. Previously, it was known as Trikaya Grey. The company, which has won awards for its advertising, also provides its customers with other services, like sales promotions, public relations, and public affairs.

The firm has received 10 Cannes Lions and a Clio among other honours. The business has worked with a variety of clients, including Gillette, Pfizer, Eno, Sensodyne, Duracell, DELL, and P&G.

It is listed among the biggest marketing and advertising firms and is a member of the global group of grey. With the greatest marketing methods and objectives, the organization has successfully kept their name at the top of the list. The business has cultivated some of the most illustrious patrons who have come to trust the brand Grey India. Lawrence Valenstein created the name in 1917.

Sensodyne, Dell, Crocin, the Indian Air Force, and several other respectable clients have worked with Grey India. New brands are constantly being added to the network as well.

World Kidney Day is similar to the well-known efforts run by Grey India. The company attempts to uphold the faith and hard work of its employees. The reason the name is ranked second on the list is that the company’s research drove the public to rank it first.

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Creation Infoways

Creation Infoways

It is Founded in 2000. A New Delhi-based digital marketing firm called Creation Infoways offers advertising services on websites including Google, Facebook, and Android applications. This business has received certification from Nasscom, Clutch, Germany Cert, and Google Partner. This business offers a comprehensive digital marketing bundle that includes Google Analytics, Facebook marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, and more. Clients of this business include Myntra, FIITJEE, the National School of Drama, giBS, and others.

Creation Infoways will be a dominant force in the loan and service sectors of digital marketing. Their marketing knowledge makes them a sought-after resource for customers wishing to develop and enhance their marketing in the areas of digital, brand, media, direct marketing, strategy, and event marketing.

Customized marketing, digital, data, and technology solutions are provided by Creation Infoways, along with expert, profit-generating tactics. Together, they provide small- to medium-sized business marketing solutions that are specifically tailored to each client. Taking good care of their customers and staff encourages growth and enhances our services.

Ogilvy and Mather

Ogilvy and Mather

If you’re looking for a highly regarded and well-recognized business that works with advertising in India, just one name would come to mind: Ogilvy & Mather. The business has been operating on the 360-degree branding principle, successfully establishing its greatest possible digital supremacy on both a local and worldwide scale.

The agency has always held fast to the tenet “We sell or else” that they use to describe themselves. Although the words themselves are very different, their underlying meaning has a profound effect on listeners and has been fostering networking for a very long time.

David Oligavy launched the business in 1948, and it now has operations across the globe in more than 150 locations. It has been functioning in six renowned cities in India, where it has succeeded in becoming the top advertising agency business there.

They have dependable partners like American Express, Dove, Philips, UPS, and IKEA who have received positive feedback from the public as a result of their assistance in promoting them.


triverse advertising companies

It is founded in 2008. Suresh Tiwari launched Triverse Advertising in the year 2008. It is an “advertising firm” that supports turning your brand into a preferred one. For its customers, this business produces advertisements for a variety of media, including YouTube, TV commercials, radio, print, and more.

This business offers a variety of services in addition to advertising, including brand strategy, brand marketing, website construction, search engine optimization, blogging, and the creation of video content. Companies like SMC, Plumber FAUCETS, The Belmonte, Godfather, etc. are only a few of its clients.

It is a Gurgaon-based organization that is regarded as a well-known and top agency in the nation. It offers services in many different areas, including brand architecture and brand design. It preserves the design’s language and is a well-liked platform for the volume of advertisements you encounter every day.

It is well-known as an independent business that works with numerous brands. The business has been officially registered with the Delhi Registrar of Companies.

Suresh Tiwari created it in the year 2008, and it has taken great care to handle the effective communication requirements and procedures. It has collaborated with several National and Regional businesses to produce work that has had a significant impact on the audience.

It is a well-known advertising agency that uses excellent strategies and works with both luxury and mainstream businesses. This name has worked closely with brands like Vardhman, Brijwasi, and SMC and has gotten excellent feedback.

Purnima Advertising

Purnima Advertising

In 1994, Purnima Advertising was established. It is a leading business in India and among the greatest firms that provide clients with advertising services. Additionally, it provides other services like media planning, design, and brand strategy. Numerous clients of this business include both government and non-government organizations, including AADHAR, BSNL, Gujarat Tourism, Himachal Tourism, DS Group, Gits, Nirma,, Sleepwell, Ching’s, etc.

With offices in the country’s major cities, they offer individualized service to their clients and provide brand strategy, design, brand communication, and media planning and buying across traditional, digital, and social media channels. Government, public sector, private sector, and global corporations are all included on the client list.

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JWT India Advertising company

One of the first advertising firms serving the marketing industry, JWT-India, has been there for a while. This company is admired the most by other companies because it is the oldest. Working for so many years has enabled the business to expand its network and operate across the entire nation. The name of the organization is well-known in places like Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai for both its people and its market.

Due to the name’s widespread usage, it has been assumed that it will live up to people’s expectations and provide the best results. Apart from India, it has operated since its founding in 1896 in more than 90 nations. The marketing companies are aware of this business.

In the year 2002, Hindustan Thompson acquired the business. Brands like Nestle, DTC, and Unilever have received the best care from this business and have given them their whole trust. Because of its marketing ideas and tactics, the organization has done a remarkable job of gathering feedback.


McCANN Erickson

Want a business with the best rating in the nation? The answer to this question is McCann-Erickson, which operates out of roughly 120 different countries and is the highest-ranked corporation in the advertising industry.

It has been successful in growing its relationships and can market its goods and receive favourable reviews. The term McCann was the first advertising brand that was used and was founded in the years 1902 and 1912.

The business has been using some of its most original concepts and inventions, and it has excelled in the marketing and advertising sector. They strive to comprehend the needs of the audience and have always had success.

The business has been recognized as the year’s top global agency for providing the best performance and has been dubbed the best kind of advertising platform. They have already worked with companies including Maybelline, Mastercard, and Coca-Cola. The advertising firm has displayed several advertisements.

The significance or necessity of advertising agency company

Every business operating in the nation requires a strong department of advertising; simply producing goods and services is insufficient to produce the desired results. In the realm of marketing, the corporations that run advertising agencies play a crucial role.

Whether a business needs an advertising sector, it can quickly provide a fair judgment if the business is facing any advertising-related issues. The business has access to the product’s specifics and is free to share its opinions on the best solution.

It is challenging for a business to have all the different types of professionals, such as content management, web design, and artists, however advertising firms can afford to hire experts from all different sectors who can be beneficial to the business.

Advertising agencies consistently possess an excellent or rich level of experience that would be extremely helpful for the business to choose the ideal course of action and to accomplish their desired kind of goal.

Unlike an advertising company, which can easily be put under pressure to deliver positive results, a company cannot put their department under pressure to deliver the best performance or outcome.


No matter how little or large a firm is, advertising is one of the most important requirements. Advertising companies are skilled at what they do and make the most of every chance to promote the company to current and new clients. They design commercials in this way to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

While advertising agencies give brand understanding and the most creative materials, such as TV ads, media agencies deliver consumer insight, planning, and buying skills. Media advertising agencies are a combination of two distinct business models that offer various services in the areas of marketing and advertising.

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