Top 10 Best Unicorns In Moldova

Top 10 Unicorns In Moldova

Unicorns: An exemplary IT innovation center Tekwill has opened in Chisinau. According to the plan of the authorities, the Center will become an educational platform for the training and promotion of IT specialists: on an area of ​​3.4 thousand sq.m. There are 12 conference rooms, laboratories, training rooms, offices, and a co-working area for freelancers and IT companies. The budget of the project is $8 million, partly funded by external partners. It is assumed that in three years, the Tekwill Center will become self-supporting.

The opening of the Tekwill ICT Innovation Center of Excellence, built on the territory of the Technical University of Moldova, took place on Wednesday, March 15. The Center was attended by Prime Minister Pavel Filip, US Ambassador James Pettit, Swedish Ambassador Signe Burgstaller, faculty from the Technical University of Moldova (TUM), students, representatives of IT companies, and the media.

Speaking at the opening, Pavel Filip noted that in recent years, interest in the IT sector has grown, but only 30% of graduates of Moldovan universities remain to work in the country. After the opening of the Tekwill center, according to the prime minister, the situation should change. “There is a lack of specialists in the IT sector, on the other hand, we say that young people cannot find work. The Tekwill Center, which we are opening today, was created so that young professionals can consolidate and develop the knowledge gained at the university in practice,” Philip said.

The Tekwill Center was founded by the National Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies (ATIC). The project was a part of a public-private partnership with the participation of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, the Technical University of the Republic of Moldova, as well as the governments of the United States and Sweden. The goal is to develop the competitiveness of the IT sector through educational programs, support for entrepreneurship, and the creation of innovations in the IT field.

Construction of Tekwill started in 2015. The Center was headed by ATIC Executive Director Anna Chirita. She told NM that the total cost of the Tekwill project is $8 million. At the same time, Kirita specified, $2 million has been spent so far: $1.5 million for the construction of the Center and $500,000 for educational programs. The remaining money, according to her, is calculated until 2020.

The total area of ​​the Center is 3.4 thousand square meters. m. There are 12 rooms for meetings and conferences and 10 office premises, which, instead of the usual numbering, are designated by IT terms, for example, Hello World, ESC, etc. In addition, there is a co-working area, a hall equipped with 18 iMacs, a print room with a 3D printer, and a robotic club. According to Chirita, Tekwill will lease the premises to IT companies or freelancers who will be able to use the Center’s services. “A monthly subscription for freelancers will cost $50-100, and for companies – €10 per square meter,” said Tekwill, director.

According to her, several companies and about a dozen freelancers are already working in the Center. In addition, according to Chirita, laboratories of CISCO, IBM, and Microsoft companies will work in Tekwill, which will be engaged in educational projects. The Center plans to increase the number of residents to 10 companies and freelancers to 150 people. Chirita admitted that it would not be possible to fully recoup the project: “We are talking about making it self-sufficient in three years.”

Dinu Turcanu, head of the Department of Information Technology and Communications of the Technical University, told NM that Tekwill would also train teachers so that the level of teaching IT specialties in universities meets the demands of the market.

The owner of the educational startup Codifun (the project will deal with paid IT training in the form of a game for residents of Moldova and foreign countries), Vyacheslav Caburgan told NM that his company chose Tekwill because the Center has an infrastructure for offline learning. “We are going, for example, to conduct courses on 3D printing. For this, there is a special hall with equipment for 3D printing,” said Kaburgan.

Director of Starnet Solutii Aurelia Salikov told NM that the company provides the Center with communication, Internet, and television services. “Our interest is that we plan to develop IT parks in Moldova, and Tekwill can become a good training center for these parks,” Salikov said.

  1. Terranet

Tests of Terranet’s sensor system showed that cars could react faster to objects along the road, which should reduce accidents and help them brake faster.

In partnership with Daimler AG, the startup is testing a Mercedes-Benz car.

During the tests, Terranet’s 3D motion awareness technology, called VoxelFlow, identified and responded to alongside the road in less than 20 ms, compared to 300 milliseconds for many modern Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).  

According to Nihat Küçük, the chief technology officer, the system uses artificial intelligence to quickly identify objects, whether plastic bags blowing in the wind or children running between parked cars, and acts accordingly.

The company is talking with other car manufacturers and auto suppliers about creating prototypes for testing the technology, but it cannot cheat physics and reduce braking distances at high speeds.

While automakers strive to develop self-driving vehicles, these vehicles face significant challenges, including recognizing and reacting to objects on the road at high speeds, a challenge the human brain can easily tackle.

Light detection and ranging (lidar) sensors are used in self-driving cars to provide higher levels of driver assistance by monitoring their environment using laser pulses.

To create a detailed 3D image of the road ahead, VoxelFlow uses three-event cameras and a continuous laser scanner.

In his opinion, lidar is better suited for highway driving, where a fast reaction time is required to avoid pedestrians and cars, than Terranet’s system, which is mainly designed for more urban, crowded areas.

The Board of Directors including Nihat Küçük, Magnus Edman, Göran Janson, and Karolina Bjurehed, acquire warrants in Terranet. A resolution approving the contracts was adopted at the 2022 AGM as part of the two incentive programs proposed by the Board.

Karolina Bjurehed acquires approximately 87% of her eligible warrants, while Nihat Küçük and Magnus Edman receive 100%. Additionally, the future CEO will offer warrants worth up to 2,500,000 as part of the incentive program.

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Anders Blom, Chairman of Terranet, comments:

Our CTO has acquired all his warrants, which is very positive. He believes in the company and believes we are heading in the right direction. The warrant purchases demonstrate the team’s commitment to achieving our goals, and Our product development has progressed rapidly over the past year.”

As a representative of Maida Vale Capital AB shareholder, Anders Blom is not covered by the incentive program. In addition, due to his position as a consultant, CFO Thomas Falkenberg is not covered. Because Tarek Schoeb is a resident of the United Kingdom, they will separately propose him an incentive program adapted to his circumstances.

Using Terranet, urban traffic can be made safer.

Our specialists develop technologies that protect vulnerable road users using Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AV). 

BlincVision, Terranet’s anti-collision system, utilizes a patented laser scanning technology to scan and detect road objects ten times faster and more accurately than any other ADAS system. 

Lund, Sweden, is Terranet’s home base, while Stuttgart, Germany, is the automotive epicenter of Europe. A company stock listing has been available on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market since 2017 (Nasdaq: TERRNT-B). 


  1. ZeroQode 

The ZeroQode platform allows you to build mobile and web apps without writing code. Please take one of our courses to learn how to build apps without coding or use no-code app templates to create apps up to 10x faster.

Platforms that do not require code are a blessing and a curse simultaneously. Both cases are too complicated for beginners and too simple to use for advanced users. However, with Zeroqode, codeless creation has never been easier or easier yet.

Based on Bubble, a new codeless development framework, the project was developed by Levon Terteryan and Vlad Larin. It’s an auto builder tool like Django with a drag-and-drop interface. In addition, a Trello-like card that performs various actions can add functionality.

They guided me through rebuilding my website and showed me where I was going wrong as they offer hands-on assistance. As a result, the Bubble has certified them as a partner. So bootstrapped, the team attended Disrupt Berlin in 2017.

In the last quarter, 20 to 30 web products have been created and launched using our no-code templates and self-service products.

A dev-in-a-box solution is what the team envisions itself as. So to learn Bubble and recreate favorite services, the team created 28 templates.

“Our prices are a fraction of those charged by their developers,” said Larin. This is because our no-code developers are mostly former web designers. We have trained their skills in Bubble and the ability to build complex functions.

In traditional development, a team of at least five people is usually required to build a complex web application, but now one person can handle everything from UI/UX design to workflows to database configuration to debugging.

After the team helped me understand Bubble, I began designing my website. Their templates were both very affordable and very usable. Because I haven’t coded professionally since 2000, the final product is as polished as possible. Bubble charges $14 per month for hosting the app.

Rather than allowing users to copy AirBNB or Uber, Larin aims to empower them to create any product that resembles one of the big names in the startup world, adding their unique features on top of an already excellent foundation and doing it faster and with much lower costs.

The team has previously seen unfunded startups use their code to build MVPs and final products. “The business has grown exponentially in less than two years, with the team growing from one person to seventeen,” Larin stated. We would have about four or five times as many no-code developers during traditional development.

In his words, Zeroqode will be the WordPress of complex web apps.

  1. FunEasyLearn

Whether you’re a travel guru, work in the travel industry, or just want to expand your vocabulary, learning languages offers several advantages. First, you can be linguistically and culturally prepared since language is a part of the culture. You can learn languages on the go with the best language apps. ,

Another app to learn Greek is ‎FunEasyLearn. It is a tool that offers complete courses on different topics, subtopics and at varying levels of complexity. Of course, all its content is based on everyday life situations, so you will learn what is spoken on the streets daily.

It has more than 34 courses where you will learn the alphabet, reading rules, words, and more than 5,000 phrases developed by native translators and professionals in the area. You cannot go wrong with it.

Learning English through this application is very easy and fun. Your little one can choose one of the seven games available.

The game is enjoyable, so children can learn while playing. There are three difficulty levels for beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

This app from FunEasyLearn has a review manager that allows parents and children to evaluate learning outcomes.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Communication between two or more individuals, however, is enabled by language. Hence, you must be excellent at communicating in your language. If you don’t speak the language natively, what do you do?

With the FunEasyLearn app, you don’t need to worry. There are many similarities between Duolingo and this language learning app. 

A vocabulary-building and language-learning program called FunEasyLearn features 34 courses in 62 different mother tongues, 32 alphabets, sets of reading rules for five other languages, over 6,000 words, and 5,000 sentences. Due to the wide range of languages currently offered, FunEasyLearn is one of the best language learning apps.

The app also includes a science-based vocabulary booster that will show you how to learn languages and increase your vocabulary effectively.

Additionally, to create its courses, FunEasyLearn collaborated with linguists, educators, native translators, and voice actors. With the regular addition of new features and material, the app is always improving, providing users who want to learn a language with more comfort and greater learning opportunities.

With FunEasyLearn, you can access 34 language courses all over the world. In addition, language acquisition is made enjoyable and rewarding through the app’s game-based approach. 

FunEasyLearn co-founder & CEO Andrian Andronic believes,

“FunEasyLearn aims to make learning a language easier for people from all over the world. Many people around the globe can learn a language with our app, which we take pride in. Further, they can do it in a fun and easy manner.”

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Many vocabulary builders are available on the market, but FunEasyLearn is the most prominent and large. Six thousand words, 5,000 phrases, and an alphabet with reading rules are included. Language learning content is also provided for free on the app. Also, you can access the courses offline once you have downloaded them.

In developing our language learning app, Andrian Andronic was inspired by the TOP 3,000 most commonly used words. Our vision of a vocabulary builder and conversation phrases emerged soon enough.”

Language learning has never been easier with the FunEasyLearn app. In addition to helping you learn different words and languages, the app integrates science throughout learning. Additionally, it speeds up your memory recall.

The words and phrases are then categorized manually and selected strategically after completing the whole linguistic research program creation process.

Compared with apps like Duolingo and Memrise, FunEasyLearn is one of the best language learning apps. App highlights include:

  • You can also track your progress as you progress through the difficulty levels. Your learning process is augmented with flowers when you answer correctly.
  • Rather than just reading and learning, the app supplements those skills with various learning games.
  • The app can be a perfect fit if you work a travel job. It is an offline language learning app that has the option of downloading courses for offline reading.
  • Additionally, the app improves your foreign language pronunciation and imparts theoretical knowledge. This app’s translation function uses a certified translator and professional audio recordings.
  • Combined with beautiful illustrations, every phrase and word is easy to understand. Both kids and adults will be able to understand the app thanks to its hand-drawn illustrations.
  • You can use its intelligent review system for revision if you have difficulty retaining lessons for long-term memory.
  • For the FunEasyLearn leaderboard, you must pass exams after completing a course.

A free language learning app like FunEasyLearn is undoubtedly the best. Our overall impression of the app was very positive. Everything about it has the potential to simplify the process of learning a foreign language, right from the design to the content.

Graphically and schematically, the app has a fantastic design. Moreover, thanks to its user-friendly interface, the app is easy to use, even for kids.

FunEasyLearn’s team believes in bringing languages under one roof. So whether you want to learn Spanish, German, or anything else, this is an easy way.

Get your app reviewed here and cultivate your target audience quickly if you want to boost a similar app among readers and industry leaders.

Learning more words will help you become more fluent because it will improve your ability to comprehend, use more words, and get better feedback.

Additionally, learning more words is more advantageous than perfecting your grammar while conversing with native speakers. Even if you don’t utilize perfect grammar, being able to form words will help you communicate your ideas.

Although grammar is essential when building complex sentences, vocabulary is the building block for sensible phrases and sentences. Before learning a language, expand your vocabulary. And using FunEasyLearn is the superior option. Additionally, it has a scientific foundation from using the lexical approach’s teaching-learning principles, prioritizing vocabulary development above grammar instruction.

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CODIFUN has officially launched – the first online educational game for young people and not only- to challenge the formal education system.

CODIFUN has officially launched – the first online educational game for young people and not only- to challenge the formal education system.

If you have never heard of “edutainment,” then you should know that it involves learning through fun because this is how the CODIFUN team intends to transform the traditional educational system.

They aim to offer young people not only an interactive virtual platform for learning the IT field through the game CODIFUN. Over time, the team gradually aims to digitize as many educational areas as possible through play.

The CODIFUN game combines fun with learning. The game combines online and offline courses to have the best results in acquiring the profession in the IT field, such as programming, graphic design, IT entrepreneurship, and Startup culture.

Particular emphasis will be placed on learning 3D printing, a field becoming increasingly popular internationally but still relatively unknown in Moldova. Thus, for the first time, young people will be able to learn 3D modeling and printing for fun and a profession. Web Developer is the second profession they can acquire through the CODIFUN program. You will learn programming languages JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and PHP.

After a certain period of play, during which users learn the basic concepts of the profession, the most active will be invited to attend 2-3 months of courses in the Bootcamp system to finish the practical skills of the profession at one of the most modern centers—IT in the country.

To be part of the first promotion they will launch in 6 months, the CODIFUN Team invites you to register as a subscriber in April. 

Each month spent in CODIFUN shortens the time required to be at the offline Bootcamp.

Every third course in the game is free. However, access to all systems is based on a monthly subscription whose value is less than a pizza.

The founder of the game, Veaceslav Caburgan, sees this game as a necessary solution for our education:

“Education must be relaxing, so in CODIFUN, you will not find complicated texts or long and boring lessons. Only 15 minutes a day! So much time is needed to dedicate each player to a course to obtain maximum results with (not minimal, but) moderate efforts. We encourage young people to focus on the professions of the 21st century, not just those of the 20th century.”

The project coordinator, Doru Curoșu, says that “this game must become a learning alternative for young people. CODIFUN could be a step toward digitizing education and diversifying young people’s interests in school. In the last months, I have met hundreds of young people from the country eager to develop. I am glad that we can finally launch CODIFUN in Moldova.”

Enter the game, and soon you will be able to create your first software or make your first website. In addition, you will gain much knowledge in IT education, startups, and IT entrepreneurship – vital expertise in the age of technology.

Women from the Republic of Moldova will be able to attend an online training course free of charge during the winter holidays, entitled: “Gender equality in the workplace,” IPN reports referring to a press release of the organizers – UN Women’s Training Center, in the course “I know gender equality.”

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The training course aims to understand gender equality and women’s empowerment as a first step towards integrating a gender perspective into employees’ daily work. It provides an introduction to the concepts, international framework, and working methods for gender equality and women’s empowerment, the statement said.

Beneficiaries of the course will learn about their rights to a decent salary, career advancement, annual leave, or maternity leave. The participants will follow the lessons in video format, after which they will receive graduation certificates. Interested can register for the course by completing a participation form.

The Romanian version was developed by CODIFUN in collaboration with the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (UN Women) and funded by Sweden.

  1. Viar.Live

Several years ago, FusionWorks introduced Viar.Live, our excellent 360° camera tool. With 360° photos, They intended to create an easy-to-use virtual tour tool—the application Viar.Live was very well received by the users, and there was much positive feedback, but we got a surprise email: Wix invited us to join their app market. Although Wix had many specific requirements we had to meet, we ended up making it through, and we’re now ready to present our results.

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  1. Energy Solaris

Solaris Energy provides experienced, value-driven solar development, finance, and asset management to its customers as a certified B-Corp member of 1% for the Planet. To reduce the impact on the environment, increase the bottom line, and join in the global shift to renewable energy, the company offers low-cost PPA & SSA financing to non-residential customers. With years of experience providing renewable energy solutions to all sectors of energy consumers, Solaris Energy has a steady track record of providing cost-effective, proven solutions.

  1. Dreamups 

On Thursday evening, the young people sitting around a visiting technology journalist sat at laptops covered with stickers, sipping coffee and tapping sneakers, looking like they might be at Durham’s American Underground. They laughed at a joke about Pokémon Go and smiled at the host’s “awesome” comments.

However, neither Durham nor Silicon Valley was where they were. Instead, despite a deteriorating economy and skepticism about the possibility of making a difference in the world, they were in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.

They attended a workshop led by Andrii Degeler on promoting their startup companies to journalists. The Next Web’s Central and East European tech reporter, Degeler, lives in Amsterdam and publishes a newsletter about the region.

As a result, he said, international companies that recruit Moldovan talent have “more freedom to experiment.”. But, in a post-Soviet nation where many people fear taking risks, Mr. Matei warned that local entrepreneurs should be willing to fail.

Together with Degeler, Matei stood in armchairs, wearing black T-shirts and shorts. Behind them, a slide showed the sponsors – local businesses, media partners, government agencies, etc.

The Dreamups Innovation Campus organized the event in Chisinau. Founded in March, the group hosts networking events, pitching sessions, and mentorship sessions to help young entrepreneurs learn, develop, and launch global businesses. Startup Grind Chisinau is one of the events it sponsors. There are quotes from Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and others on its website.

He worked with several California companies while living in the Bay Area, then returned home to Chisinau with his family and worked with a London-based language translation company. Moreover, he wished to contribute to developing young Moldovan entrepreneurs by sharing his expertise. As a result, he says 3,000 people have already attended Dreamups activities.

Through these articles, I helped publicize Durham’s thriving startup scene when I was there. Durham’s entrepreneurs face many challenges, but compared to the challenges in Moldova, such as the lack of venture capital and collaborators, they now seem relatively minor. Yet, on Thursday evening, there was a room filled with them, all determined to have an impact. I was impressed by it.

The Dreamups program and other programs here that promote innovation and entrepreneurship, especially among girls and women, will be covered again in the future. Diamond Vision and Technovation are two of these.

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  1. ADD Grup

In Amsterdam, European Utility Week 2017 has successfully ended, and we at DD Grup are delighted to announce its success. Besides exhibiting our company’s potential, we had the opportunity to demonstrate our smart metering breakthrough.

At the EUW exhibition, we displayed our latest Advanced Prepayment solution that enables consumers to spend their money more wisely and carefully while also economizing energy resources.

As part of an exhibition, ADDAX produces devices certified by the world’s most recognized companies and guarantees to meet at least 98-100% of KPI, thus establishing the highest possible AMI standards. The European Utility Week 2017 included several meetings that served as a starting point for realizing interesting goals and accomplishing mutually beneficial tasks. With our new potential partners, we look forward to a fruitful collaboration!

  1. IT FedCo

FEDCo specializes in multidisciplinary facade design and development from a Bulgarian perspective. With more than 30 years of combined experience and more than 60 successful projects in Western Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the USA, the company was founded by three co-founders.


Software developers and business analysts can easily design, develop, and deploy web applications using WebAssembler.NET, an application development platform powered by model-driven, low-code technologies.

A graphical process design and modeling interface are available in Process Designer to facilitate implementation. Business rules and process models can be quickly designed and implemented using the drag-and-drop interface of the modeler, which is easy to use. Each service task in the process flow is created and populated by developers directly for execution. BPMN standards-based notation is used in Process Modeler & Designer.

A rich form can be easily created using WebAssembler without writing any code. As well to these dynamic forms, you can also use Silverlight with dynamic layouts and instantaneous validations. These forms can trigger business processes, or workflow tasks can be added to running flows.

Support for complex data formats and transformations is included in the powerful data integration capability. Transform data between different formats in any direction using the data transformation engine. String, math, conditional, DB, and XML lookup functions as complex data processing functions are included. As a result, aggregated data can be made available to multiple applications and be brought into the process flow.

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